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  • Casa Manana ECC Male and Female Singers 08/09/2018  5:47am

    List inside! At 5:20am mens list was at 3 and women’s was at 5!


    16 women at 6:45

    Biminibabe93 08/09/2018  6:51am

    5 men as of 7:10

    AMIL 08/09/2018  7:24am

    5 men as of 7:10

    AMIL 08/09/2018  7:24am


    Merde 08/09/2018  8:29am

    Any update if seeing non eq?

    gracieb98 08/09/2018  9:10am

    Female Non Eq list has been transferred and is at 35

    CFrizze 08/09/2018  9:44am

    They’ve called damn near all the non eq guys, hustle your bustle over here!

    Jdigs31 08/09/2018  10:01am

    Thanks for the info! Any word on closing the list?

    BroadwayKiwi 08/09/2018  10:07am

    How many Eq and non-eq men were on the list?

    GingerRedBird 08/09/2018  10:31am

    Any equity ladies know how many Union have pre-signed up for this? Trying to gage my timing. Thanks!

    princessanna 08/09/2018  11:02am

    Does anyone know if they closed the list and/or if they are going to see non eq women?

    tracyt16 08/09/2018  11:22am

    Non eq mens list still open!! They are seeing everyone!! Come down!! I got here 20 mins ago and am about to sing!!

    m@ttastic 08/09/2018  11:32am

    thank you! how long is your song? Could I just do a 16 or 32?

    tracyt16 08/09/2018  11:50am

    How many noneq woman are signed up? Thanks!

    funnyhoney 08/09/2018  12:54pm

    About 30 equity women

    gracieb98 08/09/2018  1:36pm

    Can someone post any non eq announcements as soon as you hear? Especially if they say they will close the list once everyone has gone And leave before the audition is over at 5:30. I'm stuck at work.

    ialwaysforgetmypassword 08/09/2018  1:52pm

    What number equity are they on?

    I'm the first girl in the second row. 08/09/2018  2:13pm


    Merde 08/09/2018  2:28pm

    40 equity

    I just want to take the time to appreciate the monitor’s HP gettup. Here for her!!

    SomethingsComing 08/09/2018  2:36pm

    Any non eq announcements?

    ialwaysforgetmypassword 08/09/2018  2:39pm

    Bump! How’s it looking for non-eq?

    janisjoplinmanuel 08/09/2018  3:04pm

    I'm begging for someone to reply?

    ialwaysforgetmypassword 08/09/2018  3:14pm

    Seeing non-equity. Already called through 30.

    allsmiles11 08/09/2018  3:19pm

    Can non-eq sign up if they were skipped or is the list closed?

    ialwaysforgetmypassword 08/09/2018  3:23pm

    The list hasn’t closed

    CFrizze 08/09/2018  3:24pm

    Thank you!!

    ialwaysforgetmypassword 08/09/2018  3:27pm

    List still open?

    janisjoplinmanuel 08/09/2018  4:19pm