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  • American Girl! Live 08/10/2018  5:44pm

    Anyone know what time auditions will actually start for this one? It says sign up starts at 10am and you need to be there by 1pm to get an audition, but should we assume that the actual audition portion will also start at 10am?


    I’m assuming so. Like probably a 9am sign in and 10am start? It’d be weird to do an 11am start, but not totally unheard of.

    Hoping it won’t be TOO crowded tomorrow but might show up early just in case... I don’t wanna be there all day, ya know?

    BabyJune 08/10/2018  8:14pm

    Do we think they take an unofficial list?

    Coco123 08/10/2018  9:19pm

    It says sign in begins at 10am, so I'm pretty sure that means it begins at 10am.

    heck yeah 08/10/2018  9:29pm

    ^^meaning that it doesn't start at 9am haha

    heck yeah 08/10/2018  9:29pm

    Is there an unofficial list at open calls or can you only just sign up when you get there?

    midwestgirly95 08/10/2018  9:48pm

    Is anyone going to this?

    Should someone start a list or no?

    BabyJune 08/11/2018  7:40am

    What's the deal here? How many people signed up/when is it actually starting?

    michy 08/11/2018  10:28am

    ^^I second that. How many names are on the list so far?

    cacahuete 08/11/2018  10:54am

    They are up to around 35 people now and they’ve already called in up to #16 into the room. They say to prepare one verse and chorus from a contemporary musical theater or rock/pop song of your choice.

    LetMySpiritSing 08/11/2018  10:58am

    Thank you!

    cacahuete 08/11/2018  11:01am

    They said callbacks were coming out tonight. Did anyone hear back yet?

    wcwolves11 08/11/2018  6:26pm

    Anyone hear??

    Jennasan 08/11/2018  9:10pm