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  • AL SHAKES 08/12/2018  11:22am

    Do they typically see Non-Eq? Asking for at least 100 friends.


    Bump bump

    SingLikeMyHeels 08/12/2018  12:40pm

    bump it

    somethingtoconfessa 08/12/2018  6:37pm


    Red_Dalton 08/12/2018  9:58pm

    Has an unofficial list been started yet?

    arosebyanyothername 08/13/2018  5:46am


    somethingtoconfessa 08/13/2018  5:55am

    12 non-eqs as of 6:32am

    Red_Dalton 08/13/2018  6:32am

    How many non-eqs now?

    jrmcats89 08/13/2018  7:54am

    Non-eq list at 25.

    407W41 08/13/2018  8:38am

    27 on EMC

    Kjj 08/13/2018  9:12am

    Have they announced if they will see non-eq?

    jrmcats89 08/13/2018  9:30am

    They are not seeing EMC or non-equity

    EPAsamirite 08/13/2018  9:35am

    And they’re not taking drop offs

    Red_Dalton 08/13/2018  9:36am

    Who is in the room?

    meeshoo 08/13/2018  10:16am

    please update on appointments and alternate list numbers. thanks.

    Harlequin 08/13/2018  10:24am


    michy 08/13/2018  11:04am

    Any update?

    littleophelia 08/13/2018  11:25am

    I'm guessing there aren't appointments left but as someone who can't get there til 4pm, could you let me know if they're moving through the alternate list pretty quickly?

    whyyyyymornings 08/13/2018  12:19pm

    How many alternates have they called?

    iamsherlocked 08/13/2018  12:26pm

    I’ll go ahead and answer my own question.
    56 Alts called before lunch.
    85 alts on list
    No appts.

    iamsherlocked 08/13/2018  1:32pm

    Thanks for the info!

    Bento Tinderbox 08/13/2018  1:46pm

    105 alternates now. Called 74

    NoticeMeHorton 08/13/2018  2:34pm

    Alt update?

    Twizzler55 08/13/2018  3:06pm

    Who was ITR?

    Cattress 08/13/2018  6:30pm


    Paul Fouquet- Casting Director

    Stephanie Layton - Accompanist

    SusanCD 08/13/2018  7:37pm