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  • Merrily We Roll Along - EPA 08/16/2018  5:53am

    Anyone know if there’s a non-eq sign in sheet posted somewhere?


    List is up outside the doors on the right hand side (on the granite)
    4 non eq

    LetMeSingPlz 08/16/2018  6:07am

    I'm headed there right now, will update when I get there! :)

    thelightinthepizza 08/16/2018  6:07am

    7 on the list at 6:15a

    AliSchiller 08/16/2018  6:21am

    How long is line?

    Ab90 08/16/2018  6:29am

    Any EMC?

    nmv 08/16/2018  6:36am

    List up to 14, no EMCs in line as of 6:52!

    thelightinthepizza 08/16/2018  6:51am

    Non-eq at 13 as of 6:50am
    No emc line started outside yet

    singsong 08/16/2018  6:52am

    AEA/EMC line started outside. 2 of us.

    nctony2017 08/16/2018  7:11am

    6 in the AEA/EMC line as of 7:29!

    nmv 08/16/2018  7:28am

    13 in line at 7:52

    LetMeSingPlz 08/16/2018  7:52am

    AEA update?

    slughorn 08/16/2018  8:26am

    About 30 in AEA/EMC line as of 8:55am

    nmv 08/16/2018  8:55am

    How is the non eq looking?

    singer31 08/16/2018  9:10am

    Up to 25, looks like it'll be after lunch for sure if at all.

    LetMeSingPlz 08/16/2018  9:23am

    Alternate list update?

    Also, who’s in the room?

    val0304 08/16/2018  10:00am

    Are they seeing non-eq?

    jrmcats89 08/16/2018  10:06am

    Carrie Gardner (CD)
    Alex Gemignani (MD)
    Deborah Abramson (Accomp)

    LetMeSingPlz 08/16/2018  10:06am

    Any update on non eq/emc would be greatly appreciated!

    Sarah18 08/16/2018  10:31am

    How are appointment/alt list looking?

    emuhe 08/16/2018  10:37am

    How's the call going?

    I'm the first girl in the second row. 08/16/2018  11:06am

    Looking good, almost through alternates.

    LetMeSingPlz 08/16/2018  11:10am

    are people singing from the show?

    NeverWantedToPost 08/16/2018  11:28am

    Update on EMC?

    theatrelover 08/16/2018  12:29pm

    Have any non eq announcements been made? Thank you!

    Artsgirl 08/16/2018  12:43pm

    Zero EMC have been called. I am not sure about any non-eq announcements.

    PattiLuPone 08/16/2018  1:12pm

    Breaking for lunch, no non equity announcements.
    Alternates keep rolling in.

    LetMeSingPlz 08/16/2018  1:17pm

    Yeah, still on alts/ now should be heading to lunch soon

    I'm the first girl in the second row. 08/16/2018  1:37pm

    Would someone mind posting if there's a personnel change after lunch? Thanks so much!

    scg302 08/16/2018  2:28pm

    Any word on if they're seeing noneq today? Thanks!

    singer31 08/16/2018  3:16pm

    Any word on if they're seeing noneq today? Thanks!

    singer31 08/16/2018  3:17pm

    Not looking good.

    Icanseeyou 08/16/2018  3:40pm

    Is it all the same people ITR this afternoon?

    Bento Tinderbox 08/16/2018  3:44pm

    Can someone post what the alt list is at?

    vchiappa 08/16/2018  3:48pm

    They haven't goten to the non eq list yet

    I'm the first girl in the second row. 08/16/2018  3:51pm

    Any emcs get called?

    Broadwaygirl1202 08/16/2018  5:16pm

    No emc seen- and emc dismissed about 15 min ago

    Ab90 08/16/2018  5:27pm