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  • Mean Girls ECC 09/10/2018  6:42pm

    Is it true that you can no longer post an unofficial list at Pearl before 7am? I saw a feed about that last week.. does this mean people are lining up and having to wait?


    Yep, you heard right. There will be a line outside pearl until 7am when they start the list inside at the desk.

    Solidmover22 09/10/2018  8:44pm

    Is anyone in line for this yet??

    imraciallyambiguous 09/11/2018  3:59am

    About 30 ppl in line

    Bravesgal 09/11/2018  6:06am

    Can someone please share who is ITR? Thank you!

    Genekelly 09/11/2018  11:10am