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  • EMC at AEA 09/17/2018  12:21am

    Quick question regarding being seen as an EMC member at AEA. Do we wait upstairs for monitor to sign up, or do we wait in the holding room on the 4th floor? How does this typically work? Thanks!


    Not an emc but usually I’ve seen them send emc upstairs once the auditions start. I’d go there first- 4 floor.

    Rosecat 09/17/2018  1:42am

    EMC at AEA can sign up on the official EMC list for each call with the monitor on the 4th floor starting at 6am when the building opens. They are then asked to come back when the audition actually starts which is typically 9:30/10 and can head right to the 16th floor.

    itbeme 09/17/2018  5:54am