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  • Austen's Pride 09/17/2018  8:16pm

    How crazy do we think this call is going to be..? thoughts?


    I'm going but not gunna go too early in the morn.

    Actiefolife 09/17/2018  10:46pm

    Bump for noneq list info!

    thelightinthepizza 09/18/2018  6:58am

    who is itr???

    gretchenweiners 09/18/2018  7:22am

    @gretchenwieners It's too early to know. Probably around 9 when the room is open and the monitor arrives and gets set up will that info be available.

    thelightinthepizza 09/18/2018  7:42am

    Didnt see a list

    Actiefolife 09/18/2018  7:49am

    Non eq list is at about 30

    Sarah18 09/18/2018  7:54am

    Actie did you check at Pearl 519 or 500? I believe the audition is at 519.

    thelightinthepizza 09/18/2018  7:58am

    Omg ily Light I went to 500

    Actiefolife 09/18/2018  7:59am

    Update on list if someone has a chance?

    thelightinthepizza 09/18/2018  8:13am

    Lol Actie we've all done it I feel you!!

    thelightinthepizza 09/18/2018  8:14am

    Bump for EMC list

    Beltbox400 09/18/2018  8:37am

    Non-eq list #?

    pmusic 09/18/2018  8:57am

    Non- Eq at 38. For some of the people who signed up earlier, you accidentally skipped some numbers but don’t worry you’re all on the official non-eq list :))

    fromcalitonewyork 09/18/2018  9:12am

    Could someone write in here if they announce if they’re seeing nonequity?

    singer31 09/18/2018  9:44am

    Could someone write in here if they announce if they’re seeing nonequity?

    singer31 09/18/2018  9:59am

    Just announced they will see emc and non eq time permitting. None called as of yet.

    Sing.Act.Dance. 09/18/2018  10:00am

    WILL be seeing non eq and EMC tim-permitting

    Solidmover22 09/18/2018  10:00am

    Most roles have been cast according to the breakdown; does anyone know if they’re seeking possible replacements or understudies?

    Oz Peach 09/18/2018  10:02am

    Oz, pretty sure this is for a workshop production so I believe they are not looking for replacements or understudies right now.

    thelightinthepizza 09/18/2018  10:08am

    Could someone write in here if they announce if they’re seeing nonequity?

    singer31 09/18/2018  10:10am

    Sorry didn’t mean to post three times!! Dumb phone!

    singer31 09/18/2018  10:10am

    ^^^ look up :o)

    Solidmover22 09/18/2018  10:11am

    Its a staged reading, so yeah def no covers needed. Some ensemble it seems are needed, and the only open principal is Mr. Bennet according to a revised BWW listing.

    Showbizdreamer 09/18/2018  10:19am

    So basically we’re auditioning for ensemble but it looks like they have already cast everything?

    pmusic 09/18/2018  10:22am

    What number is non-eq up to?

    pmusic 09/18/2018  10:30am

    Playbill listing says that Mary/Georgiana, Lydia and Kitty are not cast, in addition to now Mr. Bennet.

    thelightinthepizza 09/18/2018  10:33am

    Bump on if they've had time to see any of the emc/ non-eq yet?

    Tincan123 09/18/2018  10:39am

    Bump for who is ITR, please! :)

    gretchenweiners 09/18/2018  10:47am

    There are about 40-50 non Equity people on the list. They’ve seen 11 of the EMC people, and the Equity slots aren’t all filled!

    strengthandsong7 09/18/2018  10:49am

    Amazing! Thank you all for the updates so far! Please keep us posted.

    thelightinthepizza 09/18/2018  11:01am

    Any updates? Also, does anyone know what time lunch is being taken? Couldn't find it on the posting.

    thelightinthepizza 09/18/2018  11:31am

    I believe lunch was posted as 1:30-2:30.. also bump on any updates about non-eq?

    pmusic 09/18/2018  11:42am


    I'm the first girl in the second row. 09/18/2018  11:42am

    Still getting through alts and EMC

    ash 09/18/2018  12:03pm

    Stuck underground because it's absolutely pouring. Do we think it's worth it/non eq have a chance of being seen?

    thelightinthepizza 09/18/2018  12:52pm

    They still on emc?

    I'm the first girl in the second row. 09/18/2018  1:12pm


    I'm the first girl in the second row. 09/18/2018  1:30pm

    Anyone know the deal with CBs?

    MixerFirst1234 09/18/2018  1:36pm

    Its lunch rn. i think they got through a few non e

    Actiefolife 09/18/2018  1:42pm

    Just called non-eq through #11 for after lunch group.

    bekkers 09/18/2018  2:25pm

    How many non-eq have been called now?

    pmusic 09/18/2018  3:27pm

    Called along non eq. It's empty.

    ialwaysforgetmypassword 09/18/2018  4:52pm

    Ugh typos. Called all non eq

    ialwaysforgetmypassword 09/18/2018  4:53pm

    Just a question on what they had you sing - it said a “brief” classic ballad on the breakdown... does that mean 32 bars or are they looking for longer/shorter?

    lynchmm 09/18/2018  8:08pm

    usually means under 2 minutes (or around 32). but since it doesn't list bar numbers - you have the luxury of completing your thought. best to do whatever length makes you feel most confident!

    patches 09/18/2018  10:14pm

    Thanks patches - I appreciate your help!

    lynchmm 09/19/2018  12:22am