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  • Legally Blonde non union tour dance call 09/20/2018  10:39am

    what’s the plan for tomorrow? since it’s non eq there won’t be any unofficial lists right? I know some people have audition slots too. call is @ 10am I’m thinking to be there at like 8a. Thoughts, tips, plans?


    Is this just a dance call or are they seeing guys sing for male principals?

    BabyDriverNYC 09/20/2018  1:23pm

    babydriverNYC, they’re doing a male dance call but i’m not sure on hearing for principal male roles.

    bwaylove 09/20/2018  4:18pm


    Screenname473 09/20/2018  6:24pm


    Rt688 09/21/2018  12:08am

    Has anyone started a list yet?!

    jazzdiva595 09/21/2018  5:11am


    itbeme 09/21/2018  5:36am

    List at 14

    Girlwiththejumpsuit 09/21/2018  5:42am

    Has anyone started a list yet?!

    jazzdiva595 09/21/2018  6:06am

    List at 25 - 6 am

    Alwaysrunning2.0 09/21/2018  6:07am

    Update on list #?

    Kelsey 09/21/2018  6:58am

    Update on list #?

    Kelsey 09/21/2018  6:58am

    Has anyone started a guys list yet? What’s the number at?

    Point your toes, sis 09/21/2018  7:05am

    List was at 52 as of 6:50 am ish. Not sure where it's at now. Does anyone know what time the list will be called at?

    ThePineapplePrincess 09/21/2018  7:13am

    If they take the list it’ll be at 9 AM

    Whyisitsocold 09/21/2018  7:21am

    Bump on if a guy’s list has started?

    ditditdadit 09/21/2018  7:41am

    List is now at 100 as of 7:50

    rdoolittle 09/21/2018  7:51am

    Is there a list for the men’s call at 3pm yet? What is it at?

    cucumber 09/21/2018  9:50am

    Jeff Moss, Director
    Bob Richards, Choreographer
    Jane Abbott, Choreo Asst
    Wendy Feaver, Music Director
    Peter Leigh Nelson, Accompanist

    Alison Franck, Casting Director
    Andrew Winans, Casting Asst

    *Dancing in Groups of 30
    *Seeing 120 Open Call Women (10, 10:30,11, & 11:30am)
    *Remaining #'s dropped off, may be typed and called in. Please check back after 12pm

    *Men's list at 6

    *Final Callbacks Monday
    *Callbacks by email

    Have fun!

    BCJ 09/21/2018  10:21am

    If you were after #120, as of right now, it does not look like we will be bringing in any girls later today. Sorry. If anything changes, I will post here.

    BCJ 09/21/2018  12:24pm

    *Officially. Women from the open dance call: If you were after #120, and have not been seen, unfortunately, we will not be seeing any more girls today.

    Have a great weekend!

    BCJ 09/21/2018  12:56pm

    *27 on Men's Open Call List (can see up to 60)

    BCJ 09/21/2018  1:48pm

    Are they calling the boys names at 2/ collecting headshots?

    GeneKelly101 09/21/2018  1:56pm

    Are people from the dance call hearing ITR about callbacks? Or does it seem like it will be email?

    Scretlygirl 09/21/2018  2:29pm

    We heard in the room about callbacks for Monday!

    Nyc12345678 09/21/2018  2:36pm

    SORRY! I was already called back form an appointment to dance, and they asked maybe 15/20 of us to come back on Monday. Not from the open call today

    Nyc12345678 09/21/2018  2:37pm

    *Open Call dancers received vocal calls in the room for later in the day

    *Final call backs are Monday by email appointment

    BCJ 09/21/2018  3:56pm