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  • Waitress SETA Tour EPA 09/20/2018  9:22pm

    Does anyone know if they’ll be seeing non eq on October 4th or if they are actually looking for tour replacements in general? Just don’t wanna waste my time...


    No one knows until the day of the call if they’ll see non union

    littleeagle 09/21/2018  8:25am

    I know, but sometimes people have knowledge through agents or knowing people on the creative team. Always good to ask.

    wild.ranger 09/21/2018  8:34am

    As for seeing non union, no one knows until the day of if EMC/non eq will be seen. Ever. You can gauge from past calls or give your best shot at guessing, but you'll never know until you're there because no one knows with 100% certainty how many people will show up until....they show up. That part has nothing to do with agents.
    As for casting and such, sure that's the part that agents might know about. Christine D was just announced as Desi's replacement recently so this is for sure a required call, and I daresay other principals are being auditioned as we speak.
    My best guess is that this will be busy but MAYBE not super packed and/or crazy. This is past experience talking and somehow I end up rarely being wrong, but again, no one ever knows until the day of.

    Showbizdreamer 09/21/2018  9:12am

    We still don’t know if they will see non-eq or not regardless. May just be better to ask if anyone know me if they are currently looking for any roles because they could be looking for no one, but still decide to see non-eq the day of the call. It happens.

    There are a lot of ppl on here who ask that question and a lot of ppl who give speculative answers but truth is that only casting can answer that.

    The other part of your question is completely valid and fair though.

    highvoltage 09/21/2018  9:16am

    Pretty much every EPA or ECC for a currently running broadway production or tour is a “required” call. They basically happen every 6 months. If there is an immediate need for replacements they will post a breakdown and reach out to agents as well as see people who are in their files from previous auditions. Very rarely will there be an extra “open” audition scheduled. The EPA/ECCs are like prescreens and if you are right for something in the show you will go into a file after that audition to be called in when that role opens up. Sometimes that coincides with the EPA/ECC, sometimes it’s a few months or more later.

    Keeter5 09/22/2018  3:53am