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  • Les Miz tour next week 09/21/2018  10:01pm

    guys the updated playbill posts confused me. can someone smarter than me explain the new post for the male and female ecc’s? it says female ecc is 10/2 in the heading, but it says 10/3 in the body....


    well first of all neither of those dates are next week :/

    tendubiscuit 09/21/2018  10:15pm

    thank u for the helpful response. clearly, you know what i mean... i wrote the dates in my question. super helpful!

    galliegirl 09/21/2018  11:45pm

    I believe 10/2 is the men's ECC and 10/3 is women's

    heybambassity 09/22/2018  12:23am

    They corrected the date in the headline but didn’t change it in the body of the posting. The men’s singer call is October 2 at 10:00 AM. Women’s on the 3rd.

    Keeter5 09/22/2018  3:57am