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  • Love Never Dies 09/23/2018  6:33pm

    So this is a pretty short ECC, only 2 hours. Anyone know if there would be a possibility of non-eq being seen?


    You’ll never know until the day of.

    littleeagle 09/23/2018  7:40pm

    Bump. What time are girls thinking of signing up for the noon call?

    SopranoChick 09/23/2018  8:01pm

    They're only casting "possible future replacements" for a tour that's closing on December 2. That plus the length of the ECC pretty much guarantees that this is a required call, and that they aren't actually casting anybody.

    michy 09/23/2018  8:54pm


    ownit23 09/24/2018  5:40am

    8 people in line to put their names on lists at pearl as of 6am! Not all of them are signing up for this call

    notthatphoebe 09/24/2018  6:09am

    Bump. Update this y’all

    mishi3 09/24/2018  7:09am

    29 for the ladies as of 7:50

    donttellmommaimanactress 09/24/2018  7:50am

    10 on men’s vocal ECC as of 7:50am!

    rainbowhigh94 09/24/2018  7:58am

    Can someone please let us know who is in the room at 9?

    TreatYourself 09/24/2018  8:37am

    Who’s ITR? Have they made any announcements about noneq?

    theatrelover 09/24/2018  10:00am

    Bump on non eq getting seen?

    koko 09/24/2018  10:42am

    Kristen Bludgette (Music Sup.), Lindsay Levine (CD) in the room. They’re going to see non-eq Men Singers. Well, as many as they can in the two hour call. Equity men should be all seen by 11:30.

    Chelsea 23 09/24/2018  10:51am

    Noneq women will not be seen

    mishi3 09/24/2018  12:05pm

    Update on non eq male dancers?

    Helga Fierstein 09/24/2018  2:08pm

    any update on how long the groups are taking at the male dance call? and if they're singing anyone?

    ddreamer14 09/24/2018  2:13pm

    Bump on men?

    Helga Fierstein 09/24/2018  2:47pm

    They saw all men in one group (including non eq) combo was short and simple and more character based.... it took 45 minutes and nobody sang

    Smellmeimroses 09/24/2018  3:41pm