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  • Royal Carribbean General Singer Call 09/23/2018  7:52pm

    Hey guys! Can someone give me a low down of audition materials that Royal provides? Do we end of even having to do them in the room? Thanks!



    OhWhereIsMyHairbrush 09/23/2018  9:18pm

    What number are we at? Can anybody update pretty please?

    Singerdancelover 09/24/2018  5:27am

    Just stopped by Pearl to start a list and security said no lists can be started (even outside) until 7 a.m. Is this a new policy? Been out of the audition game for a minute but I know they’ve started much earlier in the past.

    smalltowncityboy 09/24/2018  5:51am

    Yes that is the new policy and is being enforced at Pearl 500

    iwanticecream 09/24/2018  5:53am

    List was in the 30s a bit ago

    smalltowncityboy 09/24/2018  7:13am

    List at 63 as of 7:50am. I’ve gone in for hem before: sometimes it’s only the packet, sometimes they only want your own music and use their packet as ITR callback material.

    Break legs! Happy Monday, y’all!

    rainbowhigh94 09/24/2018  7:59am

    Can someone confirm if they’re having us sing from the packet and if they started at 9 or just started sign ups at 9 and are seeing people at 10 like they usually do.

    smalltowncityboy 09/24/2018  9:13am

    Any updates as to what's going on over there?

    tdaly2 09/24/2018  9:14am

    Calling from the Pearl list to sign up on their forms. After, they’re teaching the packet to all girls and guys, so head back soon if you’re signed up!

    rainbowhigh94 09/24/2018  9:19am

    Numbers update?

    rainbowhigh94 09/24/2018  10:50am

    Does anyone by any chance write down who was in the room for today's call ?

    tdaly2 09/24/2018  9:32pm

    bump on who was ITR!

    YasNonEq 09/25/2018  5:20pm