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Want to know if anyone got a callback yet? Did YOU get a callback? Post here!

  • Wicked @ other 04/25/2015  11:11pm

    Did anyone get any further callbacks after singing for Cesar? Post here with any updates!


    do you think they are going to give callbacks in the future (keep resumes on file) if they did not have you sing with an accompanist after the initial audition?

    bwaybaby1234 04/26/2015  12:42am

    anyone else asked to sing a second song?

    brwayorbust 04/26/2015  1:01am
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    Broadwaydreamer 04/16/2015  12:33pm

    Post when you receive an offer! :) :)

    HitTheStepOnThe1 04/16/2015  2:14pm


    Broadwaydreamer 04/19/2015  9:49pm


    Yepthatsme 04/20/2015  1:56pm


    HitTheStepOnThe1 04/20/2015  4:28pm

    These offers must have gone out, right?

    Yepthatsme 04/22/2015  11:52am


    I don't know. Something is telling me they haven't finished sending out offers to the ensemble yet..

    HitTheStepOnThe1 04/22/2015  5:45pm


    Yepthatsme 04/26/2015  12:42am
  • Love and Money @ Actor's Equity Center 04/25/2015  2:14pm

    It seemed like a very small turnout for this audition, does anyone have any inside info that maybe it's already cast? I really felt I nailed my audition and wondered if anyone got any CBs ITR?


    bump! any cb info?

    sinigangster 04/25/2015  2:50pm

    The role of Cornelia is cast. I know that because it's posted everywhere. But other than that who really knows!
    If it's any solace the first run of it starts rehearsal in June. So I'm assuming people will hear soon

    DontSpeak 04/25/2015  6:25pm


    aschneps 04/25/2015  11:34pm
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    aschneps 04/25/2015  11:34pm
  • TakePainsBePerfectAdieu

    Yes, would also love to hear about any word of callbacks

    ganymede 04/25/2015  1:00pm


    Chatty_Channing 04/25/2015  11:15pm
  • Newsies Tour @ other 04/24/2015  1:03pm

    Post callbacks for Katherine immediate replacements!



    carpediem 04/24/2015  3:17pm


    glitterglitz 04/24/2015  6:59pm

    Some callbacks are out

    carpediem 04/24/2015  9:34pm

    Callback for Tuesday.

    AGTM2010 04/24/2015  9:35pm

    AGTM2010 do you mind telling me what they told you to expect for Tuesday's callback? My appointment is on Monday, which means I'll have about four seconds to prepare if I get a callback... I would greatly appreciate it!!

    Lesismore 04/25/2015  8:53pm

    Just the packet they gave you! That's all. The two scenes and the section of "watch what happens."

    AGTM2010 04/25/2015  10:08pm

    Thank you so much!

    Lesismore 04/25/2015  10:36pm
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    Dorothygirl231 04/25/2015  9:31pm

    What does "bump" mean?

    xxjimxx 04/25/2015  10:22pm
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  • navynote

    Bump. With so many team members itr, I cAnt imagine they aren't casting AT ALL!

    toloveanotherperson 04/24/2015  10:57pm

    bump. I know!!! I kept hearing that offers were out, but if that were the case then why would all those creators be there! I hope at least someone gets a callback from the EPA!

    navynote 04/25/2015  10:41am


    pizzaking 04/25/2015  10:42am

    I heard the monitor say 2 roles were already cast, but he didn't know which ones. So when people start hearing about callbacks, please post what role! :)

    Have2FinishTheHat 04/25/2015  10:10pm
  • My Paris @ Ripley Grier 520 04/10/2015  8:39am

    Did anyone receive a callback to sing after the ECC dance call?



    KayBee 04/10/2015  10:14am


    koko 04/11/2015  11:33pm


    Spaz 04/12/2015  11:16am


    ihopeigetit 04/13/2015  9:45am


    mtgirl77 04/13/2015  4:44pm

    Bump to keep this alive!

    ihopeigetit 04/14/2015  9:03pm


    koko 04/17/2015  2:46pm

    It's been forever... But bump?

    ihopeigetit 04/25/2015  9:25pm