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Want to know if anyone got a callback yet? Did YOU get a callback? Post here!

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    pursefirst 08/15/2017  12:41am


    13dex13park 08/15/2017  5:16pm

    Bump now that they seem to be close to finishing Evita casting.

    StringPlaya 08/22/2017  11:21am


    RenoSweeneyTodd 08/24/2017  1:07pm

    Any news on casting?

    StringPlaya 08/28/2017  9:53am

    Offer for Girl out and accepted

    elnestle 08/28/2017  2:19pm

    Congrats! Are you local or NYC?

    StringPlaya 08/28/2017  2:24pm

    When did the offer go out?

    StringPlaya 08/28/2017  2:24pm

    I'm NYC based. Offer came on Thursday though I know of someone else who was told they would hear sometime this week so I don't know if all offers are out yet

    elnestle 08/28/2017  3:19pm

    I was originally told this week, too. Holding out hope!

    StringPlaya 08/28/2017  3:31pm

    any news about ensemble offers?

    pursefirst 08/28/2017  3:58pm


    StringPlaya 08/29/2017  10:19am

    Bumping slowly...

    StringPlaya 08/30/2017  3:20pm

    Does anyone have news? I'm surprised we've only heard of girl.

    StringPlaya 09/01/2017  9:25am

    Bumping slowly...

    StringPlaya 09/05/2017  4:31pm


    pursefirst 09/07/2017  9:17pm

    bump :|

    pursefirst 09/18/2017  1:35pm

    Heard from someone on the team it's not fully cast yet

    13dex13park 09/18/2017  2:21pm

    @13dex13park did they mention when they were hoping to have it cast by? and do you happen to know which roles are still available?

    pursefirst 09/23/2017  4:41pm


    peachiequeen 09/26/2017  12:13pm

    Bump again?

    peachiequeen 10/03/2017  9:16am

    lol yeah what's happening with this

    pursefirst 10/03/2017  10:29am

    bump - do we know if this is fully cast yet?

    pursefirst 10/10/2017  1:20pm

    Have we heard anything about this?

    RenoSweeneyTodd 10/23/2017  4:21am
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    Broadwaygirl1202 10/21/2017  10:41pm


    Slyemc 10/22/2017  9:10pm

    Callbacks were on Friday for Mamma Mia. I don't think they were doing any other callbacks yet on this trip since the next show after that isn't until next April

    Keeter5 10/23/2017  3:14am
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    Onefineday 10/22/2017  11:36pm

    Had to cancel my appointment friday for another callback. they told me I could submit a video by tomorrow, so I suspect offers are not being made yet

    Keeter5 10/23/2017  3:12am
  • American shakes center @ 10/22/2017  10:13am

    Are they not coming to NYC this year? Or did I miss this?


    Wondering the same thing!

    I think the Artistic Director stepped down a few months ago - maybe the search for the replacement has knocked things off schedule?

    BumpDay 10/23/2017  1:05am
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    shannenmichael 10/09/2017  12:44pm


    dgretchen 10/09/2017  5:01pm


    JBIHphotography 10/09/2017  8:33pm

    Got an app via the open call!

    shannenmichael 10/11/2017  4:32pm

    Woo! When did you get the appt.?

    forthememoir32 10/11/2017  4:52pm

    Like two hours ago!!

    shannenmichael 10/11/2017  5:58pm

    That's awesome! For one or multiple shows? Don't they hold appointments show by show?

    JimmyD 10/11/2017  10:56pm

    I received an appointment for male roles in Junie B Jones, Pete the Cat, and The Lightening Thief.

    Appointment is Wednesday, October 18.

    Was notified via email around noon today.

    teeleemcgee 10/12/2017  3:46pm

    Got an email today around 2!

    forthememoir32 10/12/2017  3:47pm

    Got an email for female roles at 12:48!

    Crzyclratuta 10/12/2017  3:50pm

    Got an appointment for two roles via email this afternoon as well!

    CupOJoePlease 10/12/2017  4:34pm

    Got an appointment for Thursday the 19th for 3 different shows, 3 different roles. Got the email around 3 today!

    _LittleBird_ 10/12/2017  4:48pm

    Got a callback for 2 shows, 2 roles for Thursday!

    rapunzel4293 10/14/2017  6:05pm

    After callbacks today, if you did not receive a final callback for November does that mean you’re cut?

    Crzyclratuta 10/18/2017  5:48pm


    winkandwiggle 10/18/2017  9:18pm

    For those who already went in for callbacks on Wednesday, how long were you there? Did they do all your sides at once, really quick? Or were you in and out of the room for a longer chunk of time? Trying to plan my afternoon. Thanks!

    _LittleBird_ 10/19/2017  1:20am

    You'll be there 10 min max unless they are running behind.

    It's technically another screening. They are having callbacks in November. For this- You'll sing a different 16-32 bar cut then what you sang initially then they will ask for 1 side and dependent on that may ask for another.

    funnylady13 10/19/2017  5:46am

    Went back in today. Got another callback ITR to audition for the director of the actual show, and that callback is nov 2.

    _LittleBird_ 10/19/2017  5:45pm

    Can I ask for what show, littlebird??

    actress9315 10/19/2017  5:51pm

    Yup! Skippyjon Jones, for Poquito Tito

    _LittleBird_ 10/19/2017  9:11pm

    Anything for click clack moo ?

    winkandwiggle 10/20/2017  12:06am

    Got another cb for Tuesday for CCM

    shannenmichael 10/22/2017  11:11pm
  • or Principle?

    Keeter5 10/10/2017  11:41am

    Got an appointment for Donna in MM for tomorrow

    ladieswhobrunch20 10/12/2017  3:57pm

    Bump? Any info on this?

    GoodGolly 10/13/2017  10:20pm

    Yesterday we sang a cut of our own song, and then some were asked to do a song and scene from the show (Donna in Mamma Mia at Riverside). Was told in the room people will know in about a week.

    ladieswhobrunch20 10/14/2017  10:25am


    ladieswhobrunch20 10/18/2017  11:28pm

    Has anyone heard about any offers?

    ladieswhobrunch20 10/19/2017  1:26pm


    ladieswhobrunch20 10/20/2017  9:33am


    ladieswhobrunch20 10/20/2017  2:24pm

    Anyone heard?

    ladieswhobrunch20 10/22/2017  11:00pm
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    human 10/18/2017  10:11am


    bobloblaw 10/19/2017  10:23am


    Ukegirl811 10/20/2017  9:03am


    werk678 10/20/2017  4:17pm


    Kdubb 10/22/2017  9:56pm
  • BEAUTIFUL @ 10/21/2017  12:43pm

    Any appointments out yet from most recent breakdown?


    What was the breakdown for?

    nyguyforlife 10/21/2017  1:27pm

    Female ensemble

    JSL32 10/21/2017  1:31pm

    Where is this breakdown located??

    gimmicks4u 10/22/2017  4:02pm

    I have a friend with that appt already scheduled dont know WHEN but its out from her agent

    Ета странно 10/22/2017  9:33pm
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    sosayethi 10/18/2017  10:27am


    4thebirds 10/18/2017  10:52pm


    JSL32 10/19/2017  1:49pm

    Anyone hear anything yet?

    4thebirds 10/20/2017  1:22pm

    Assuming it’s all going to local 20 something’s ;) but bump

    ImMrsIglesias 10/20/2017  7:51pm


    Slyemc 10/20/2017  8:45pm


    sosayethi 10/22/2017  8:48pm
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    Anyone hear anything yet? Bummmmmmmp

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