Callback Corner

Want to know if anyone got a callback yet? Did YOU get a callback? Post here!

  • therestisjustgravy

    Callbacks are out

    ETphonehome 11/23/2015  11:47pm

    Please post any offers when you receive them.

    therestisjustgravy 11/24/2015  6:14pm
  • Peter Pan 360 National Tour @ Chelsea Studios 11/12/2015  12:50pm

    Any word on the winter round of offers going out for replacements (especially women)?

    Or any further word from casting since the "hold/high consideration" emails?


    Nothing else from the high in consideration emails. We shouldn't hear until around December? I think?

    Tinytinytiny 11/15/2015  12:17pm

    Got an email from Mark, should know in the next week for female offers, contracts are expiring.

    Tinytinytiny 11/16/2015  7:33pm

    Much appreciated, Tiny --- hope it's good news.

    diana891 11/17/2015  1:30am

    Did any one hear anything yet this week? Would love to know if any offers were made/for what roles!

    MotherOfDragons 11/24/2015  12:49pm

    Nothing here.

    diana891 11/24/2015  3:45pm

    Nothing yet! Mark said sometime this week or next!

    Tinytinytiny 11/24/2015  6:13pm
  • Anything??

    babaroost 11/23/2015  6:15pm


    dancerkid101 11/24/2015  4:28pm
  • American Queen Steamboat Company @ Nola Studios 10/16/2015  5:19pm

    Anyone know when they are having callbacks? Were they giving them ITR?


    i second this! Are there additional callbacks? Did everyone dance in the room? Haha was very surprised by this when they asked me too!

    singer13actress 10/16/2015  5:49pm

    They asked me too! Haha--I had the same reaction as you :D

    jerry2229 10/16/2015  5:59pm

    Bump for further callbacks or offers!

    sinigangster 10/17/2015  12:23am


    singer13actress 10/18/2015  12:43am

    Offers are going out!

    sinigangster 10/19/2015  11:00am

    congrats! did you just get one?

    jerry2229 10/19/2015  11:58am

    Yep! They made an offer by phone early this morning.

    sinigangster 10/19/2015  3:25pm

    Hey I work for this company now, just curious sinigangster- are you a boy or a girl? Anyone else receive an offer?

    Naruto Uzumaki 11/24/2015  1:52pm
  • Tokyo Disney - Big Band Beat @ 11/24/2015  12:46pm

    Anyone receive any offers or know of any that have gone out?

  • Anything Goes Appt - Goodspeed @ Pearl Studios 11/17/2015  11:47am

    Does anyone know if they were giving callbacks ITR after appointments today?


    Bump! Any info on callbacks from appts yesterday Nov 17?

    KellyBrooke345 11/18/2015  9:51am

    Any info about callbacks after Dancer ECC?

    brooklynbnyc 11/18/2015  10:58am

    Callbacks from dancer ECC went out already

    dancedown3 11/18/2015  11:14am

    What were these appointments for? I just received an initial appointment for Friday for a principal

    talkalotpickalittlemore 11/18/2015  12:29pm

    The ones yesterday were also initial principal appointments (at least mine was).

    Jillsy Sloper 11/18/2015  2:22pm

    Mine was also an initial appt for a principle yesterday.

    KellyBrooke345 11/18/2015  3:35pm

    I had an initial principle appointment today. I guess we will hear about callbacks after all appointments are finished.

    Did anyone catch the names of alllll...the people in the room? Also, that accompanist is always great--what's his name?

    Break legs, everyone!

    wildflower 11/18/2015  4:00pm

    His name is John! He's the best! And yes, hopefully callbacks next week?

    KellyBrooke345 11/19/2015  12:51pm

    Final callbacks for ensemble were today. People they've worked there before: how long after final callbacks does it take for them to make offers?

    thatoneguyremember 11/19/2015  5:30pm

    Post for offers after today's female ensemble dance/sing/read callbacks! Good luck!

    CurlySue 11/19/2015  5:58pm

    @thatoneguyremember last time I worked there I got a soft offer within a week of final callbacks. Hope this helps!

    SEEATS 11/19/2015  6:46pm

    Any word on principal callbacks?

    BBrave 11/19/2015  8:18pm

    @SEEATS amazing. Thanks for the info!

    thatoneguyremember 11/20/2015  12:15am

    Did anyone get to read for Luke and John?

    ACT590 11/20/2015  12:58pm

    Bump for principal callbacks!

    talkalotpickalittlemore 11/20/2015  6:16pm

    Bump for info on principle callbacks!

    KellyBrooke345 11/21/2015  11:51am


    CurlySue 11/22/2015  8:19pm


    livinthedream 11/23/2015  1:11pm

    Anyone know anything about callbacks for principles?

    KellyBrooke345 11/23/2015  6:10pm

    Bump on callbacks and offers

    CurlySue 11/23/2015  9:28pm

    Bump Gabriel Bump

    ETphonehome 11/24/2015  12:35pm
  • Lukedavidyoung123


    therestisjustgravy 11/23/2015  12:22pm

    Called back for Vari. Received sides via email.

    therestisjustgravy 11/23/2015  2:39pm

    Did anyone hear about callbacks for Ewan?

    Lukedavidyoung123 11/23/2015  8:55pm

    Anyone hear or get sides for Fiona?

    Happy:) 11/24/2015  12:24pm
  • My video was watched today! That's all I know :)

    Bailee1416 10/27/2015  9:43pm

    mine wasn't watched...sad face...

    basicNAB 10/28/2015  12:24pm


    Bailee1416 10/28/2015  8:58pm

    Wait...did you all post to YouTube? I just sent mine via email...Did I misread the breakdown?

    AFTC 10/28/2015  11:14pm

    And before you all jump to this conclusion: I'm quite computer literate...that shit was 3MB.

    AFTC 10/28/2015  11:15pm

    I just posted mine to Youtube because it was the easiest option for me, but I don't think the breakdown specified anything.

    cpardmore 10/28/2015  11:20pm

    I always post to you tube. I feel like that's the easiest way.

    Bailee1416 10/28/2015  11:43pm

    Anyone hear anything???

    Chatty_Channing 10/29/2015  2:40am


    Bailee1416 10/29/2015  3:07pm


    cpardmore 10/29/2015  10:55pm

    Anyone hear a thang?

    Happy Friday vibes

    Bailee1416 10/30/2015  3:07pm


    cpardmore 10/31/2015  12:43pm


    basicNAB 11/02/2015  3:30pm


    cpardmore 11/03/2015  12:46pm


    Bailee1416 11/03/2015  3:38pm

    My video got a bunch of views over the last week but haven't heard anything!

    ilovebroadway123 11/03/2015  4:11pm


    RaveDiva 11/04/2015  8:33pm


    Bailee1416 11/05/2015  12:15pm

    my youtube analytics told me originally that someone watched my video on 10/28, and not it's saying that there were no views on 10/28. Is anyone experiencing these kinds of mixed results?

    basicNAB 11/05/2015  12:28pm


    basicNAB 11/05/2015  12:28pm

    @basicnab- I'm having mixed results too. I thought they had watched my video last week, but my analytics are saying that all of the views have only come from me. Hopefully we'll hear something soon...

    cpardmore 11/06/2015  8:22pm

    bumping back up--anyone heard anything?

    AFTC 11/07/2015  6:35pm


    Chatty_Channing 11/09/2015  9:46pm


    Bailee1416 11/10/2015  12:48pm


    Bailee1416 11/11/2015  4:08pm


    cpardmore 11/13/2015  10:32pm


    Bailee1416 11/16/2015  3:50pm

    Bump.... anything???

    cpardmore 11/18/2015  1:02pm


    Bailee1416 11/19/2015  1:03pm


    basicNAB 11/24/2015  11:53am
  • OTHELLO @ other 11/23/2015  11:48am

    Has anyone heard anything about appointments for OTHELLO at NYTW after the EPAs last week?



    Gemini81 11/23/2015  11:21pm


    pspice 11/24/2015  11:46am
  • Disaster @ Pearl Studios 11/23/2015  7:17pm

    Did agent appointments already go out? Post if you hear anything after the ECC :)


    I've heard that appointments are out, but I'm not sure when they are.

    Please post when people hear after today's ECCs! Thanks!

    dancergirl33 11/23/2015  8:41pm

    Got a callback for next week. I attended the dance ecc.

    LadyLuck 11/24/2015  11:25am

    Any men called back from singers' call? Thanks!

    ttgt 11/24/2015  11:35am