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Want to know if anyone got a callback yet? Did YOU get a callback? Post here!

  • Pinkalicious/Flight School @ Vital @ other 08/21/2017  10:54pm

    Post any offers? They said they might not have callbacks in the original appointment email. Fingers crossed! :)


    Yes they said they'd cast based on just this one audition. No news yet hopefully tomorrow! Fingers crossed! :)

    JLNYC 08/22/2017  1:04am
  • Dragons Love Tacos-TWUSA @ Chelsea Studios 08/22/2017  12:18am

    Have offers gone out for this? Saw that they are still looking for a couple more male roles but wondering if anyone has heard anything.


    -Barbra S

  • Dreamgirls/Hair @ other 08/21/2017  10:54am

    Has anyone heard anything about more submissions or casting???


    They asked me to submit for a second character in Hair, Thursday. Sent it in yesterday.

    VeryBariBaritone 08/21/2017  12:06pm

    anything for dreamgirls?

    blackandgold 08/21/2017  2:36pm

    yeah, I've heard back for Dreamgirls

    streetlightchillinintheheat 08/21/2017  9:53pm


    JJJJ 08/21/2017  10:32pm

    What role did you submit for streetlight??

    cmccrewell 08/22/2017  12:13am
  • Jagged Little Pill -- *NEW THREAD* @ Pearl Studios 08/17/2017  11:36am

    Post callbacks after this weeks appointments--specifically for Bella/Ensemble!


    bump for ensemble cbs

    cb2addict2 08/17/2017  11:40am

    jagged little bump

    Mimelphie 08/17/2017  3:00pm

    ensemble BUMP anyone? Bueller?

    panforever 08/17/2017  3:54pm

    Bump ✊

    NoticeMeHorton 08/17/2017  7:05pm


    ElleWoods93 08/18/2017  9:37am

    someone said there are more initials today so maybe after today/weekend/monday? :p

    cb2addict2 08/18/2017  10:54am

    Break a leg to all with appointments and/or callbacks today!
    And a happy Jagged Little Bump to the rest of us still refreshing our emails! :)

    panforever 08/18/2017  1:21pm

    Ugh bump

    Mimelphie 08/18/2017  6:40pm


    NoticeMeHorton 08/19/2017  11:35am

    Here's to a daily bump on this thread!

    panforever 08/19/2017  3:26pm

    Appointment email said next date would be the 22nd – has anyone heard anything? About anything (ens. or otherwise?)

    panforever 08/20/2017  6:04pm


    Mimelphie 08/20/2017  10:01pm


    Agent info says cbs with creatives would be this thurs & fri.

    Anyone hear?

    dross 08/21/2017  8:59am


    I know that Diane Paulus was doing a workshop all last week and the presentation is this afternoon, so there would not have been any rounds with her itr last week or today

    cb2addict2 08/21/2017  9:05am

    Yay finally some kind of news! Bump here and thanks guys!

    panforever 08/21/2017  10:51am

    Appointment for Monday with associate director and music director. Final callbacks are Sept. 8th-12th

    panforever 08/21/2017  12:26pm

    @panforever , for what role is this callback for? And do you mean next monday 8/28? thank you!

    Mimelphie 08/21/2017  12:33pm

    @mimelphie for Ens. and yes next monday 8/28

    panforever 08/21/2017  11:54pm
  • Addams Family @ Nola Studios 08/17/2017  6:21pm

    anyone get an email or mention of an email with sides and songs for specific characters? or was everyone just asked to come back and dance tomorrow only?

    statue handkerchief dance

    To me it sounded like they would be emailing out material for specific tracks as well as asking people to come back and dance.

    CadyHeron 08/17/2017  6:36pm

    What theatre is this for?

    DanceAndSing 08/17/2017  6:37pm

    Also that emails would go out after 7pm

    CadyHeron 08/17/2017  6:37pm

    Just got my email for callbacks.

    Fatniss_Neverlean 08/17/2017  7:38pm

    Which track?

    CadyHeron 08/17/2017  7:46pm

    The tony award winning track of ensemble, but I also have a friend emailed for Wednesday.

    Fatniss_Neverlean 08/17/2017  8:14pm

    so if they asked us in the room to come back and dance tomorrow, should we be expecting them to email us to confirm?

    statue handkerchief dance 08/17/2017  8:19pm

    Any Morticia's get sides emailed yet? They told me in the room they'd be sending me Morticia sides, but thus far I've only gotten the dance call email

    workwurkwerk 08/17/2017  8:46pm

    Anyone called back ITR and have not received an email? Was told I'd be getting sides and WOMP

    Catbug826 08/17/2017  9:14pm

    bump on Morticia email

    workwurkwerk 08/17/2017  9:19pm

    I was also under the impression that I'd gotten a callback ITR and didn't receive an email. My friend who was one of the monitors today said he spoke with casting and that all callback emails are out.

    CadyHeron 08/17/2017  9:22pm

    Any guys called back yet for any parts?

    Josh 08/17/2017  10:10pm

    If you were specifically told ITR to come back at 10 to dance, you should. I know some folks did not have direct email available and I believe emails didn't go out until 8-9:00. So some of those emails may be roaming around agent/manager mailboxes.

    iwontdance 08/17/2017  10:26pm

    Any guys?

    Josh 08/18/2017  2:51am

    Anyone heard anything about Lucas's?

    Gaston-did-roids 08/18/2017  2:52am

    Any morticia sides go out?

    workwurkwerk 08/18/2017  8:35am

    Congrats all. Again, what company is this for?

    DanceAndSing 08/18/2017  11:12am


    since the majority of people on this site are only out for themselves the theatre in question is Jenny Wiley Theatre in Kentucky.

    ScrewTheEngineer 08/18/2017  11:30am

    Haha, thank you, @screwtheengineer!

    DanceAndSing 08/18/2017  1:22pm

    Did they call back any guys for Lucas? I don't know anybody who got called back for him..

    Josh 08/18/2017  1:35pm

    post for offers after today's CB's!

    ebm2014 08/18/2017  5:44pm

    I know of one guy for sure who read for Lucas

    JessicaJones 08/18/2017  7:00pm

    bump on casting

    ebm2014 08/19/2017  1:46pm


    what 08/19/2017  4:36pm


    enwhyseeactor 08/20/2017  1:15pm


    what 08/20/2017  4:43pm

    pre monday bump!

    Fatniss_Neverlean 08/20/2017  10:28pm

    What is usually Jenny Wiley's timeline on casting?
    like how soon after auditions or how close to rehearsal start?

    workwurkwerk 08/21/2017  10:45am

    casting???? bump

    ebm2014 08/21/2017  2:15pm


    Fatniss_Neverlean 08/21/2017  10:53pm
  • A friend already got an offer for this.

    AndPeggy 07/29/2017  1:54pm

    Very cool - any news on the child roles?

    JAN77 07/29/2017  2:02pm

    Has there been child callbacks yet for a Christmas Story ? (Ripley)

    Summerinthecity 07/29/2017  11:37pm

    Bump! Any tap callback for kids details?

    OnCueMom 07/31/2017  9:48am

    Bump - any word on child callbacks?

    JAN77 08/01/2017  1:22pm

    Callbacks for kids are Sunday August 13th at Ripley Grier. Dance call. Tap and jazz flats. I hear there will be a final callbacks as well later in August, but don't know that date....does anyone else?

    JB55 08/05/2017  7:47pm

    @JB55 do you know if the callbacks have already been scheduled?

    JAN77 08/06/2017  8:38am

    @JB55 were you emailed a callback or are you going off what was on AA

    ohhellobroadway 08/06/2017  12:12pm


    OnCueMom 08/07/2017  10:19am


    PennyGirl 08/09/2017  4:31pm


    JAN77 08/09/2017  6:01pm

    Any news for kids? How was audition?

    Razzledazzle24 08/17/2017  10:34am

    Callbacks for kids went til 4pm on August 13th. I am assuming didn't get it? Does anyone know if casting notices went out on this one?

    JB55 08/21/2017  4:31pm


    Razzledazzle24 08/21/2017  10:45pm
  • Callbacks were given ITR.

    Quietkid7 08/19/2017  11:58am

    I wasn't given a callback itr but I was asked about my dancing, so maybe only principal callbacks were given and ensemble/covers will be emailed?

    OptionUp 08/19/2017  12:43pm

    got a cb in the room with an appt time but missed what he said about accessing callback there a site to go to? Like showfax or sidesexpress? Sorry if this is a dumb question haha.

    Brb2207 08/19/2017  5:32pm

    Yes, they said sides are on

    goodytapshoes 08/19/2017  5:44pm

    Any cbs for female roles?

    mtwallet 08/19/2017  5:55pm

    Yes. CB for all 3 female roles.

    ebm2014 08/19/2017  6:33pm

    Did they have people read sides today, or just sing from their books?

    awopbamboo 08/19/2017  6:38pm

    One guy at a table. Really chill/cool accompanist. Sang 16 bars. CB in the room for Monday.

    Miriam 08/19/2017  7:10pm

    For Frankies- I don't have a sides express acct but my agent sent me the material. Am I correct that the only sides in the packet are just the one book scene? The CD in the room said to look at walk like a man but there's no sheet music for it? Sorry y'all just wanna double check! Thanks!

    Brb2207 08/20/2017  12:07pm

    Jk disregard last post :)

    Brb2207 08/20/2017  12:09pm

    So girls, do we learn all sides from all 3 girls? They're all different right?

    Lilonicky 08/20/2017  1:00pm

    Yes, all 3

    Galapagos9 08/20/2017  1:20pm

    Did anyone who had a callback today 8/20, hear anything about another callback yet?

    Lovey128 08/20/2017  3:35pm

    Were these just agent appointments? Does anyone have any idea if they will do an open call or accept video submissions? Thanks and good luck all!

    Up every morning at six 08/20/2017  4:02pm

    Does anyone know who were all in the room? It was all a blur. Just remember a bunch of guys.

    Bb123 08/20/2017  5:20pm

    Hey! I know we have to prepare the sides for Monday's CB, but are we singing again too? Thanks!

    makinghermark 08/20/2017  9:37pm


    makinghermark 08/21/2017  7:28am

    Anyone have their callback today already? Did you sing your own material again?

    Galapagos9 08/21/2017  11:03am


    makinghermark 08/21/2017  1:23pm

    Any girls at today's callback get asked to dance tomorrow?

    bluehair88 08/21/2017  1:48pm


    bluehair88 08/21/2017  3:56pm

    I'm a boy but got a card to come back and dance tomorrow/a link to more materials.

    Brb2207 08/21/2017  3:57pm

    to any of the girls who already had their callback-- did you do multiple sides? did you have to go through the harmonies with other people, yourself, and/or did you get to pick which part you did? thank you tons

    sing_happy 08/21/2017  4:10pm

    Hi. For the people who sang today and got cards to come back tomorrow. Does the link on your card work? I've entered it at least 5 times and I keep getting an error screen. Best of all I have not direct contact info for the casting team. Would someone be generous enough to post the link?

    EverybodyRise 08/21/2017  5:51pm

    If anyone has a general email for the NCL Casting people, it would help me out so much if you could share it.

    EverybodyRise 08/21/2017  6:16pm

    Ignore last two posts. I reversed a couple letters in that massive URL. #mondayproblems

    EverybodyRise 08/21/2017  6:25pm

    Any women get called back to dance? I saw a lot of men receiving cards.

    PoundPavement 08/21/2017  10:33pm
  • A Christmas Story Tour @ Ripley Grier 520 08/21/2017  4:25pm

    Were there anymore callbacks after the 13th? Or did they send out casting calls yet?


    Bump. Any updates on the adult track after the invited call?

    katstratford 08/21/2017  10:24pm
  • EVITA - Actors Playhouse @ 08/15/2017  2:59pm

    Post when offers go out after the Miami principal and ensemble call backs that happened yesterday and today. Good luck everyone


    Bump for offers!

    Glamgirl 08/15/2017  5:27pm

    Bump! Anybody hear anything yet?

    theresaplaceforus 08/17/2017  7:53am


    teadoroanton 08/18/2017  8:32am


    Glamgirl 08/18/2017  9:03am

    Received an offer on Thursday for male ensemble non equity.

    Despacito 08/19/2017  9:26am

    Despacito, are you local or NYC?

    thechorusboy 08/19/2017  11:09am

    Local. I audition in Miami last week.

    Despacito 08/19/2017  11:32pm


    theresaplaceforus 08/20/2017  2:39pm

    Offer for Mistress out.

    Mimimarquez 08/20/2017  3:03pm

    mimi is it an equity role?

    RRad 08/20/2017  8:57pm

    @mimi booked?
    I'm retiring.

    ScrewTheEngineer 08/20/2017  9:52pm

    Any word on Eva?

    teadoroanton 08/20/2017  10:11pm

    ScrewTheEngenieer, retiring? I didn't know you could retire from community theater, *cough* Gallery Players *cough* ;)

    Mimimarquez 08/21/2017  8:16am

    Any word on Eva, Perón, or Che?

    theresaplaceforus 08/21/2017  12:22pm


    theresaplaceforus 08/21/2017  10:09pm
  • A Night with Janis Joplin @ Pearl Studios 08/17/2017  12:09pm

    I know auditions are happening until 6:30pm today, but wanted to post now anyways. Post with callbacks, please! Break legs everyone!



    typedoutandstayout 08/17/2017  4:21pm

    Michael told me in the room that they're having some legal problems with the show, which might put a wrench in the tour, but as of now they're proceeding on schedule with auditions with the final audition originally set to be on 8/23. Fingers crossed that everything gets sorted out, but if no one ends up hearing, that might be why :(

    singingx 08/17/2017  5:35pm

    Wowee, thanks for letting us know dude. Post with any CB emails ladies!

    Ab90 08/17/2017  5:50pm

    Shit, thanks so much for the info. When you say final audition do you mean callbacks?

    beltingbadass 08/17/2017  6:06pm

    I'm not quite sure when callbacks are supposed to be, but my agent told me that all auditions would be finished on 8/23.

    singingx 08/17/2017  6:31pm

    I had a self-tape request and the deadline is 8/22, so I assume they're wrapping up quickly. Fingers crossed that everything goes through with the show! Keep posted with updates!

    typedoutandstayout 08/17/2017  8:28pm

    Ah, gotcha. I'll be sure to bump this post frequently lol

    beltingbadass 08/17/2017  11:43pm

    take another little piece of my bump now bayyybayyyy

    beltingbadass 08/18/2017  11:18am


    beltingbadass 08/19/2017  10:59pm


    Ab90 08/20/2017  4:05pm


    anyone know if there are any in-person auditions left to do?

    typedoutandstayout 08/21/2017  8:30am


    according to this thread, auditions are wrapping up by 8/22-8/23

    beltingbadass 08/21/2017  12:33pm

    Let's keep bumping this so we don't lose it

    beltingbadass 08/21/2017  8:41pm