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Want to know if anyone got a callback yet? Did YOU get a callback? Post here!

  • Norwegian Cruise Line @ Ripley Grier 520 09/27/2016  12:18pm

    Just wanted to get this thread out there! Post any information about offers after callbacks on 9/22!



    B00pB00p 09/27/2016  1:40pm


    kronos101010 09/27/2016  6:32pm
  • There are still callbacks going on today. They said they'd make decisions next week.

    koolkat 09/23/2016  10:59am

    Did they give a timeline on offers? Some shows are pretty far down the line. Anyone know if they'll be making all offers from today's callbacks next week?

    thebakerswife 09/23/2016  7:36pm


    Nyc_living 09/25/2016  7:16pm

    Male principal for white Christmas out.

    IdinaMenzel 09/25/2016  9:24pm

    By phone or email if you don't mind me asking?

    Nyc_living 09/25/2016  9:49pm

    Bump bump

    Nyc_living 09/26/2016  11:42am

    Which role if you don't mind saying?

    koolkat 09/26/2016  11:56am


    Ed1093 09/26/2016  1:36pm

    An offer for Judas/ Jesus Christ Superstar has gone out.

    crm 09/26/2016  2:43pm

    Congrats @crm! When did the offer come in?

    thebakerswife 09/26/2016  2:49pm

    Any offers out for Mary Magdalene?

    Iliketobeinamerica 09/26/2016  4:13pm

    Bump for ensemble for JCS

    Ed1093 09/26/2016  4:24pm

    Offer for Jesus has gone out. Not sure about ensemble though.

    jarretty 09/26/2016  4:36pm

    Anyone heard anything about the Pippin National Tour that they are also casting?

    EeeZee 09/26/2016  5:37pm

    Offer out for Pippin.

    iwontdance 09/26/2016  6:47pm

    Congrats, everyone! When did these offers for JCS/Pippin go out?

    thebakerswife 09/26/2016  6:49pm

    I received it yesterday.

    iwontdance 09/26/2016  7:31pm

    Any offers for Mary or female ensemble for JCS?

    Nyc_living 09/26/2016  8:19pm

    iwontdance.....Which role?

    EeeZee 09/26/2016  10:18pm


    Iliketobeinamerica 09/27/2016  10:13am


    Nyc_living 09/27/2016  11:27am

    Bump for JCS ensemble!

    Ed1093 09/27/2016  1:17pm

    Any word on Herod or Pilate?

    bkbway 09/27/2016  2:47pm

    One more bump just in case haha

    Iliketobeinamerica 09/27/2016  6:28pm
  • Matilda National Tour @ Ripley Grier 520 09/13/2016  10:41am

    Any callbacks after the invited dance call on Monday September 12?



    ireallyneedthisjob 09/13/2016  11:35am


    Kbear14 09/13/2016  12:32pm

    There was another round today so I bet they'll go out tonight or tomorrow maybe.

    celiespants 09/13/2016  4:07pm

    @celiespants Thank you!!!

    much_ado 09/13/2016  5:59pm


    zigzag 09/14/2016  9:58am

    bump bump!

    prettyplease 09/14/2016  10:37am

    Just recieved a callback for Friday @ 1:30

    TylerLee 09/14/2016  12:41pm

    Just received a callback for Friday as well

    pettypettyimsopetty 09/14/2016  1:13pm

    received callback via agent today.

    anyone know the name of the assistant teaching the combos? thanks!

    ireallyneedthisjob 09/14/2016  10:23pm

    Bump - please post when people hear about Monday!

    ireallyneedthisjob 09/16/2016  5:05pm


    much_ado 09/16/2016  6:46pm


    zigzag 09/16/2016  7:58pm


    pettypettyimsopetty 09/16/2016  8:59pm

    Just received a callback for Monday

    TylerLee 09/16/2016  9:53pm

    Just got my final callback for Monday as well.

    pettypettyimsopetty 09/16/2016  10:28pm

    Callback for Monday

    much_ado 09/17/2016  12:03am

    No-shame bump. Please post updates, info, and offers!

    ireallyneedthisjob 09/20/2016  9:51am


    zigzag 09/20/2016  10:21am

    Yes please.

    TMTM 09/20/2016  10:39am

    bump it up

    much_ado 09/20/2016  3:06pm


    JustBe123 09/20/2016  6:32pm


    ELS5307 09/20/2016  10:00pm

    Petty little bump.

    pettypettyimsopetty 09/20/2016  11:11pm

    Bump bump bump it up

    TylerLee 09/21/2016  12:26pm


    zigzag 09/21/2016  4:16pm


    pettypettyimsopetty 09/22/2016  8:03am


    much_ado 09/22/2016  10:43am


    ELS5307 09/22/2016  1:03pm


    zigzag 09/22/2016  4:11pm

    Work sessions with the director are being held on Saturday.

    TMTM 09/22/2016  9:06pm

    Anyone else have a work session scheduled? Best of luck to all! :)

    JMB3 09/22/2016  11:11pm

    Are these work sessions for specific tracks? Ladies? Fellas?

    JustBe123 09/22/2016  11:49pm

    I have a work session for Mrs.W.

    ireallyneedthisjob 09/23/2016  8:02am

    Bump for work session track specifics!

    much_ado 09/23/2016  11:13am


    zigzag 09/23/2016  12:15pm


    zigzag 09/23/2016  1:08pm

    Bump on which characters are getting work sessions.... Any Michael Wormwoods?

    pettypettyimsopetty 09/23/2016  1:32pm

    ^^^^^ Miss Honey's?

    pebble27 09/23/2016  1:44pm

    Do any females who attended the dance final callbacks and read/sang to understudy principals have a work session? Or are the work sessions only for people who are being considered for the actual role (and not to cover)?

    busybee 09/23/2016  10:51pm

    I was and I have a work session.

    ireallyneedthisjob 09/24/2016  8:43am

    I had a work session today. Miss Honey and Mrs. Wormwood. I've been at the dancer callbacks.

    ELS5307 09/24/2016  3:16pm

    Was any information given out at the work sessions on when things might be offered or when we might hear something?

    JMB3 09/24/2016  3:20pm

    Bump on any men with work sessions and what roles 😁😁

    pettypettyimsopetty 09/24/2016  4:38pm

    They did not give us a timeline at the work sessions. They filmed.

    I know some children's offers were made last week, and they are having additional children's casting this week.

    ireallyneedthisjob 09/25/2016  11:27am

    Monday bump

    ireallyneedthisjob 09/26/2016  9:56am


    much_ado 09/26/2016  12:23pm


    pettypettyimsopetty 09/26/2016  1:56pm

    Monday bump

    ELS5307 09/26/2016  4:03pm


    JustBe123 09/26/2016  7:16pm

    Bump bump

    zigzag 09/27/2016  11:24am


    pettypettyimsopetty 09/27/2016  12:24pm


    (on the verge of revolting.)

    ireallyneedthisjob 09/27/2016  1:36pm

    buuummmmpppppp :)

    pebble27 09/27/2016  6:20pm
  • Smokey joes @ Nola Studios 09/21/2016  11:13am

    Did anyone have an appointment today and get a callback in the room?


    Yes, callbacks were given the room for tomorrow.

    Curiousmindwants2know 09/21/2016  5:04pm

    I saw men getting callbacks, did any women receive callbacks for Thursday?

    babytj85 09/21/2016  9:37pm

    I can confirm cbs were given ITR

    singerbee 09/21/2016  10:05pm

    Even for women?

    blueberry101 09/22/2016  10:09am

    Post if you get an offer! (Women)

    Bohemian_Er 09/22/2016  10:59pm

    Bump for offers

    singerbee 09/23/2016  10:52am


    Bohemian_Er 09/24/2016  9:08am


    Bohemian_Er 09/24/2016  2:03pm

    Was hoping offers would come out today... :/

    anenigmawrappedinbacon 09/26/2016  11:25am


    anenigmawrappedinbacon 09/26/2016  4:39pm

    No word on offers yet for women....

    TotesMagee 09/26/2016  8:08pm

    Bump for word on offers...let's not let the feed get lost here!

    Bohemian_Er 09/27/2016  12:08pm

    Bump for word on offers...let's not let the feed get lost here!

    Bohemian_Er 09/27/2016  1:36pm

    Victor offer out and accepted.

    Curiousmindwants2know 09/27/2016  4:36pm

    Offer for Patti out then? If anyone knows, please post. Thank you <3

    Bohemian_Er 09/27/2016  5:50pm
  • Callbacks went out this morning.

    singerbee 09/27/2016  5:17pm
  • Justflewinfromcincy

    there are more appointments today FYI :)

    PingyZ 09/23/2016  11:34am

    Thanks, Zing! Good to know. Anyone hear anything who went in yesterday?

    Justflewinfromcincy 09/23/2016  1:02pm

    Bump for callbacks!

    human 09/23/2016  1:27pm

    Callbacks are Tuesday/Wednesday and finals are Friday! Just an FYI

    Youhavenoidea 09/23/2016  1:54pm

    Did they already go out for yesterday's appts?

    Justflewinfromcincy 09/23/2016  2:20pm

    Did they already go out for yesterday's appts?

    Justflewinfromcincy 09/23/2016  2:26pm

    Any callbacks from yesterdays (Thurs) appts?

    ineedhealthinsurance 09/23/2016  3:24pm

    Is this for Tour or Tuts?

    Broadwayboii 09/23/2016  4:34pm


    Justflewinfromcincy 09/23/2016  4:37pm


    giselle 09/23/2016  4:51pm

    Bump for Friday apts!

    PingyZ 09/23/2016  6:18pm

    Any cb's from either?

    Justflewinfromcincy 09/23/2016  6:38pm


    Justflewinfromcincy 09/24/2016  11:11am

    I got a CB in the room (on Friday), but I'm not sure if they handled everyone's callbacks like that or not. I haven't received an official appt/email yet, though. Hope this helps- Break a leg, all!

    Muddleinthemiddle 09/25/2016  5:50pm

    Anyone else get a callback? Still holding out hope for this one.

    EverybodyRise! 09/26/2016  9:46am


    PingyZ 09/26/2016  11:30am


    giselle 09/26/2016  1:01pm

    Just got a CB via email!

    PingyZ 09/26/2016  2:44pm

    Just got a CB via email!

    PingyZ 09/26/2016  2:51pm

    Just got a CB via email!

    PingyZ 09/26/2016  2:52pm

    Woah, sorry guys for the triple post! Lol my phone apparently went nuts there for a sec!

    PingyZ 09/26/2016  2:53pm

    There are more initial appointments for roles this week. Hope that helps.

    singerbee 09/26/2016  5:41pm

    I know a couple people who are called back for Thursday

    mbdp 09/27/2016  11:01am

    Bump on final callback callbacks!

    MM22mbl 09/27/2016  4:59pm
  • Yepthatsme


    thirstygirls 09/27/2016  12:35pm

    I am fairly confident they had callbacks for this yesterday afternoon.

    singerbee 09/27/2016  4:44pm
  • Fulton - In the Heights @ other 09/12/2016  8:18pm

    Hi friends! Does anyone know if/when there will be NYC auditions for In the Heights @ the Fulton? Does anybody have an appointment already? Thanks in advance.


    I emailed them to submit and they told me they will be holding auditions in NYC for the show! :)

    TitanLuNYC 09/13/2016  4:38pm

    They were literally just posted on Playbill!

    dinkleberg 09/13/2016  4:42pm


    hamiltonsbae 09/19/2016  9:53am

    Any appointments out?

    Jk98373839 09/20/2016  11:56am


    hamiltonsbae 09/21/2016  3:40pm


    hamiltonsbae 09/21/2016  4:37pm


    Jk98373839 09/23/2016  3:08pm

    Are appointments out?

    Jk98373839 09/25/2016  3:32pm

    Bump for appointments

    EverybodyRise! 09/26/2016  9:47am

    Considering the auditions are next week, we should here this week right?!?

    PleaseBabyNoMorePartiesinNY 09/26/2016  10:33am

    Any appts out?

    justaskin 09/26/2016  4:04pm


    hamiltonsbae 09/27/2016  8:30am


    Swingnation 09/27/2016  10:50am

    Anyone? Trying to decide if it's worth going to the EPA.

    Jk98373839 09/27/2016  12:47pm

    When is the EPA? I thought it wasn't just appointments.

    PleaseBabyNoMorePartiesinNY 09/27/2016  12:51pm

    The season EPA is tomorrow.

    Jk98373839 09/27/2016  4:29pm
  • nothing yet over here

    galliegirl 09/27/2016  4:16pm