Callback Corner

Want to know if anyone got a callback yet? Did YOU get a callback? Post here!

  • Callback tomorrow for Tank Gang.

    Blondie456 06/26/2017  2:55pm


    Hereigoagain 06/26/2017  3:16pm

    Received callbacks in the room

    S&J 06/26/2017  10:22pm

    CB for Nemo, received in room. For those who received in room did anyone get a location for the CBs tmr? Thnx!

    doubleten 06/26/2017  10:45pm

    Good question. No. I assume same place. Was 519 right

    Hereigoagain 06/27/2017  7:41am

    Bump for offers

    Blondie456 06/27/2017  6:02pm

    Had fun reading with alot of you today... post for offers... did anyone ask when they might get back to us?

    S&J 06/27/2017  7:32pm

    was told we would find out in two weeks

    Detroit2375 06/28/2017  7:56am
  • Haven't heard anything yet.. wondering if they're waiting for auditions to be finished tomorrow?? Anyone else hear anything?

    LynzMary 06/23/2017  4:59pm

    Received a callback via email last night

    i_am_a_seagull 06/24/2017  2:17pm

    Offers out?

    i_am_a_seagull 06/28/2017  4:30am
  • I've heard nothing, and I am sure I will hear either way.

    dkdkdk 05/30/2017  4:53pm

    Nothing here. Also @dkdkdk I don't know what inside scoop you have, but thank you for keeping us all informed as much as you can!

    busybee 05/30/2017  5:27pm

    AGREED. Thank you, dkdkdk.

    babaroost 05/30/2017  5:28pm

    Who knows what the hell this means...just thought I'd post for the sake of giving info.

    Showbizdreamer 05/30/2017  5:42pm



    yu suf 05/30/2017  5:58pm

    Ugh- this may mean more waiting

    dkdkdk 05/30/2017  6:46pm

    Ugh- this may mean more waiting

    dkdkdk 05/30/2017  6:47pm

    If you go on Casting's Facebook page this submission was posted April 25th. Broadway world might just be reporting it now. #detectivework

    10centsadance 05/30/2017  6:57pm

    I just got a "Broadway Briefing Newsletter" confirming the article about them seeking self-submission is new and valid. However, my friend said there nothing new on breakdown express. So, we wait?

    AFoolsDance 05/31/2017  9:26am

    My agent just informed me that offers for ensemble HAVE gone out.

    DANCEtilyourDEAD 05/31/2017  10:38am

    Is this for dancers or singers?

    dkdkdk 05/31/2017  11:45am

    I got an email! My official offer is forthcoming, it says—I don't have an agent, so timing might be different from those of you with. I am a singer.

    babaroost 05/31/2017  12:20pm

    Any male dancers

    PassionateDancer 05/31/2017  12:38pm

    Just called.

    No dance offers out yet.


    PassionateDancer 05/31/2017  12:41pm

    Any offers for leads? I know they've been doing work sessions with bigger names.

    Smn2012um 05/31/2017  1:12pm

    @babaroost - was your final callback last week in front of Stephen Schwartz, or the week before after the mover callback where they filmed?

    AFoolsDance 05/31/2017  1:18pm

    Can I ask if you have gotten an offer.. are you from NYC or local?

    librasinger 05/31/2017  1:32pm

    A friend of mine (with an agent) received a "pre-offer" today too, for male ensemble.

    sinsajo 05/31/2017  4:34pm

    Offers are definitely out. Most locals are singers and non-eq, and overall the cast is very international and multi-ethnic.

    dkdkdk 05/31/2017  4:45pm

    @AFoolsDance and librasinger, my final callback was my dance callback on May 17th and it was filmed (we sang again too). So I never went to the "final callback" 5/24 5/25. I'm AEA, singing ensemble, NYC.

    babaroost 05/31/2017  8:18pm

    Has anybody who got an "offer forthcoming" email, been contacted by the theater yet?

    Tommy98 06/01/2017  5:17pm

    Not yet. Bump!

    babaroost 06/05/2017  4:58pm

    Got an email this afternoon

    babaroost 06/06/2017  9:31pm

    ensemble offers are out

    dancerboyy 06/28/2017  12:58am
  • A Clockwork Orange @ Pearl Studios 06/24/2017  1:30pm

    Anyone get callbacks ITR from the EPAs this week? Thanks!



    yolo 06/26/2017  1:05pm

    Bueller? Bueller? Also, any possible info about when appointments are happening would be great too. Thanks!

    whereangelsplay 06/27/2017  10:10am


    yolo 06/27/2017  1:21pm

    Had an appointment today. Seemed very preliminary.

    Aw man 06/27/2017  5:22pm

    Had an appointment today and it was definitely a pre-screen. One on one with casting. Did you get asked to do a monologue?

    dkdkdk 06/28/2017  12:01am
  • moxiegirl0802

    The artistic director had a death in the family and was called out of town suddenly. That may delay things a bit.

    Sterling 06/17/2017  9:16pm

    What play are they doing?

    RM 06/19/2017  4:27pm

    It was their season auditions. Anyone heard anything yet?

    moxiegirl0802 06/19/2017  6:10pm

    Haven't heard anything yet either

    TxM19 06/20/2017  11:54am

    I know it's been awhile but has anyone heard anything yet?

    moxiegirl0802 06/25/2017  5:52pm

    Still no word

    TxM19 06/27/2017  11:47pm
  • Hamilton @ other 06/23/2017  5:00pm

    Wow can't believe no one has started this yet, so I will!

    Post here with any callbacks or stuff after this week's round of appointments and EPAs/ECCs!



    balchangebalchange 06/23/2017  9:10pm


    LikeAFishToTheBait 06/23/2017  10:12pm


    MVLBE 06/24/2017  2:00pm


    JSL32 06/25/2017  7:28pm

    Bump! Only cause this was so hard to find! lol

    Pineapples&Glitter 06/26/2017  4:12pm


    bearatone11 06/26/2017  5:02pm


    aurora 06/26/2017  11:25pm

    Callback yesterday. Bump!

    Bari2874 06/27/2017  11:57am

    Bari2874 ... did you hear back yesterday for a callback? Also, which call did you go to? Thanks!!!

    Pineapples&Glitter 06/27/2017  6:09pm

    For what track?

    Savasanaismylife 06/27/2017  10:29pm

    I auditioned a few months ago. Had a couple callbacks, then nothing for awhile. This is for principal standby-Angelica, Eliza, and Peggy. Just got word of callback/work session for Friday

    Bari2874 06/27/2017  11:07pm
  • NCL Rock of Ages @ 06/25/2017  2:52pm

    Two male offers went out for NCL Rock of Ages this morning. Both accepted as of now


    Which roles?

    JustBe123 06/25/2017  3:25pm

    call or email? and which roles? :)

    Godsgifttoyouall 06/25/2017  3:48pm

    I also received an offer for a male ensemble track today. Got an email late last night and one of my close friends also received an email

    BroadwayBitty 06/25/2017  10:36pm

    FYI I am ensemble covering Franz and my close friend is ensemble covering Lonny

    BroadwayBitty 06/25/2017  10:39pm

    Any other offers as of yet?

    Mercslindy 06/26/2017  10:12am

    Offers on Roles??

    Acting ph 06/26/2017  10:36am


    krelyt 06/26/2017  10:50am


    anmjbfilm 06/26/2017  12:52pm


    caliboy 06/27/2017  12:11am

    Ladies, any Sherrie action out there?

    pizza_is_bae 06/27/2017  10:35am

    Bump! Anyone know if offers are coming from Eisenberg/Beans or Kai at NCL?

    Mercslindy 06/27/2017  10:35am


    JustBe123 06/27/2017  11:29am

    Anyone know which tracks are coming back from previous casts? Any female ens cover offers or info?

    Bumblebee1 06/27/2017  11:48am


    JustBe123 06/27/2017  12:49pm

    Anyone heard of principle offers?

    Acting ph 06/27/2017  9:22pm
  • BUMP

    pink24 06/27/2017  6:39pm

    What tracks were auditioning today?

    Yummy 06/27/2017  7:47pm

    While I was there waiting for my appt. I saw a Thenardier, a Cosette and a Mme Thenardier. They had appts. until 6p.m. so I'd imagine emails won't go out until the morning. Callbacks are on Thursday.

    forbiddenbroadway 06/27/2017  9:07pm
  • The Next Big Thing @ 06/21/2017  5:13pm

    Anyone know anything about this company, callbacks, how the auditions ran on Monday?


    Post with offers!

    CheeseSandwich 06/27/2017  8:45pm