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Callback Corner

Want to know if anyone got a callback yet? Did YOU get a callback? Post here!

  • bump!

    yaytheatre 10/12/2018  9:11pm

    They haven't opened my email or viewed my video (I sent it like 5 days ago).

    Anyone get any sort of confirmation of theirs being received? Wonder if I should write a follow-up email to check...

    Bento Tinderbox 10/13/2018  3:33am

    How can we tell when someone’s viewed our email?

    i_am_a_seagull 10/13/2018  12:11pm

    I have an email tracker

    Bento Tinderbox 10/13/2018  12:55pm

    I sent mine about a week ago and it hasn’t been viewed yet either.

    Bwayluver 10/13/2018  6:12pm

    The rest of the cast is cast so I feel like we should hear soon

    i_am_a_seagull 10/14/2018  1:28am

    Thanks Bwayluver

    My initial thought was maybe they were waiting until after the deadline to open/view them all?

    But do you think we should send a follow-up to make sure it was received? I'm just worried my email went to Spam or something, ya know?

    Bento Tinderbox 10/14/2018  2:03am

    I'd say it's your decision. Don't think it hurts to follow up, but since nobody seems to have had theirs viewed, i'm going to hold off.

    It's always possible they found someone they liked as well. And if so, that's that.

    Bwayluver 10/14/2018  11:49am

    Bump for any info, they watched my video yesterday

    KikiB 10/14/2018  5:05pm

    Is anyone getting a lot or multiple views *trying not to overthink this*

    i_am_a_seagull 10/14/2018  11:22pm


    rtra96 10/15/2018  10:37am

    Still haven't opened my email/viewed my video. :-/

    You'd think they'd check the Spam folder, right?

    Bento Tinderbox 10/15/2018  11:19am

    Same. No views yet.

    Bwayluver 10/15/2018  12:05pm


    i_am_a_seagull 10/15/2018  4:26pm


    i_am_a_seagull 10/15/2018  6:58pm

    They viewed my video but no word. Bump on any info?

    KickinMyFace 10/16/2018  11:31am

    So I was a little aggressive with my follow-up emails (lol) and got a response that yes it was received but "we have over 200 video submissions that we're working through..."

    I sent mine 8 days ago and it hasn't been opened or viewed yet. If that's helpful/reassuring to anyone!

    Bento Tinderbox 10/16/2018  12:57pm

    It looks like they watched my video yesterday, so they are slowly getting through them. Hopefully we'll hear something soon.

    cpardmore 10/18/2018  11:35am

    Thanks for the info!

    CBard, when did you submit yours? Mine is still unveiwed.

    Bwayluver 10/19/2018  10:00am

    Thanks for the updates everyone


    i_am_a_seagull 10/19/2018  10:18am

    Mine is still unviewed as well. Submitted Oct 8th.

    Bento Tinderbox 10/19/2018  10:34am

    I feel like they may be watching them in the reverse order than they were received in. Mine was watched on the 12th, and I submitted it late on the 11th.

    Awkward Giraffe 10/19/2018  11:18am

    I submitted on the 10th, so you may be right about reverse order.

    cpardmore 10/19/2018  3:20pm

    Just got a couple views. Submitted the 8th.

    Bwayluver 10/20/2018  11:47am
  • Bump- any cbs or offers?

    Purplebelt 10/11/2018  1:40pm


    bananabread 10/11/2018  11:46pm


    Purplebelt 10/12/2018  1:55am


    andmine'scosette 10/12/2018  10:38am


    sohoguy 10/12/2018  4:34pm


    Purplebelt 10/12/2018  5:45pm


    bananabread 10/13/2018  12:07pm


    Purplebelt 10/14/2018  1:55am


    bananabread 10/15/2018  7:37pm


    sohoguy 10/15/2018  8:16pm


    Purplebelt 10/16/2018  4:56pm

    last ditch bump?

    Purplebelt 10/17/2018  3:36pm


    Purplebelt 10/19/2018  9:22pm

    At least first wave of offers out

    secondgirlfromtheleft 10/20/2018  11:46am
  • Bump!

    Goldenager 10/18/2018  9:01pm


    Lecandytigre 10/19/2018  2:10am


    BangsGirlFromThatBackstageAd 10/19/2018  7:42pm


    lmkaboutthisaudition 10/20/2018  10:50am


    lmkaboutthisaudition 10/20/2018  11:02am
  • Bump!

    Whatarewedoing 10/16/2018  4:24pm


    ml9612 10/20/2018  10:17am
  • Bump

    Blactor03 10/19/2018  4:08pm

    Any news after yesterday's appts?

    Coffeegrind 10/20/2018  10:14am
  • Oregon Cabaret Theatre @ 10/12/2018  1:27pm

    Any offers out for their 2019 season? Mamma Mia et al?



    EquityPour 10/12/2018  1:29pm

    For Mamma Mia I was told a week ago that I was "in the mix" and would hear back in one or two weeks. This is now the very end of that first week. :) No word either way.

    Snarky 10/12/2018  1:35pm

    Friend received an offer for Sweeney Todd. The show not the role.

    dont@me 10/12/2018  3:30pm

    Got an offer for ensemble in Mamma Mia yesterday after NYC appointment.

    HoneyBooBoo 10/13/2018  2:07am

    "The Winner takes the Bump!"

    BroadwayBittle 10/13/2018  3:52pm


    TWA 10/13/2018  5:43pm

    Monday Bump!!

    BroadwayBittle 10/15/2018  1:25pm

    Artistic director is away directing a production that goes up at the end of the week, so the rest of the casting decisions/offers have been delayed.

    EquityPour 10/15/2018  9:11pm

    Have any Equity folk received offers?

    SuddenlySeeMore 10/17/2018  5:53pm

    Any updates on beehive ?

    tdaly2 10/17/2018  6:19pm

    Bump. Any updates??

    BariTurnt 10/18/2018  6:01pm

    Does anyone know if casting is complete for Mamma Mia?

    Waterballet 10/20/2018  8:14am
  • Utah Shakes @ Pearl Studios 10/19/2018  11:37am

    Anybody know how this works post appointments? Are there callbacks tomorrow or what?



    Blactor03 10/19/2018  4:07pm

    For the most par

    plantmama 10/19/2018  9:26pm

    for the most part, Brian is just going to either send out sides to be put on tape or he'll contact you with an offer. Most of the time if USF is really considering you, they will probably ask for a tape with sides for a specific show but sometimes they just send out an offer if they really liked ya!

    plantmama 10/19/2018  9:27pm

    Bump on when they normally make offers/ask for tapes

    lllvvveeekkk 10/20/2018  1:21am
  • I don’t believe so. Yesterday everybody just sang and left

    BlackTenor 10/16/2018  1:01pm

    Are they having you do the sides or your own songs?

    ShakesPEAR 10/16/2018  1:13pm

    They have you do the material you were given. I had to sing a song of my own after.

    Wildcat97 10/16/2018  2:24pm

    From outside, it sounded like everyone was asked to sing ALL songs in their packet, and then perform one of the sides in addition.

    song&dance 10/16/2018  2:37pm

    Bump for callbacks

    hihihi 10/16/2018  6:18pm


    actor1313 10/16/2018  7:25pm

    Buuuuump!! When do we think we'll hear anything?

    ohdannyboyyyyyy 10/16/2018  11:07pm

    Buuuuump!! When do we think we'll hear anything?

    ohdannyboyyyyyy 10/16/2018  11:17pm


    chhhhhe 10/17/2018  10:14am

    Maybe tomorrow or Thursday since callbacks are set for Friday

    pigglywinks 10/17/2018  3:58pm

    any news?

    Tacostacostacos 10/17/2018  8:10pm

    Going back in tomorrow (Thurs) after initial appt on Monday. Unclear as to whether tomorrow’s session is just with casting again though? Anyone else?

    hey42 10/17/2018  9:57pm


    whathaveidonesweetjesuswhathaveidone 10/17/2018  10:36pm

    Bump on callbacks from yesterday’s swing appointments.

    ShakesPEAR 10/18/2018  9:37am

    Bump on callbacks for principal tracks!

    Anonymous12345 10/18/2018  11:26am

    Just recently received a final CB for tomorrow from Tuesday’s appt.

    Brb2207 10/18/2018  12:26pm

    Swing cbs?

    ShakesPEAR 10/18/2018  12:35pm

    Yup for 2 swing tracks

    Brb2207 10/18/2018  1:31pm

    Post with callbacks from today's appointments please!

    belterscreamer 10/18/2018  4:06pm


    belterscreamer 10/18/2018  9:12pm

    Bump. Are there more CBs today or was yesterday the final round?

    hey42 10/19/2018  11:53am

    any updates on this?

    belterscreamer 10/19/2018  8:09pm

    Any offers from today’s finals?

    Brb2207 10/19/2018  8:25pm


    pigglywinks 10/19/2018  11:26pm