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Want to know if anyone got a callback yet? Did YOU get a callback? Post here!

  • MAMMA MIA TOUR Callbacks??? @ 02/01/2015  2:17am

    Has anyone received a further callback after appointments/callbacks Thurs & Fri?

  • Vocalosity @ 01/27/2015  11:47am

    Anyone get an audition after submitting video on Actors Access? Or does anyone have any other info?



    theruraljuror 01/27/2015  3:39pm


    titzandteeth 01/27/2015  4:15pm


    italiano80 01/27/2015  9:59pm

    I got a message asking me to resend my videos and it said they would be sent to the casting director. I assumed everyone got that message since it asked me to send in same videos again

    SteppinToTheBadSide 01/28/2015  1:42pm

    BUMP. Any more info on this?

    carly88 01/29/2015  8:08am


    MB25 01/29/2015  3:09pm

    After sending in my tape via Ecocast, I haven't heard anything either.

    GlitterandB 01/29/2015  4:21pm

    Did u guys submit the info the asked for in the "notes" section? I know they asked about music theory, acapella experience, etc. but I couldn't find where to put that!

    LiveLaughLove18 01/29/2015  4:45pm

    Just saw that the casting director is watching our videos today. Please post if you hear back!

    carly88 01/29/2015  6:00pm


    italiano80 01/30/2015  4:54am


    SteppinToTheBadSide 01/30/2015  11:33am


    carly88 01/31/2015  4:28pm


    theruraljuror 02/01/2015  2:07am
  • boombox899


    saymeow 01/31/2015  10:10pm

    And now we wait....

    streetsinger 01/31/2015  11:51pm


    meowtown 02/01/2015  12:00am

    Were people singing today a "first cut?"

    boombox899 02/01/2015  12:23am

    I don't think so. I'm pretty sure it was just for a specific call back.

    streetsinger 02/01/2015  12:28am


    meowtown 02/01/2015  1:17am

    Got a callback for Hairspray and Beauty and the Beast!

    kikibuggy 02/01/2015  1:19am

    Received a callback to sing for the director of Oklahoma with a possible dance call.

    WeatherToFly 02/01/2015  1:24am

    Can anyone tell me...are the callback emails being sent separately to each person or is it a mass email to all?

    brdwyhic2 02/01/2015  1:37am

    I think they're individual emails, that's why it takes so long

    abey93 02/01/2015  1:52am

    Has anyone else received an email?

    meowtown 02/01/2015  1:55am
  • Virginia Shakes @ 01/31/2015  10:40am

    Hey guys! I know there were supposed to be more auditions/callbacks going on in late January. Please post with offers or related news.

    Have a great weekend!

    Thank you!


    BUMP. No one? Did I miss something? Has the ship sailed?

    ineedahaircut 02/01/2015  1:42am
  • Ogunquit Non-Eq @ Pearl Studios 01/30/2015  6:20pm

    If we were asked ITR to attend the dance call tomorrow, are we on a special list, or do we still have to do the early morning line-waiting thing?


    We're not being given any sort of preferential treatment, so early morning it is. I double checked with the monitor before I left. Sign in @ 1 to dance @ 2 for females. :)

    sweetcsh 01/30/2015  6:38pm

    Gotcha. So...if sign in as at 1:00, PLEASE tell me the girls line won't start at 5am....PLEASE.

    Bevel5678 01/30/2015  6:55pm

    Wonderful day today and we were thrilled to see so many great folks show up! In regards to tomorrow's dance calls, ladies please do not line up any earlier than noon as the sign up sheet won't be available until 1:00! Sleep in!!! If anyone was asked in the room today to attend the dance call, you will not be on any pre-existing list and need to sign up with everyone else. Looking forward to seeing you all!

    ogunquitcasting 01/30/2015  7:03pm

    ogunquitcasting -- I can probably speak for MANY when I say thank you so much for creating such a well-run open call day. It speaks volumes about your company.

    r6 01/30/2015  7:37pm

    I second r6! Today was truly the most organized open call I have ever attended. You guys are awesome; thank you!

    Bevel5678 01/30/2015  7:49pm

    The open call today was excellent. Appointment times were spot on, the monitors were organized, patient and friendly. The casting directors / accompanist were very engaging, friendly and inviting. One of the most at ease auditions I have experienced!!! Bravo to professionalism Ogunquit Playhouse.

    Musicman1 01/30/2015  8:33pm

    Any idea when we might hear from casting about today's dance, then singer's callback? :)

    bwayorbust 02/01/2015  1:07am
  • Alhambra Dinner Theatre @ Actor's Equity Center 01/28/2015  11:37pm

    Hey randomly seeing if anyone ever heard from this company? I was called back to dance that day and I am curious about it.



    Iwanttobreakfree 01/31/2015  7:34pm

    Great theatre in Jacksonville FL. I have had many friends LOVE it there. EMC offered.

    charactergirl151 02/01/2015  12:43am
  • booboobedoo

    A 5,6,7,8...BUMP!

    A5678! 01/31/2015  10:26am


    boombox899 02/01/2015  12:41am
  • Legally Blonde NCL @ Ripley Grier 520 01/31/2015  12:40pm

    So for the Male ensemble men (Warner/Emmet covers), was anyone given a callback ITR? When I went in for ROA I sang first, then got asked to dance. But we all danced first, and then got asked to sing.

    If not, please post if people get emails/ITR callbacks for tomorrow's final round!


    Also wondering about Warner callbacks. iTR? Did people dance today, Saturday?

    monte007 01/31/2015  2:12pm

    ensemble covers danced today at 10 AM, I was told there's another dance call tonight, but that it's probably just for people who didn't dance today already.

    Happybuddha 01/31/2015  2:32pm

    Is tomorrow a thing that is definitely happening? They were recording everything in the room, so was curious if they are just planning to review that footage instead. Any updates are appreciated!

    song&dance 01/31/2015  11:33pm

    I'm not sure about LB (any updates appreciated), but I know for Rock of Ages they video taped everyone and told us after we danced that if they needed us to come back they would email us within 20 minutes. This time (for Legally Blonde) the process was different for me (since I was up for a principal in ROA and and ensemble cover in LB maybe?), so I'm not sure if they said the same thing to the people who danced in the evening? It's a different director, but the same two people from NCL, so I'm not sure how different the two shows' casting processes are! :)

    Happybuddha 02/01/2015  12:30am
  • First round of no's usually comes mid-Feb, then offers roll out for about a week, then rejections for the second- and third-choice people come out last week of Feb/first week of March!

    ilovebroadway123 01/31/2015  9:56pm
  • Busch Gardens @ 01/30/2015  4:31pm

    Heard some offers have gone out for Busch Gardens... But does anyone know for what shows/tracks?


    They told my friend and I that they couldn't tell us specifically which track we were being offered until we went through their procedures (drug test, background test, etc) and until after we accept their offer (...which... seems kind of weird lol). But we were told that it was "probable" that we would be in certain shows, which for us were Celtic Fyre and the German show. Hope that helps!

    Ohhhsnapple91 01/31/2015  12:05am

    I've worked for busch and that sounds super sketchy. who gave that offer? ross?

    Fatniss_Neverlean 01/31/2015  9:39am

    Yeah I've also worked for Busch and this totally seems like some sketchy shit they would pull . Just be careful ! It's a super fun contract but they can shark you if you aren't cautious !

    bumptyDUMPTY 01/31/2015  12:07pm

    Not that I agree with this, I do NOT by any means, but BG has always done this. They call offering you a show, but not what the track is. I would like to say/remind the populace that BG doesn't do 'contracts', they are called 'contingent offers of employment'. This is why it's almost impossible, unless you have an agent, to get these things in writing. Basically worded just right, so they can do whatever they want with you, including getting rid of you for whatever reason. They can even put you in a new 'role' or even a different show at the last minute. Recently an acquaintance was originally offered a 'summer female vocal swing/rotator' (whatever you wish to call it) for Celtic Fyre, but then soon after got a call to be a full core season singer in the show with her own track, of course didn't tell her which. AGAIN, they called her back saying they switching to a whole nother the lead...about four days before park opening for the year. No joke. This is how they run...this is normal...and it's a mess. This wasn't a regular occurrence even on a 'contingent offer', but because of the mess they gotten themselves in, this is becoming the norm and it shouldn't be. It's wrong as well potentially dangerous.

    showbizdreamer 01/31/2015  12:22pm

    If that's happened alot it's totally fucked up, but that's not how I got my offer. I got a show and a role in my first offer.

    However, not that this is in any way a defense, a lot of changes happen frequently in their casting/offers because most people turn down the contract, so they're constantly trying to figure out the puzzle. Now if they're changing roles after rehearsals begin, that's a whole bag of crazy.

    Fatniss_Neverlean 01/31/2015  12:34pm

    fatniss-exactly. I mean I get the occasional switch, as shit happens as they say. This isn't occasional. And most people turn them down as you say? Hmmm...I wonder why...can't be because the word about how terrible they are has been getting out has it? If it's such a good place people wouldn't be turning it down, back when it was good, hardly anyone turned them down, unless they got a fabulous cruise, tour, etc. and people stayed because they were treated well and it was hard to get hired by th because of it. Not anymore. I'm nearly 100% ashamed to call this travesty of a company a former employer.

    showbizdreamer 01/31/2015  1:11pm

    Unfortunately, recasting, re-tracking etc is very common in 'revue work.' I did a theme park contract where two people were fired after opening because they no longer fit the creative 'vision' of the show. It also just happened to a friend of mine who was on a gig with NCL. Corporate entertainment is just different. There are constantly changes in management, casting, tracking, directors. Unfortunately, we are all replaceable and nobody seems to believe that more than theme parks and cruise ships.

    action 01/31/2015  1:59pm

    Thanks for the info. Just got an offer via email that gave no details except to "call to discuss this exciting performance opportunity." I like to have an idea upfront of what role/show I'm doing, and I get that they're trying to fit the puzzle together, but... it's all a little sketchy. Also, what's the deal with no written contract?! Even the restaurant hostess job I just got made me sign an agreement of what each of our duties/expectations were!

    theatergal 01/31/2015  9:40pm