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Want to know if anyone got a callback yet? Did YOU get a callback? Post here!

  • Were these NYC appts?

    causeimabrunette 08/24/2015  3:02pm

    They were not, they were going to have a round up here, but director told me there wouldn't be any, guess they decided to not have them. A different friend on the inside says they'll most likely be hiring local with only two leads out of town. I've worked for them before hence my knowledge, but I don't know much more than that.

    showbizdreamer 08/24/2015  3:22pm

    Oh and callbacks are today so if offers of any kind will go out late this week/early next.

    showbizdreamer 08/24/2015  3:23pm

    I also heard as showbizdreamer did...they posted on AA for videos and decided to forego coming to NYC. And understand that they had precast Ariel and Eric before local auditions...have a few friends that were called back for other leads after local auditions.

    singforyoursupper 08/25/2015  10:42am

    ^^I hadn't heard that precast rumor, but maybe precast in this case means 'cast from video submissions' which would be my best guess but I'm not totally sure.

    showbizdreamer 08/25/2015  11:09am

    Just to add to the interestingness...a friend was called back yesterday for Ursula and she got an email today saying they WERE looking further and would going to NYC...odd.

    singforyoursupper 08/25/2015  4:38pm

    ^^^Oh NOW I know what's going on! Long story made short, I emailed him a while back inquiring about auditions way before they happened, and the emails haven't been fixed, saying they'll still be auditioning up here when they actually aren't. That original email I got to begin with said the same thing and I got almost an immediate response saying otherwise. They still haven't been modified yet and callbacks were yesterday, so indeed no NYC round. Sorry for the confusion guys! Even I was for a bit, and didn't make this connection myself about this miscommunication.

    showbizdreamer 08/25/2015  5:09pm


    d2trip 08/27/2015  8:41am

    Wandering free, wish I could be, part of your BUMP

    singer723 08/27/2015  9:08am


    singer95 08/28/2015  11:00am
  • A Bronx Tale @ Pearl Studios 08/27/2015  12:10pm

    Post when you hear about callbacks/ appointments from this week's EPA and ECCS :)


    Bump! Has anyone heard anything from the EPA? I know today is the singers ECC.

    youknowwho 08/27/2015  4:00pm


    OliviaA 08/28/2015  10:26am
  • Bump

    123456 08/17/2015  5:18pm


    BangsGirlFromThatBackstageAd 08/17/2015  8:58pm


    Onefineday 08/17/2015  10:52pm


    Neurogoober 08/18/2015  12:19am


    scoobysnacks 08/18/2015  11:26am

    Callback this morning via email for Thursday.

    BangsGirlFromThatBackstageAd 08/18/2015  12:05pm

    Congratulations BangsGirl. For a role or chorus? Thanks!

    Rufusx10 08/18/2015  2:10pm

    Bump for principal callbacks and offers, thanks!

    HoundDog 08/18/2015  5:35pm

    Anyone hear for Shrdlu?

    123456 08/18/2015  5:54pm

    Bump! Callback/Offers please, thanks!

    Rufusx10 08/19/2015  8:44am

    Callback tomorrow (Thurs) for Daisy

    Thia 08/19/2015  12:15pm

    Any callbacks for Mrs. Zero? Thank you.

    Rufusx10 08/19/2015  2:18pm

    Shrdlu for tomorrow (thursday)

    ksvog 08/19/2015  6:29pm


    Spidermum123 08/20/2015  12:24pm

    Bump for offers? Are there add'l callbacks tomorrow?

    BangsGirlFromThatBackstageAd 08/20/2015  6:30pm

    How did today's callbacks go? Was there a movement audition, or just sides and songs? Thanks you!

    HoundDog 08/20/2015  8:17pm

    Sides and songs only, at while I was there.

    BangsGirlFromThatBackstageAd 08/20/2015  9:07pm

    Good luck BangsGirl. Did you see anyone there for Mrs. Zero? Thanks!

    Rufusx10 08/20/2015  9:57pm

    @Rufus, not that I noticed in the brief time I was there.

    BangsGirlFromThatBackstageAd 08/21/2015  11:46am

    There was at least one Mrs. Zero there yesterday, and offers have started going out today.

    Thia 08/21/2015  12:15pm

    Thanks BangsGirl and Thia. Good luck to you both!

    Rufusx10 08/21/2015  1:25pm


    BangsGirlFromThatBackstageAd 08/21/2015  3:18pm


    Elledefleur 08/21/2015  3:46pm

    Bump! All offers out?

    Neurogoober 08/21/2015  7:09pm

    Last bump, are offers out?

    HoundDog 08/22/2015  8:51am

    Bump. All offers out, yes?

    BangsGirlFromThatBackstageAd 08/22/2015  6:18pm

    LOL! We're still holding on. Onwards & upwards everyone!

    HoundDog 08/22/2015  8:10pm


    littlered 08/24/2015  12:32pm

    Bump again. Anyone heard, are offers out for this? Thanks!

    Rufusx10 08/24/2015  4:56pm

    Offers must have been made by now, right?

    HoundDog 08/27/2015  12:58pm

    Offered and accepted for chorus yesterday!

    hctiwsblade13 08/27/2015  8:10pm

    Thanks, congratulations, have a great time!

    HoundDog 08/28/2015  10:18am
  • BUMP

    audition15 08/25/2015  11:57pm

    I went to the open call and got an appointment through my agent yesterday for Sept 2nd. Most of this production is cast, if you weren't aware. They are only look for like 5 people.

    Jenga 08/26/2015  6:19am

    Did you go to the EPA or ECC?

    Neverland86 08/26/2015  11:59am

    Has anyone who sent in a requested audition video heard anything after sending it in?

    audition15 08/26/2015  2:51pm

    Friend of mine received a callback today

    JSL32 08/26/2015  4:03pm


    5&a6&7&a8&1 08/28/2015  10:14am
  • Once non-eq tour @ Pearl Studios 08/24/2015  7:23pm

    Post here when callbacks from the open call start going out.


    Recived an email about two hours after my audition.

    5678cooterslam 08/24/2015  8:33pm

    Callback E-mail received about 4 hrs. after audition!

    Kdm1793 08/25/2015  1:23am

    Likewise. What is everyone getting called back for?

    streetsinger 08/25/2015  2:23am

    Going to the open call today. Would anyone mind please sharing when the date of their callback is?

    busybee 08/25/2015  3:00am

    Wow, only hours after?? So...if I haven't gotten an email by now...should I just give up the waiting anxiety? I'm not sure why, but this one is killing me more than most...

    showbizdreamer 08/25/2015  9:47am

    Would anyone mind posting the roles they've been called back for?

    bri-guy 08/25/2015  10:09am

    i, too, am curious when callbacks are, since i'm from outside of nyc and they asked me for a video

    thekeynote211 08/25/2015  1:11pm

    Any news on Tuesday callbacks?

    hufflepuff 08/25/2015  6:48pm

    Callbacks are next Tuesday.

    streetsinger 08/25/2015  6:49pm

    Any violinists called back yet?

    Harrypotternerd 08/25/2015  7:10pm

    Bump on callbacks after today (Tuesday) auditions

    AParisianInAmerica 08/25/2015  8:01pm

    Received a cb for Fri after today's audition

    tinabelcher 08/25/2015  8:19pm

    Bump! What roles?

    cookiebutterforever 08/25/2015  11:14pm

    I'm called back on Tuesday morning for Eamon and Guy u/s.

    streetsinger 08/25/2015  11:44pm

    Bump for what roles!

    peachiequeen 08/26/2015  10:00am

    Bumping from today's appointments.

    Tracibug 08/26/2015  2:46pm

    Bump for CBs after today! Was it all Girls today? And what did you fellow ladies do in the room? (Curious since we had so much to prep!)

    thedip 08/26/2015  4:14pm

    bumping for self-tape responses. mine was for girl too. i did the "a" section of the packet

    thekeynote211 08/26/2015  4:22pm

    Any violin girls get callbacks yet?

    peachiequeen 08/26/2015  4:37pm

    Self taped as well. What happened today ITR? Any callbacks yet?

    maudeface 08/26/2015  6:40pm

    BUMP after today's appointments!

    minniemouse 08/26/2015  7:12pm

    Bumping slowly.

    peachiequeen 08/27/2015  10:20am

    Emails still going out?

    Kalbuddy 08/27/2015  11:51am

    Not sure...I figured they'd stopped dice the first round is Tuesday.

    showbizdreamer 08/27/2015  12:13pm

    Videos were due by today so maybe once they've received all of those?

    thekeynote211 08/27/2015  12:34pm

    did anyone hear after yesterday's appointments, though?

    maudeface 08/27/2015  12:35pm

    Trying to keep it alive--bump!

    thedip 08/27/2015  3:57pm


    peachiequeen 08/27/2015  5:34pm

    Any word after the call backs this afternoon?

    pts9789 08/27/2015  7:33pm

    Were callbacks from the open calls M/T or appointments as well?

    maudeface 08/28/2015  9:50am
  • BUMP

    JSL32 08/25/2015  7:16pm


    JSL32 08/26/2015  5:23am


    JSL32 08/26/2015  11:05am


    JSL32 08/26/2015  12:32pm

    Didn't see this post til now..... My agents say they haven't heard anything yet 💁

    Justsayin28 08/26/2015  1:18pm


    JSL32 08/26/2015  7:07pm


    JSL32 08/27/2015  9:27am


    Justsayin28 08/27/2015  3:43pm


    JSL32 08/27/2015  7:44pm


    JSL32 08/28/2015  9:22am

    BUMP the button!

    Justsayin28 08/28/2015  9:31am
  • Diner ECC @ other 08/22/2015  10:26am

    Has anyone heard anything back from that Diner ECC from a couple days ago?


    also wondering!

    theatre559 08/22/2015  11:38am


    Iwantanswers 08/22/2015  5:12pm


    Gwadoy14 08/24/2015  10:16am

    bump bump

    theatre559 08/24/2015  10:18am

    Bump! Any details on what tracks are actually open?

    LiveLaughLove18 08/24/2015  2:00pm


    theatre559 08/25/2015  2:59pm


    scoobysnacks 08/25/2015  11:43pm


    Gwadoy14 08/26/2015  10:32am


    kbrose 08/26/2015  7:08pm


    bblumber 08/27/2015  11:04am

    bump! nothing yet i guess?

    theatre559 08/28/2015  8:31am
  • Literallyintheheights

    What roles were these appointments for?

    dancergirl33 08/27/2015  11:10pm

    I went in for Jan & there were also guys being seen.

    Literallyintheheights 08/28/2015  8:19am
  • NSMT Sister Act @ Actor's Equity Center 08/24/2015  6:38pm

    Anyone know if callbacks were given in the room at the ECC? Anyone hear anything yet?


    Can anyone help me out with who was in the room today at the female singers call?

    B 08/24/2015  7:32pm

    ITR: Kevin Hill (artistic dir/choreographer), Andrew Bryan (music director), Chris McGovern (pianist)

    ShopGirl 08/24/2015  8:46pm


    Lesismore 08/25/2015  12:18am


    uagrad 08/25/2015  8:24am

    Just got a callback for tomorrow.

    Gypsy5758 08/25/2015  1:53pm

    Hey Gypsy, do you mind me asking if your callback was given via email or phone call?

    Lesismore 08/25/2015  2:25pm

    Got a CB via Email.
    Ens./ US TJ

    uagrad 08/25/2015  4:38pm

    email through my representation. I attended the singers ECC.

    Gypsy5758 08/25/2015  8:12pm

    Is the callback to dance/move for ladies? What time is it?

    I'm trying to figure out if I can make this potential dance callback or if I'll have to be on my way to the which case I will gladly sleep in!

    shift 08/25/2015  11:47pm

    Anybody, hear anything after today's Callback (WEDNESDAY)?
    Specifically for Ens/TJ cover

    uagrad 08/26/2015  8:30pm

    Wondering the same thing for women's chorus

    Gypsy5758 08/26/2015  9:56pm

    Anybody, hear anything after today's Callback (WEDNESDAY)?
    Specifically for Ens/TJ cover

    uagrad 08/26/2015  11:39pm


    Bubba707 08/28/2015  8:16am
  • Knottles

    Got one at about 3pm

    Yora18 08/20/2015  3:55pm

    Got one at about 3pm

    Yora18 08/21/2015  11:43am

    Any callbacks from the Ripley session this morning(8/21)?

    Knottles 08/21/2015  3:35pm

    Any callbacks from the Ripley session this morning(8/21)?

    Knottles 08/21/2015  3:35pm

    Have a callback Sunday at 2:30. Went to the callback this morning.

    purplehaze420 08/21/2015  4:07pm

    Do you mind saying what track your callback is for?

    Yora18 08/21/2015  5:21pm

    African Male Ensemble

    purplehaze420 08/22/2015  10:33am

    I got a callback sent this afternoon for tomorrow after attending the callbacks yesterday

    Yora18 08/22/2015  6:43pm

    Bump for offers after today's final callbacks

    Yora18 08/23/2015  7:37pm


    CurlySue 08/23/2015  7:53pm


    CurlySue 08/24/2015  11:05am


    DanceAndSing 08/24/2015  11:40am


    purplehaze420 08/24/2015  1:47pm


    soonitsgonnarain 08/24/2015  5:03pm


    Yora18 08/25/2015  11:48am

    Any word?

    soonitsgonnarain 08/25/2015  5:16pm


    purplehaze420 08/25/2015  5:21pm

    another BUMP.

    DanceAndSing 08/25/2015  9:37pm

    New day bump

    Yora18 08/26/2015  10:11am

    Sorry, late to the party. What does bump mean? Went to callback fri afternoon. Last I've heard. & Sunday callbacks for both guys and girls? What's the latest news?

    Sungirl 08/26/2015  10:26am

    Bump means you're bumping the thread back to the top of the site so it will be more easily seen and hopefully updated if there's news. There were Mormon guys, African guys, and African girls on Sunday. Don't know anything else

    Yora18 08/26/2015  11:12am

    Does anyone know all the names ITR on Sunday?
    Carrie Gardner
    Rebecca Scholl
    Associate Director ?

    soonitsgonnarain 08/26/2015  11:21am

    Sorry, late to the party. What does bump mean? Went to callback fri afternoon. Last I've heard. & Sunday callbacks for both guys and girls? What's the latest news?

    Sungirl 08/26/2015  4:51pm

    Thanks Yora18!

    Sungirl 08/26/2015  5:30pm


    purplehaze420 08/27/2015  3:13pm


    Yora18 08/28/2015  7:59am