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Want to know if anyone got a callback yet? Did YOU get a callback? Post here!

  • Tokyo Disney Vocalists @ Pearl Studios 10/26/2016  4:30pm

    Anyone have the link/instructions to accessing sides? I followed the verbal instructions they gave ITR but got a dead end


    I've never known this to be only verbal...


    It'll be pretty easy to find after that.

    Showbizdreamer 10/26/2016  4:35pm
  • bump

    Kickherbutt 10/25/2016  2:13pm


    rainypasadena 10/25/2016  4:52pm


    mixingisthehealthieroption 10/26/2016  10:18am

    what is going on???? someone please - bump?

    Kickherbutt 10/26/2016  3:44pm

    Not hearing anything for so long is pretty unsettling. I hope we hear something soon, I wonder what's taking so long. BUMP.

    rainypasadena 10/26/2016  4:33pm
  • ASSASSINS at Yale Rep Callbacks? @ Actor's Equity Center 10/23/2016  4:32pm

    Has anyone gotten a callback from the Chorus Call last week or heard about people getting them? Thanks! Just curious.



    BangsGirlFromThatBackstageAd 10/23/2016  6:48pm

    I think appts are today so I guess not

    dopplegang 10/24/2016  9:06am

    Was curious about this too so thank you! ;) xoxo

    beltress101 10/24/2016  7:16pm

    Any new information about this?

    ICTAstudent 10/26/2016  4:08pm
  • Anyone know when we'lol hear about CB's?

    ladieswhobrunch20 10/17/2016  4:59pm


    itchyitchyitchy 10/18/2016  12:50pm


    itchyitchyitchy 10/20/2016  12:42pm


    ladieswhobrunch20 10/22/2016  12:07am

    anyone hear anything? has the director also responded to any video submissions?

    itchyitchyitchy 10/26/2016  4:00pm
  • Have offers gone out?

    broadway9999 10/21/2016  4:08pm


    broadway9999 10/22/2016  1:25pm


    broadway9999 10/24/2016  9:35am

    Bump.. Any offers friends?

    ItsBarfee 10/24/2016  2:52pm

    Did anyone hear something about offers being released early? The paper at auditions said decisions should be made by 11/1.

    SirBeltAlot 10/24/2016  2:56pm

    Bump on offers or TBA's for the season

    Whitegirlproblems 10/24/2016  5:42pm


    teadoroanton 10/25/2016  9:09am

    Bump on offers

    BroadwayBittle 10/25/2016  8:10pm

    Wednesday bump!

    broadway9999 10/26/2016  11:01am


    wise wolf 13 10/26/2016  3:37pm
  • @ the Player's Theater

    letsdosometheatre 10/26/2016  2:37pm

    Received a callback for belle via email last night for Thursday afternoon

    Tompc011 10/26/2016  3:06pm
  • Pippin (Prather Tour) Fem Ens/ Leading Player US @ other 10/26/2016  2:09pm

    Anyone hear after submitting for the female ensemble/leading player,frastrada,catherine cover track?

  • fannyontherooftops


    Spot 10/26/2016  1:24pm

    Anyone heard anything or know their procedures? Bump.

    Catbug826 10/26/2016  1:50pm
  • iLoveLucy1986


    dancer14 10/26/2016  8:01am

    Bump anyone called back to sing after yesterday?

    Kbear14 10/26/2016  11:00am

    Did they see non union ladies?

    starlite 10/26/2016  11:24am

    ^ Yes, they saw non eq for both women and men

    crossover 10/26/2016  12:23pm


    dancer14 10/26/2016  12:59pm


    Itstooearlytopickaname 10/26/2016  1:38pm
  • Beef & Boards @ Nola Studios 10/21/2016  5:29pm

    Did he say there would be furthur callbacks after today? Or does anyone know how long they take to get offers out??


    Bump!! πŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ‘ŒπŸ½

    Dhillp 10/22/2016  11:05am

    Please post for offers! Break legs, friends.

    closetohomeless 10/22/2016  12:02pm

    I don't know about the offer timeline but I heard someone ask the monitor about further callbacks and she said this was it!

    QuietRevolution 10/22/2016  12:23pm

    Bump on offers for MY FAIR LADY!

    navynote 10/23/2016  12:23pm

    Bump any offers! ☺️

    Dhillp 10/23/2016  2:18pm


    Jk98373839 10/23/2016  11:02pm

    Did anyone have a callback for Eliza that day or was it just ensemble? Thanks!

    babyjulia 10/24/2016  1:20am

    I was in for a principal for MFL, and sang material from the show for my audition. They said they were not having callbacks but I was definitely under strong consideration. I don't think there are having official callbacks at all and that they go off your audition and resume.

    navynote 10/24/2016  11:17am

    Thanks a lot navynote!!

    babyjulia 10/24/2016  11:52am

    What she meant is that she considers herself the type for a principal in MFL and sang from the show to state her case, and they liked it. And there were NO callbacks for roles.

    There was no come in for this...such and such...

    CuriousParadox 10/24/2016  12:03pm

    Does anyone know how soon after auditions this theatre usually sends offers out? Or has anyone gotten one? Thanks!

    hellooooo 10/24/2016  1:02pm

    Woah the stakes......... LOL

    SirBeltAlot 10/24/2016  1:22pm

    SUCH high stakes!!! Guys, for appointments they didn't assign sides but did ask to sing two 16-24 bars from the show/role you are auditioning for. She was totally encouraged to sing from the show.

    Bump for offers! Break legs all.

    closetohomeless 10/24/2016  2:34pm

    Awesome! I just wasn't sure because I was told ITR at appointments I might receive a callback for Friday but I never heard anything after that-- good luck everyone!

    babyjulia 10/24/2016  4:02pm


    Pineapple 10/24/2016  9:04pm


    contempfool 10/25/2016  11:05am


    Linmanualmirfanda 10/25/2016  11:15am

    Bump?...!...? Good luck everyone!

    Dhillp 10/25/2016  11:38am

    Any offers yet?...

    fairyblonde 10/25/2016  3:36pm

    bump it

    alittlelight87 10/25/2016  3:52pm

    That bump bump bump bump bump.

    Mizz.Kallbak_kween 10/25/2016  7:58pm

    Yeah I also had an appointment and sang material from the show. Not sure what CuriousParadox is saying, but navynote didn't seem like she "meant" anything. Sounds like he/she had a good audition and was just stating the facts. People are so crazy sometimes. Bump for offers everyone!

    loverofthelight 10/26/2016  1:05am

    Hump day bump for offers :)

    fairyblonde 10/26/2016  1:33pm