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Want to know if anyone got a callback yet? Did YOU get a callback? Post here!

  • Phantom of the Opera @ Pearl Studios 08/16/2018  7:20am

    Any callbacks out from the Christine appointments yesterday?



    PingyZ 08/16/2018  2:10pm
  • letsing10

    Eric Woodall was the CD.

    Not sure who played piano and who read.

    Anyone get an email for this weeks callbacks?

    abeltface 08/14/2018  2:10pm

    Thank you! And haven’t heard that anyone has got anything yet.

    letsing10 08/14/2018  7:11pm

    Are these the callbacks from the appts last week with the ladies?

    DontSpeak 08/14/2018  7:25pm

    Thank you! And haven’t heard that anyone has got anything yet.

    letsing10 08/14/2018  7:58pm

    Thank you! And haven’t heard that anyone has got anything yet.

    letsing10 08/14/2018  8:07pm

    I got a callback this afternoon around 3.

    hehenope 08/14/2018  8:44pm

    Are these all female callbacks?? Any guys getting called back??

    cmccrewell 08/15/2018  1:20am

    Any guys getting called back after yesterday?

    letsing10 08/15/2018  9:47am

    Has anybody heard anything after yesterday’s appointments?

    abeltface 08/15/2018  12:02pm

    ^ bump

    letsing10 08/15/2018  2:04pm


    Asda08 08/15/2018  4:54pm

    Bump. Nothing after Tuesday’s appointments?

    abeltface 08/16/2018  2:05pm
  • Alabama Shakespeare Fellowship @ Ripley Grier 520 08/15/2018  4:25pm

    Was he doing any callbacks in the room?

    And, sidebar, did anyone else not get asked to sing? My resume is very straight theatre but I’m wondering if “I don’t need to hear you sing” means no interest.


    He only asked for the two monologues from me, however he did ask for a song from the girl before me. I also have no musical anything on my resume so who knows?

    I asked about the timeline of the casting and he said callbacks would be going out end of the week.

    Cattress 08/15/2018  4:50pm

    Thank you! Puts my mind at ease.

    StuffandThings 08/15/2018  4:52pm

    @stuff, there was also a post in the bitching post section asking about Paul, and one comment said he does usually ask to have a lot prepared that he doesn't ask to see so I feel it wasn't a negative thing for us! 🤞🏻

    Cattress 08/15/2018  4:55pm

    I’m very much MT and he stopped me after 4 bars of singing. I did both monologues.

    I feel like his process was to get as much information from you in 3 minutes as he could.
    Then on top of that I don’t think all the ASF interns need to be singers, but I could be mistaken.

    But damn he’s intimidating that’s for sure :)

    BariToxic 08/15/2018  5:31pm

    Did you guys give them an additional headshot?

    melaninactorgal 08/15/2018  8:26pm

    I gave him a headshot but I didn't mail in my submission so I assume that's why.

    StuffandThings 08/15/2018  9:43pm

    I'm a MT performer. I did both of my monologues and a 16 bar cut. I gave him headshot and resume ITR.

    TJ5616 08/15/2018  9:58pm

    Bump for any word on callbacks! Or when we may find out

    StrangerLikeMe 08/16/2018  10:23am

    Only Paul was in the room when I auditioned and I expected the worst because people said he so cold on here but he was so nice to me and asked me about my background and where I was from.

    he also said callbacks will go out at the end of the week.

    melaninactorgal 08/16/2018  1:05pm

    yea i found his personality a little....strange, but not mean or cold. Very direct, worked my Shakespeare piece a few times. Didn't sing. Seemed interested in talking about my background and where I'm from etc.

    Also was told callbacks will go out at end week

    Nothing2BDone 08/16/2018  1:52pm
  • OverwatchNerd


    rachel 08/13/2018  1:16pm

    Are they even having callbacks? The breakdown said one day of auditions.

    rachel 08/13/2018  1:33pm

    I auditioned today. Didn’t hear anything about callbacks.

    bcm4134 08/13/2018  2:42pm

    It was only one day on the breakdown. I was just making sure

    OverwatchNerd 08/13/2018  2:56pm


    OverwatchNerd 08/14/2018  1:00pm


    OverwatchNerd 08/15/2018  11:45am


    OverwatchNerd 08/15/2018  12:43pm

    Maybe we will hear something after today’s appointments in Chicago are done.

    bcm4134 08/16/2018  11:06am

    Ah! Good to know

    rachel 08/16/2018  1:44pm
  • bump

    squirrel 08/14/2018  6:38pm

    What where they looking for today? I know some roles had been cast before their local call last month.

    GottaCatchABreak 08/14/2018  6:38pm

    U.s for max and Rolf

    Wildcat97 08/14/2018  7:01pm

    What? Was that answer meant for another thread?

    GottaCatchABreak 08/14/2018  7:32pm

    haha I think so^^

    squirrel 08/14/2018  9:13pm


    squirrel 08/15/2018  9:32am

    Bump for callbacks

    GottaCatchABreak 08/15/2018  10:54am


    NewActor 08/15/2018  11:58am

    Bump :)

    curiositykilledthecat 08/15/2018  12:45pm

    I thought this was already cast. What roles were the auditions for this week?

    HotLatinLover 08/15/2018  1:15pm

    Bump for CBs/offers

    curiositykilledthecat 08/16/2018  8:00am

    I was told that they'd be in touch regarding the invited dancer call but haven't heard anything.

    WillWork4Espresso 08/16/2018  8:31am

    Bump :)

    GottaCatchABreak 08/16/2018  12:12pm

    Bump! Post after callbacks today. Ya’ll all looked great!

    BlackTenor 08/16/2018  1:42pm
  • Got a Cmail message for an audition this morning.

    shakeorshaw 08/07/2018  9:34am

    Any callbacks? They said they were doing them either tomorrow or Saturday.

    shakeorshaw 08/09/2018  6:09pm


    ladieswhobrunch20 08/10/2018  12:29am


    Silly question but does anyone get calls without stage work on actors access (video I mean). I have my reel but haven’t put stage work (only film). Thanks

    Rosecat 08/10/2018  7:43am

    Bump on cbs/offers

    Coffeewithachanceofcoffee 08/10/2018  11:03am

    Did they say they might do straight offers? Because I got the impression they might but they didn’t say it. Also, I have no stage clips on AA just film to answer the earlier question

    shakeorshaw 08/10/2018  11:24am


    shakeorshaw 08/10/2018  7:53pm

    They told me they may have callbacks Fri/Sat or they may just go straight to offers, and hope to have offers out sometime next week.

    Marcy18 08/11/2018  10:00am


    Coffeewithachanceofcoffee 08/11/2018  1:13pm

    Bump with callbacks, or offers!

    ladieswhobrunch20 08/12/2018  2:11am


    actor_person123 08/12/2018  9:16pm


    Tulips1218 08/13/2018  8:16am


    Marcy18 08/13/2018  12:19pm

    Any offers? I heard early this week, so should be soon.

    Tulips1218 08/14/2018  8:27am

    Bump for any news...?

    actor_person123 08/14/2018  8:47am


    ladieswhobrunch20 08/14/2018  12:19pm


    Marcy18 08/14/2018  2:42pm

    I was told in the room they'd try to have offers out by Monday. So are they dragging their feet or are we SOL?

    Fenderbender 08/15/2018  11:31am

    Heard offers would be out by the end of this week at latest. Anyone hear anything yet?

    Coffeewithachanceofcoffee 08/15/2018  1:45pm


    halfbaked 08/16/2018  11:14am

    I was also told decisions were going to be made over the weekend, so assumed offers would be out on Monday the 13th. Separate topic - who was in the room? The director is listed on AA as Daniel Haley, but I thought the man behind the table said his name was Morty. (Maybe I misheard?) Let me know if you happened to get his name. Thanks!!

    inspiredactor 08/16/2018  1:09pm
  • Callback for tomorrow at 11

    08/15/2018  6:24pm

    Yep. Tomorrow!

    Crossoverisfun 08/15/2018  6:24pm

    Female or male? When did CB email come through? Thanks!

    Ab90 08/15/2018  6:32pm

    Post after today’s callbacks :)

    08/16/2018  12:24pm

    Any women get callbacks or just men?

    GigglesMcgee 08/16/2018  1:03pm
  • Rent Live @ other 08/09/2018  12:55pm

    Has anyone who sent in a video heard anything back? Especially anyone who submitted for Angel?


    Was this posted on actors access? If so when? Thanks.

    Zacm1999 08/09/2018  12:56pm

    Bump. Where did you send videos? via agent?

    08/09/2018  1:07pm


    08/09/2018  6:35pm

    where did you see a posting for this??? SOS

    beltingbadass 08/09/2018  9:59pm

    Got a self-tape request via my agent on Monday, sent the video in Wednesday, got an email the next day for a callback tomorrow

    belterscreamer 08/10/2018  2:31am

    If anyone hears back after cbs today please post!

    belterscreamer 08/10/2018  5:28pm


    paarroyo 08/12/2018  11:05am

    monday bump

    belterscreamer 08/13/2018  2:54pm


    belterscreamer 08/14/2018  10:59am

    Tuesday bump

    paarroyo 08/14/2018  11:46am


    belterscreamer 08/16/2018  1:03pm
  • dancelovepray


    dancelovepray 08/16/2018  1:01pm
  • somethingtoconfessa

    The breakdown just went out and appts aren’t for 2 weeks

    dopplegang 08/16/2018  8:28am

    Just figured I'd start the thread now in case anyone's heard. Thanks.

    somethingtoconfessa 08/16/2018  12:43pm

    no one has heard yet. appts will go out next week sometime.

    dopplegang 08/16/2018  12:48pm