Callback Corner

Want to know if anyone got a callback yet? Did YOU get a callback? Post here!

  • My Fair Lady @ other 05/25/2016  5:58pm

    Has anyone heard anything after last week's callbacks?


    At Olney Theatre Center

    GiveMeLaducasOrGiveMeDeath 05/25/2016  5:59pm

    Were these auditions in NYC or DC?

    05/26/2016  4:56am

    Were these auditions in NYC or DC?

    05/26/2016  4:56am
  • Kbear14

    Has anyone had or will have an appointment for Columbia or Ensemble?

    mousedance 05/20/2016  1:18pm

    I had an appointment today for Columbia. Post with any callback info!!

    namd009 05/20/2016  2:23pm

    Bump callbacks

    Kbear14 05/20/2016  3:48pm

    Bump for callbacks for Janet after appointments today

    S&J 05/20/2016  4:43pm


    Detroit2375 05/20/2016  7:38pm


    namd009 05/22/2016  9:24am


    Kbear14 05/22/2016  11:00pm


    namd009 05/23/2016  10:24am

    Bump bump anyone hear about callbacks for this? Specifically female ensemble, magenta, Columbia?

    Kbear14 05/23/2016  11:43am

    Bump bump anyone hear about callbacks for this? Specifically female ensemble, magenta, Columbia?

    Kbear14 05/23/2016  12:12pm


    Salad 05/23/2016  2:20pm

    Anyone get a callback? They should be going out very soon if they havent already...

    ineedhealthinsurance 05/23/2016  3:44pm


    Detroit2375 05/23/2016  7:14pm


    Adudethatsings 05/24/2016  12:01am

    Any news?

    Detroit2375 05/24/2016  11:19am

    I think cb's are starting to trickle out a friend found out about one for Friday

    Kbear14 05/24/2016  1:33pm

    Callback for Janet on friday

    Chocolatechip89 05/24/2016  3:14pm

    Bump. Other roles?

    Salad 05/24/2016  7:37pm

    I have an appointment to go and dance on Friday.

    Munkustrap 05/24/2016  11:02pm


    Salad 05/25/2016  1:36pm

    Callbacks are Friday. Dance callback in the morning and principal appointments were given out with sides. I was given my appointment Tuesday but I know someone Who didn't get it from their agent until today.

    Keeter5 05/26/2016  2:47am
  • Charliesmom

    There have been callbacks for this already? The ECC isn't scheduled til June hmmm

    Keeter5 05/26/2016  2:42am
  • PingyZ


    JeRoFu 05/10/2016  10:37pm

    I have an appointment on Friday, but auditioned and was called back wayyyy back in September.

    bwaylvsong 05/11/2016  11:03am

    Can I ask what role you have an appointment for?

    Glamgirl 05/11/2016  12:10pm

    anyone called back from the recent EPA this week yet?

    PingyZ 05/11/2016  12:32pm

    @Glamgirl, my appointment is for the suitors

    bwaylvsong 05/11/2016  2:39pm

    I got one for Friday 3:30

    JeRoFu 05/11/2016  4:12pm

    I got a callback for Thursday next week at Safra Hall

    lelsterk 05/12/2016  7:40pm

    Anything yet from today's appointments?

    blondiesop 05/13/2016  2:25pm

    Was called back from Tuesday's EPA - went in with material from the show today. Any further rounds of callbacks for female chorus?

    16bars 05/13/2016  4:05pm


    peachykeen_jellybean 05/13/2016  5:46pm


    skahn92 05/14/2016  10:15pm


    bwaylvsong 05/15/2016  4:18pm

    Got an email last night asking to attend the mover call this week

    peachykeen_jellybean 05/16/2016  6:39pm

    Initial audition on Thursday.

    HamiltonGrange 05/16/2016  7:29pm

    Any males asked to return on Thursday?

    bwaylvsong 05/17/2016  10:54am

    How are you guys doing with your sides?

    lelsterk 05/18/2016  11:44pm

    sides have been "interesting" any males asked to stay and dance today?

    Broadwayboii 05/19/2016  1:53pm

    At my appointment last week I felt like my sides were going really well but then got cut off and was not asked to return today. But if no men were asked to return today, or asked to stay and dance after initial appointments today, I guess there's still a glimmer of hope...

    bwaylvsong 05/19/2016  2:11pm

    Bump for updates following the dance callback today!

    blondiesop 05/19/2016  5:06pm


    Mclovin 05/19/2016  8:31pm

    Were there men at the dance callback?

    bwaylvsong 05/19/2016  10:03pm

    There were men there today..any other word from today's dance callback?

    skahn92 05/19/2016  10:29pm

    ^Thanks, skahn! And thus dies my glimmer of hope, hammering another nail into the coffin that has been this week. #dramatic #butreally

    bwaylvsong 05/19/2016  11:49pm


    Mclovin 05/20/2016  2:39pm

    I know of two people who have gotten offers

    jaylady 05/20/2016  3:54pm

    @jaylady What roles were those offers for?

    skahn92 05/20/2016  5:07pm

    Female ensemble for both

    jaylady 05/20/2016  9:01pm

    Any suitor offers out?

    BlackoutOhNo 05/22/2016  2:32pm

    can we assume all offers are out?

    FirstTimer 05/26/2016  1:48am
  • bump

    Lazersareexpensive 05/23/2016  6:34pm

    They said callbacks are June 3rd, so we have a little time. Fingers crossed!

    Virgo825 05/25/2016  7:44am

    ^^^from yesterday?

    dontnobodywantno 05/25/2016  9:09am

    I think so! It was on an info sheet on the little folding table outside the room.

    Virgo825 05/25/2016  10:37am

    Have a callback for Joe on June 3 via my agent, received this morning

    pmjj11585 05/25/2016  11:35am

    How'd you all get appointments for this? I haven't see anything!

    HamiltonGrange 05/25/2016  11:45am

    Submitted on actors access! Anyone who doesn't have an agent hear about callbacks yet?

    taz73154 05/25/2016  11:56am

    I went to open call on my own, i received an appt for yesterday through my agent, but it came from me going to the open call on my own.

    pmjj11585 05/25/2016  12:19pm

    Didn't receive an appointment when I submitted but just received a CB from the open call yesterday

    lululemming 05/25/2016  1:23pm


    FunkyMonkey 05/25/2016  4:08pm

    Anyone receive callbacks for the puppeteer track?

    Club7 05/25/2016  5:12pm

    ludo's broken BUMP

    Virgo825 05/25/2016  6:45pm

    I attended the EPA, then received appointment through my agent and today received callback for June 3rd through my agent again.

    carpediem 05/25/2016  6:57pm


    No not yet. But will definitely post on here if I am contacted about it. You too please!

    actorsanonymous 05/25/2016  10:34pm

    Any callbacks for Raguel?

    taz73154 05/26/2016  1:02am
  • Back2sleep

    I don't think so.... I heard a couple people Sing and nothing but could be wrong

    Lalaloopsie 05/25/2016  4:33pm

    yeah that's what I figured, just curious!

    Back2sleep 05/25/2016  4:39pm

    I saw them come out after someone and ask if she could come back tomorrow.

    05/25/2016  4:59pm

    Anyone get emailed or called?

    Lalaloopsie 05/25/2016  5:10pm


    Lalaloopsie 05/25/2016  5:54pm


    2bags1me 05/25/2016  6:48pm


    Back2sleep 05/25/2016  6:59pm


    crappyshoes 05/25/2016  8:18pm

    I guess the only people with any chance of booking this aren't on AU ?

    JSL32 05/25/2016  9:40pm

    Maybe? Ah well!

    Back2sleep 05/25/2016  9:49pm

    had an appt today, and was emailed a few hours after to come back tomorrow and dance and was given sides.

    abhk 05/26/2016  12:47am
  • Ed said offers wouldn't go out until June!

    Blackandwhite713 05/26/2016  12:42am
  • NYMF Non-Union Call @ Pearl Studios 05/25/2016  1:27pm

    Any callbacks go out from the NYMF non-equity call 5/24 for any show?!


    bump af

    themixingminx 05/25/2016  1:41pm

    bumpity bump

    ach29 05/25/2016  2:06pm


    southerngent91 05/26/2016  12:16am
  • Queens For A Year @ Pearl Studios 05/24/2016  8:49pm

    Any callback info after today's appointments? (They just ended, but I was wondering if anyone heard ITR)


    Does anyone have any information about auditions for this show?

    Burppp 05/25/2016  11:52pm
  • Florida Studio Theater @ 05/19/2016  8:10am

    Anyone get an appointment from self-submission for God of Isaac? Please post.


    The email I sent failed to deliver. Did anyone else have this problem?

    madelinereow 05/19/2016  8:50am

    I did not. But mine sent.


    Bailee1416 05/19/2016  9:07am

    just got an appointment from self submission for Actress 1

    Bailee1416 05/23/2016  5:28pm

    Going in Thursday

    dontnobodywantno 05/23/2016  6:43pm

    for what role?

    Bailee1416 05/23/2016  8:33pm

    I know there was auditions today. post callbacks!

    Bailee1416 05/25/2016  9:03pm

    I am going in tomorrow for actress 1

    dontnobodywantno 05/25/2016  9:37pm

    Is it for a callback or an initial audition?

    Burppp 05/25/2016  11:49pm