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Want to know if anyone got a callback yet? Did YOU get a callback? Post here!

  • Booo of Mormon Appointments @ Pearl Studios 10/29/2014  9:16pm

    Post if anyone heard anything back from the future replacement appointments today!


    BOOK of Mormon, wow. That was not supposed to be Halloween pun.

    HungryHippo 10/29/2014  9:18pm

    BOOK of Mormon, wow. That was not supposed to be Halloween pun.

    HungryHippo 10/29/2014  9:47pm

    Bump. Also a noob question: do they even do callbacks after appts for Future Replacements or do they just see you again whenever they need to--which can be in the distant future?

    Shax 10/30/2014  11:17am

    From the original contact email, I'm fairly sure this was a file building audition and further callbacks will be when there is a need. I could be wrong. I'd love to be wrong and be contacted ASAP. Heh.

    sausagefest 10/30/2014  1:01pm

    It depends on who exactly was in the room. When I auditioned (wasn't this go round obviously), I was asked to come back (asked while I was in the room for my first audition) a couple days later for a callback that would be put on tape for those that weren't in the room. I then got an email about 2 - 2 1/2 months later to ask me to come in and have another callback for the associate creative team.

    Of course that time-table will vary depending on their needs at the time and which part they want to see you for. But, hopefully this gives you a example of what to expect.

    sortofoutoftown 10/30/2014  4:48pm

    I felt so good about yesterday and was going to ignore any audition update posts and just let it go and try not to think about it, and now I'm all, "oh maybe it wasn't very good if I didn't get called back in the room." love/hate audition update hahaha

    sausagefest 10/30/2014  5:24pm

    it's okay sausagefest. let's just turn it off. like a light switch.

    (but thanks for the update outoftown)

    Shax 10/31/2014  12:44am
  • Matilda @ Ripley Grier 520 10/27/2014  3:47pm

    Post if anyone hears anything from today's appointments.


    What roles/tracks were these appts for?

    makesomeonehappy 10/27/2014  4:39pm

    What specifically were the appts for?

    Fred K 10/28/2014  12:02am

    At least some of them were for Miss Honey for the tour. Not sure about any other tracks though.

    Jillsy Sloper 10/28/2014  6:41am

    A friend has a callback for Miss Honey on Monday...she heard about it yesterday

    FunkyMonkey 10/29/2014  11:39am


    agriff7 10/30/2014  11:41pm
  • Bump!

    RosieM 10/22/2014  12:03pm


    Marcy18 10/23/2014  8:20pm

    Any news on this?

    Tulips1218 10/26/2014  12:01am

    Bumping again... Anything folks?

    Tulips1218 10/29/2014  9:00am

    I think offers went out on Wednesday.

    AstoriaActress 10/30/2014  11:24pm
  • Bump

    Ab90 10/25/2014  2:18am

    Any info?

    actor10025 10/26/2014  10:22pm

    Submission has been watched a bunch, but nothing yet!

    PornFlakes 10/27/2014  12:30am


    actor10025 10/27/2014  1:43pm


    PornFlakes 10/27/2014  5:41pm

    Same here, PornFlakes

    ShantiShakti 10/28/2014  10:02am

    Has anyone received any contact on this?

    actor10025 10/28/2014  9:29pm

    Nope, never even got confirmation they received it. Just know they've watched it. Hmm.

    ShantiShakti 10/28/2014  9:51pm

    Got a few more views today. Anyone hear yet?

    Fatniss_Neverlean 10/29/2014  3:59pm

    Big bright beautiful bump

    actor10025 10/30/2014  1:19pm

    Nothing from me either - and hopefully all the views we have on our videos aren't just from us peeking on eachother!

    Ab90 10/30/2014  9:38pm
  • Shakespeare LIVE! @ other 10/28/2014  2:39pm

    Did anyone hear about Callbacks from the video Submissions yet?



    1985 10/28/2014  6:20pm

    Anything? Feels like I submitted to this forever ago.

    greensleeves 10/29/2014  11:01am

    He deadline was Friday and I think they don't watch Them til after that so who knows?

    1985 10/29/2014  7:15pm

    Received callback today

    Feelthepulse 10/30/2014  9:11pm
  • lovemelody

    Were these callbacks for the tour or Bway? I have an ensemble appointment next week for the tour.

    glitzygal 10/26/2014  11:34am


    lovemelody 10/26/2014  11:44am

    Were these callbacks for the tour or Bway? I have an ensemble appointment next week for the tour.

    glitzygal 10/26/2014  12:04pm

    which part is this for?

    yaburnt! 10/26/2014  11:58pm


    sunnydays 10/27/2014  12:40pm

    I know a girl who just got another callback from yesterday's appts.

    carpediem 10/27/2014  12:50pm

    I received a final callback from the EPA. Happens in a few weeks. For the tour.

    Gypsy5758 10/27/2014  12:59pm

    I just received a callback for Nov 17 from the appt auditions held yesterday

    fragglerock 10/27/2014  4:40pm

    Anything after today's appointments?

    blueberry101 10/27/2014  5:27pm

    @fraggle would u mind saying who u r called back for on the 17th

    Robot101 10/27/2014  8:31pm

    Did any receive a callback ITR from today's appointments? Or are calls being made?

    Oats620 10/27/2014  8:41pm

    Has anyone received or heard about cb's for Carole?

    lotsalaughs17 10/27/2014  10:59pm

    Final callbacks for principals are on the 7th (except Carole-which has been cast).

    Atimetokill 10/28/2014  10:24am

    @Robot101 I was called back for Shirley/Female Ensemble

    fragglerock 10/28/2014  12:24pm

    Any news from yesterday (Monday, 10/27) appts?

    Bdgcf 10/28/2014  1:08pm

    Bump for yesterday

    Oats620 10/28/2014  4:14pm

    any callbacks made from apps for Drifters?

    TMTM 10/29/2014  12:43am

    @fragglerock did you receive the callback ITR or via email?

    missionmission 10/30/2014  1:02pm

    Any Carole or Cynthia Weil covers receive callbacks?

    Bdgcf 10/30/2014  7:08pm

    Shirley/female ensemble ..,. Anybody have final callbacks? Or booked?!

    lovemelody 10/30/2014  8:55pm
  • bump

    jellyfish5 10/28/2014  2:13pm


    luli12 10/28/2014  11:00pm

    Bump! Anything after Mondays callbacks?

    LiveLaughLove18 10/29/2014  11:26am

    August Bump

    jellyfish5 10/29/2014  2:32pm

    I was told by my agent today that my video from Monday's callback (I didn't even realize they were taping!) was sent to the producers for approval but who knows when we'll hear next...!

    Hybrid1 10/29/2014  8:59pm

    Heard from my agent, said there was no news yet but still in the mix. I reckon they're probably still making decisions.

    jellyfish5 10/30/2014  7:58pm
  • bwayorbust
  • bump

    twerkitrealgood 10/29/2014  10:16pm

    Some offers are out. Not sure for which musicals.

    ChallahIfYouHearMe 10/30/2014  10:24am

    My friend received an offer yesterday.

    Zzzz 10/30/2014  12:52pm


    bwayorbust 10/30/2014  7:23pm
  • Addams Family @ other 10/29/2014  3:14pm

    Did anyone hear anything after appointments yesterday? Also has anyone worked with them before and knows how they work? Thanks


    Also wondering if callbacks have gone out!

    smg0710 10/29/2014  7:07pm

    they usually go out via phone call after the second day of auditions

    actingforlife 10/29/2014  9:14pm

    They went out via email early this morning

    actingforlife 10/30/2014  8:43am

    Thanks actingforlife. Have you gone to CB's with them before? I was surprised they didn't give us sheet music will they teach the cuts before we do it?

    luv2gab 10/30/2014  2:33pm

    Usually provided at callbacks at taught the section there. They never send out beforehand

    actingforlife 10/30/2014  6:31pm