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Want to know if anyone got a callback yet? Did YOU get a callback? Post here!

  • Cats - Bway Appts @ 02/05/2016  3:36pm

    Curious if any appts have gone out yet for Cats Bway ensemble???


    I know appts are out for roles

    audishgirl 02/05/2016  7:32pm
  • Luisa Replacement - The Fantasticks @ other 01/25/2016  12:37pm

    Does anyone know if the Luisa Replacement appointments have gone out yet? I believe the post went up on playbill on Friday....



    onthatgrind 01/25/2016  2:44pm


    renard9 01/25/2016  6:00pm


    asprgs456 01/25/2016  8:22pm


    KellyBrooke345 01/26/2016  10:53am


    renard9 01/26/2016  1:39pm


    renard9 01/26/2016  1:57pm


    KellyBrooke345 01/26/2016  6:28pm


    talkalotpickalittlemore 01/27/2016  10:45am

    Bump =)

    DorothyGaleZbornak 01/27/2016  2:41pm


    asprgs456 01/27/2016  10:17pm

    Bump!!! Did all of you just do a drop off headshot/res?

    Ceeceegee 01/28/2016  12:14am


    renard9 01/28/2016  12:42am


    thebakerswife 01/28/2016  2:49pm


    asprgs456 01/28/2016  8:25pm


    Ceeceegee 01/29/2016  8:13pm


    brooklynbnyc 01/30/2016  10:37am


    asprgs456 01/31/2016  10:26pm

    I dropped off at the theater...also haven't heard and am bumping!

    jjsinger 02/01/2016  1:05am


    winkandwiggle 02/01/2016  5:40pm

    I received an appt from my agent this morning

    123456789 02/01/2016  5:44pm


    1ProfessorHH 02/01/2016  6:50pm

    Is the appt for Luisa or the standby? Because I thought they filled the role already

    thebakerswife 02/01/2016  6:57pm

    My wife received an appointment for friday.

    S&J 02/01/2016  7:44pm

    @s&j for Luisa or the standby?

    thebakerswife 02/01/2016  7:50pm

    It says Luisa, but you never know.

    S&J 02/01/2016  7:56pm

    I got an appt for Luisa/mute cover on Friday

    OxfordComma 02/01/2016  8:30pm

    When does this contract start?

    talkalotpickalittlemore 02/02/2016  11:06am

    Bump! Any other appointments given out today?

    DorothyGaleZbornak 02/02/2016  1:10pm

    When does this contract start?

    talkalotpickalittlemore 02/02/2016  2:37pm

    I got an appointment for Friday as well!

    rawrcat 02/02/2016  2:55pm

    Does anyone know if this contract for sure starts before the EPA later this month? I thought it did but am not sure

    jjsinger 02/05/2016  1:53pm

    The breakdown said rehearsals would begin 2/21 and first performance would be 2/29.

    324jb 02/05/2016  4:39pm

    Post if anyone hears about callbacks for the appointments today!

    bumpitsetitspikeit 02/05/2016  5:09pm

    Bump for callbacks...the director was so nice he stood up and shook my hand and thanked me. It is nice to be in a room where everyone is so friendly.

    S&J 02/05/2016  5:48pm


    bumpitsetitspikeit 02/05/2016  7:30pm
  • Last Five Years - MT CT @ Actor's Equity Center 02/05/2016  7:22pm

    Hey y'all! Post if anyone hears about callbacks after today's EPA!

    The Girl in the Sensible Shoes
  • Finger Lakes @ Nola Studios 02/05/2016  6:53pm

    Who was ITR today? I don't know Brett Smock and Parker Esse and wasn't sure which one was there today... :p Thanks!

  • Music Theater Wichita @ other 02/05/2016  5:04pm

    Have out of town appointments went out for this yet? I requested Chicago, but haven't heard anything.


    Yep, got email appt last week.

    act5678 02/05/2016  6:51pm
  • NAB: Belinda King @ other 02/05/2016  10:37am

    Anyone have an appt yet? Or does anyone know how long they usually take to go out?


    I sent my request for an appointment an hour after the call was posted on and I still haven't heard anything yet. It's my first time submitting to BK so I don't know what the usual response time is.

    renegade 02/05/2016  6:49pm
  • Bumble

    Yes! Does anybody know when we'll hear?

    mynoneqisshowing 02/04/2016  4:12pm


    BassITone412 02/04/2016  6:52pm


    princessconsuela 02/04/2016  11:14pm

    any news on a snowy friday?

    BassITone412 02/05/2016  1:34pm

    bump again!

    princessconsuela 02/05/2016  6:29pm
  • Bump!

    inspiredactor 02/05/2016  6:09pm
  • Williamstown NonEq @ 01/21/2016  4:44pm

    Did anyone who submitted for an audition receive confirmation that their materials were received at the office?


    is this for the apprenticeship program or the non eq company?

    Bailee1416 01/21/2016  4:45pm

    Last year they confirmed a week or so after the deadline.

    lady27 01/22/2016  1:17am

    On their website, it says applicants will receive confirmation by January 21. Anyone hear anything?

    Marcy18 01/23/2016  2:08am

    I submitted way before the deadline, but haven't received a confirmation that my materials were received…

    inspiredactor 01/27/2016  1:30pm

    I also submitted way before the deadline (First week of January) and have not received confirmation that my materials were received... Maybe they're just wading through all the submissions?

    Tulips1218 01/28/2016  1:04pm

    Got my confirmation today!

    YouMonster182 02/05/2016  5:13pm

    Same. I got my confirmation. Has anyone gotten an appointment?

    inspiredactor 02/05/2016  6:04pm
  • ArtsPower Tours @ Nola Studios 02/04/2016  12:54pm

    Just got a call from ArtsPower tours about callbacks tomorrow. Best of luck to everyone!!


    Congrats! Just my call as well. :) Break legs, guys!

    OtterSW31 02/04/2016  1:07pm

    Just got a call too!!

    musicalwarrior 02/04/2016  1:16pm

    Y'all....I don't even own flats..


    Rain On my Parade 02/04/2016  3:34pm

    ...did they tell you to bring flats?

    Or were you called back for one of the child roles and thus feel more appropriate in flats?

    HM has some cheap flats! payless is also my jam for cheap flats if you're really worried bout it haha.

    musicalwarrior 02/04/2016  3:43pm

    CONGRATS all! Were these just for the musicals, or for the straight drama as well?

    juliet123 02/04/2016  6:17pm

    Both the musicals and the plays! Looks like they're hitting it all in one swoop.
    And they asked me to bring flats as well... Glad I'm not the only one!

    musicalm 02/04/2016  10:22pm

    Hey y'all! Be sure when you come to Nola to NOT wait in the long line outside the building. There is a call for Finger Lakes and they are at capacity on the fifth floor. We are on the 10th floor so either tell the guard at the front desk or go to the double elevator entrance.

    artspower monitor 02/05/2016  9:52am

    That deserves another round of milk and cookies. Thank you!

    OtterSW31 02/05/2016  11:44am

    Y'all are troopers in this effing snow!

    Rain On my Parade 02/05/2016  12:27pm

    Said we should hear by mon or tuesday as rehearsals start so soon

    musicalwarrior 02/05/2016  5:03pm

    ugh weekend wait times!!

    Rain On my Parade 02/05/2016  6:00pm