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Want to know if anyone got a callback yet? Did YOU get a callback? Post here!

  • What theater is doing Proof?

    MordechaiM 11/25/2014  3:01pm

    Playhouse on Park!

    louiser 11/25/2014  3:40pm
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    0036 11/25/2014  3:21pm
  • sunnydays
  • bad Jews at Long Wharf @ other 11/25/2014  3:03pm

    Has this been cast? if not, have appointments been set up already?

  • Swing! - NCL @ Ripley Grier 520 11/19/2014  1:11pm

    Post if you hear about callbacks from today's appointments!



    Quietkid7 11/19/2014  9:29pm

    Anyone get called back in the room?

    bluehair88 11/19/2014  9:56pm

    post when offers go out!

    stq4l 11/20/2014  1:54pm

    Wait, what? Offers? They just did prescreens yesterday for vocalists... There hasn't even been word of callbacks yet...

    BruuuceHead 11/20/2014  2:04pm

    Are callbacks being given in the room or afterwards for vocalists?

    ventrm06 11/20/2014  2:08pm

    I heard that callbacks will be emailed some time tomorrow. Was everyone asked to sing both selections? I only sang one...

    VerbingNouns 11/20/2014  3:07pm


    Selaban 11/20/2014  10:25pm


    jh8888 11/21/2014  11:32am


    Quietkid7 11/21/2014  4:02pm


    Quietkid7 11/21/2014  4:02pm

    Anyone get a callback?

    Checkinin 11/21/2014  4:07pm

    Just curious, how did you all sign up for the vocal screening? I emailed two weeks ahead of time and no one responded. I emailed again, still nothing. Then I even called the casting office and left a message and still heard nothing about setting up an appointment. What gives?!

    Awatkins8 11/21/2014  4:20pm


    jh8888 11/21/2014  6:57pm


    Clocktower13 11/21/2014  11:30pm


    Checkinin 11/22/2014  12:17pm


    vickynipples 11/22/2014  2:15pm

    Awatkins8, I got the appointment through my agent. So I honestly couldn't tell ya why you didn't get called in... But still no one's heard about CBs?

    BruuuceHead 11/22/2014  4:05pm


    Selaban 11/23/2014  9:36am


    jh8888 11/23/2014  12:40pm

    I'm on pins and NEEDS. BUMPPP

    vickynipples 11/23/2014  6:29pm


    Clocktower13 11/24/2014  11:20am

    Anything yet??

    maggie42 11/24/2014  1:34pm

    wow, this is crazy since finals are supposed to be next week. i guess it keeps hope alive, right?

    ineedadrink 11/24/2014  2:50pm

    Gee, I hope we hear before the holiday weekend...

    BruuuceHead 11/25/2014  7:32am

    they usually post callback sides on their website... would the callback just be to do those same sides again? there's only one side there for each singer.

    vickynipples 11/25/2014  8:40am

    @vickynipples did they contact you about callbacks?

    troybolton 11/25/2014  12:50pm

    Nooo they didn't sorry if that confused anyone !! Hoping they do though... felt like the appointment went well :P

    vickynipples 11/25/2014  1:34pm

    [more?] agent appointments just went out so you guys may not hear until after those have happened — mine is on the 3rd.

    whimsical 11/25/2014  1:56pm

    From what I understood, last week was a vocal screening and next week were callbacks/more singing in front of the creative team.

    maggie42 11/25/2014  2:59pm
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    shortlist24 11/25/2014  1:02pm

    Callbacks were later in the day yesterday…& I think that's the whole process.

    Post about offers when anyone hears?

    whimsical 11/25/2014  1:52pm
  • FunkyMonkey


    Atimetokill 11/19/2014  4:39pm


    FunkyMonkey 11/20/2014  12:17pm


    HeyIlikefootball 11/20/2014  2:58pm

    What roles were these appts for?

    this is my username 11/20/2014  6:44pm

    Marius's and Eponine's were being seen while I was there...not sure what the rest of the day looked like

    FunkyMonkey 11/20/2014  8:06pm

    I also heard Javerts and Cosettes while I was there.

    HeyIlikefootball 11/21/2014  1:27am


    FunkyMonkey 11/21/2014  12:01pm

    Bump after yesterday's appts!

    akactor 11/21/2014  1:36pm

    What was the breakdown for this for Eponine and Cosette please? Was this an open call or through agents only?

    Theaterlover 11/21/2014  2:04pm

    Looking for breakdowns for young Eponine and young Cosette for my daughter.

    Theaterlover 11/21/2014  2:19pm


    FunkyMonkey 11/22/2014  12:59pm


    HeyIlikefootball 11/23/2014  1:42pm


    akactor 11/24/2014  12:27am


    FunkyMonkey 11/24/2014  11:44am


    sunnydays 11/24/2014  8:07pm


    HeyIlikefootball 11/24/2014  10:42pm

    Aaaand bump

    FunkyMonkey 11/25/2014  1:39pm
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    causeimabrunette 11/25/2014  9:27am


    Proudofyourboy 11/25/2014  1:30pm
  • Beautiful Tour @ 11/18/2014  4:11pm

    Post with callbacks/offers after today's appointments



    Rogem37 11/18/2014  6:30pm


    LookiMadeAhat 11/18/2014  8:04pm

    Finals are Thursday and was told that we won't know for a few weeks after that.

    Gypsy5758 11/18/2014  9:48pm

    Sorry, I meant Friday. Not Thursday.

    Gypsy5758 11/18/2014  9:51pm

    I was also told they may have dance call-backs on Thursday. Has anyone gotten a call-back for anyone of those days yet?

    BEINGSUPREME 11/18/2014  10:05pm


    sinsajo 11/19/2014  10:41am


    glitzygal 11/19/2014  11:38am


    LookiMadeAhat 11/19/2014  12:12pm


    LookiMadeAhat 11/19/2014  12:18pm


    LookiMadeAhat 11/19/2014  12:59pm


    bluesky07 11/19/2014  3:15pm


    Hip Hop Anonymous 11/19/2014  3:48pm


    carpediem 11/19/2014  7:00pm

    According to the audition notice, dancecall tomorrow with final auditions (especially for ensemble understudying leads) on friday.

    bluenblonde 11/19/2014  7:38pm

    CBs started coming out for Fri.

    inlikeflynn 11/19/2014  8:04pm

    anyone else?

    carpediem 11/19/2014  8:33pm

    What track in the CB for on Friday inlikeflynn?

    LookiMadeAhat 11/19/2014  10:01pm


    LookiMadeAhat 11/19/2014  10:05pm

    Anyone else hear about callbacks? My original email said be ready to finals on Friday, too, but haven't exactly been invited yet ha ha. Didn't get a vibe from the room either way. I'm assuming we'd know by today already (Thurs).

    Juicy1104 11/20/2014  9:49am

    Bump to Friday callbacks- I felt the same way exactly

    bluesky07 11/20/2014  10:17am

    I would like to know if anybody has heard today (Thursday)

    bluesky07 11/20/2014  10:58am

    Hey guys,
    Had my callback Monday, and just got a call half an hour ago from my agent for final callback tomorrow. (White ensemble guy) I had given up hope... but I guess they're making calls today! Break legs all.

    CuriousGeorge 11/20/2014  11:02am

    Anyone else?

    bluesky07 11/20/2014  1:17pm

    Is anyone in finals for any of the Shirley roles?

    lovemelody 11/20/2014  2:11pm

    Good know there *may* still be hope! I went in Tuesday for the Carole/Cynthia/Genie Swing and originally went to the EPA back in Sept.

    Juicy1104 11/20/2014  2:18pm

    Has anyone heard from Tuesday's callbacks?

    LookiMadeAhat 11/20/2014  4:41pm

    I had a Tuesday callback and was feeling pretty down, but I just now heard about a final callback for tomorrow!

    answering while I'm cranky 11/20/2014  4:53pm

    Cranky: what role are you called back for?

    KTurnerOverdrive 11/20/2014  7:54pm


    bluesky07 11/21/2014  11:48am


    ckactor 11/22/2014  3:15pm

    bump for more info?

    blueberry101 11/22/2014  5:27pm


    answering while I'm cranky 11/22/2014  9:46pm

    You received an offer?

    bluesky07 11/22/2014  9:48pm

    No! Not an offer. I was answering the question above about what I was called back for.

    answering while I'm cranky 11/23/2014  9:44am

    Any offers for this yet?

    glitzygal 11/24/2014  2:00pm


    KTurnerOverdrive 11/24/2014  9:35pm

    Stephen told me it would be a few WEEKS before anyone would hear of offers because they taped us and it has to be sent to all the writers. Mere everyone.

    Gypsy5758 11/25/2014  9:27am

    Was anyone not put on tape?

    bluesky07 11/25/2014  11:39am

    I don't think I was put on tape.

    answering while I'm cranky 11/25/2014  1:27pm