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Want to know if anyone got a callback yet? Did YOU get a callback? Post here!

  • Disney Cruise Lines- Opening Company @ Pearl Studios 11/10/2014  4:50pm

    Post any offers! They said they should be out by the end of the week.


    Really? Good to know. I assumed they would be doing callbacks in other cities first

    Mr Timbojangles 11/10/2014  5:40pm

    Oy freaking out. My callback was two weeks ago in Chicago.

    anxiousallie 11/10/2014  8:52pm

    Casting is dome Tomorrow with last day of CB. Offers by the end of the week and/or early next week. Break a leg everyone

    Gagainsider 11/10/2014  9:33pm

    How did everyone's callbacks go? Not sure how to read mine. I sang my side and moved again.

    anxiousallie 11/11/2014  9:45am

    Some first callbacks are still happening today. . .

    Thia 11/11/2014  11:32am

    Did anyone have a callback today?

    Damie_N 11/11/2014  6:38pm

    Did anyone have a callback today?

    Damie_N 11/11/2014  6:38pm

    yes. there were a number of callbacks today. but I am pretty sure none were "second" callbacks . . . just a second DAY of first callbacks.

    Thia 11/11/2014  11:48pm

    Gotcha. Ugh their callbacks are so hard to read- everyone I know had a different experience this time around. Break legs all!

    danryan 11/12/2014  9:31am


    stargirlB 11/13/2014  8:37am


    stargirlB 11/13/2014  8:37am

    Le Disney Bump. Any offers out?

    grizabella 11/13/2014  10:05am


    anxiousallie 11/13/2014  2:33pm

    Final dance callbacks in NYC were yesterday. They didnt tell us when offers would go out so I hope you're right!

    FrumpyLemon 11/13/2014  3:47pm


    danryan 11/14/2014  10:52am


    yeshoney 11/14/2014  4:51pm

    next week, maybe?

    Tracibug 11/14/2014  6:04pm

    How do we for sure know that we should be expecting offers to go out this soon? Did they say that to someone?

    FrumpyLemon 11/15/2014  12:03am

    They told a few people ITR that offers would be out by the end of the week, but I guess they needed more time! Good luck, all!

    stargirlB 11/15/2014  9:42am

    Hopefully this week! Break legs to all! Please post when you hear.

    closetohomeless 11/16/2014  3:50pm

    Hey all, I was actually told it would be around 4 weeks. Hope that doesn't raise anyone's anxiety level too much…but they do usually take a few weeks to get it all sorted. Good luck everyone!

    dropofsun11 11/16/2014  7:06pm

    If was going to be 4 weeks then why would they tell people otherwise in the room?

    yeshoney 11/17/2014  12:03pm

    I honestly couldn't tell ya :/ I only know what they told me in the room, don't know why there are conflicting timelines

    dropofsun11 11/17/2014  3:22pm

    Agent called. First Tangled Cast offers out.

    grizabella 11/17/2014  3:39pm

    @grizabella all of them?

    yeshoney 11/17/2014  4:03pm

    he said her got some offers, I'm sure more offers will come out this week. Don't worry!

    grizabella 11/17/2014  4:10pm

    Did he give you any specific roles or just a general "some offers are out" kind of thing?

    yeshoney 11/17/2014  4:37pm

    Ensemble on the Tangled cast.

    grizabella 11/17/2014  4:41pm

    Offers are going out!

    FrumpyLemon 11/17/2014  5:09pm

    What specific roles were offered? Please details!

    beltingthroughpracticerooms 11/17/2014  6:28pm

    Bump. Do they normally send offers through agents at the same time offers go out for people without agents? I'm new to a lot of this lol

    theeverett50 11/17/2014  7:01pm

    @frumpylemon did you get a dance offer ?

    dancerdancer111 11/17/2014  8:59pm


    yeshoney 11/18/2014  8:12am


    Deadloss 11/18/2014  10:54am

    Has anyone heard about roles in the other shows? Or just Tangled?

    stargirlB 11/18/2014  11:35am

    I got a principal offer for Tangled, along with roles in other shows, so I think all offers are going out now.

    Break legs, everybody!

    slicknickicarus 11/18/2014  11:48am

    Congrats @slicknickicarus! When did you hear? Did everything go out yesterday or has anyone heard today?

    danryan 11/18/2014  12:12pm

    I heard from my agent late yesterday afternoon. Anybody else hear anything yet?

    slicknickicarus 11/18/2014  12:21pm

    I also heard late yesterday afternoon, directly from them (no agent), principal in one of the other shows and ensemble of Tangled.

    shawty 11/18/2014  1:07pm

    @shawty and @slicknickicarus would you guys mind sharing specific tracks you were offered for those of us still waiting?

    yeshoney 11/18/2014  1:23pm


    cravenation 11/18/2014  2:44pm

    only magic offers out? Any wonder offers?

    Tracibug 11/18/2014  2:57pm

    I got offered Flynn Rider in Tangled and Grand Duke in Twice Charmed and Kronk in Villains*(I think, my agent couldn't remember the name of the character.)

    slicknickicarus 11/18/2014  3:18pm


    anxiousallie 11/19/2014  9:29am

    Bippity boppity bump

    stargirlB 11/19/2014  3:02pm

    Bump! Anyone hear of anymore offers?

    yeshoney 11/20/2014  2:45pm

    Stabbington brother in Tangled, ensemble in everything else

    FrumpyLemon 11/20/2014  4:21pm


    Deadloss 11/21/2014  12:27pm
  • Here I Am - New Musical @ other 11/21/2014  12:16pm

    Hey anyone hear about CB's or offers from yesterdays auditions?

  • Bump!

    Bento Tinderbox 11/21/2014  12:08pm
  • Broadwayboii


    Atimetokill 11/21/2014  12:07pm
  • FunkyMonkey


    Atimetokill 11/19/2014  4:39pm


    FunkyMonkey 11/20/2014  12:17pm


    HeyIlikefootball 11/20/2014  2:58pm

    What roles were these appts for?

    this is my username 11/20/2014  6:44pm

    Marius's and Eponine's were being seen while I was there...not sure what the rest of the day looked like

    FunkyMonkey 11/20/2014  8:06pm

    I also heard Javerts and Cosettes while I was there.

    HeyIlikefootball 11/21/2014  1:27am


    FunkyMonkey 11/21/2014  12:01pm
  • John and Jen @ Actor's Equity Center 11/21/2014  10:34am

    Anyone heard anything about callbacks from yesterday's EPA?



    m234 11/21/2014  11:55am
  • Beautiful Tour @ 11/18/2014  4:11pm

    Post with callbacks/offers after today's appointments



    Rogem37 11/18/2014  6:30pm


    LookiMadeAhat 11/18/2014  8:04pm

    Finals are Thursday and was told that we won't know for a few weeks after that.

    Gypsy5758 11/18/2014  9:48pm

    Sorry, I meant Friday. Not Thursday.

    Gypsy5758 11/18/2014  9:51pm

    I was also told they may have dance call-backs on Thursday. Has anyone gotten a call-back for anyone of those days yet?

    BEINGSUPREME 11/18/2014  10:05pm


    sinsajo 11/19/2014  10:41am


    glitzygal 11/19/2014  11:38am


    LookiMadeAhat 11/19/2014  12:12pm


    LookiMadeAhat 11/19/2014  12:18pm


    LookiMadeAhat 11/19/2014  12:59pm


    bluesky07 11/19/2014  3:15pm


    Hip Hop Anonymous 11/19/2014  3:48pm


    carpediem 11/19/2014  7:00pm

    According to the audition notice, dancecall tomorrow with final auditions (especially for ensemble understudying leads) on friday.

    bluenblonde 11/19/2014  7:38pm

    CBs started coming out for Fri.

    inlikeflynn 11/19/2014  8:04pm

    anyone else?

    carpediem 11/19/2014  8:33pm

    What track in the CB for on Friday inlikeflynn?

    LookiMadeAhat 11/19/2014  10:01pm


    LookiMadeAhat 11/19/2014  10:05pm

    Anyone else hear about callbacks? My original email said be ready to finals on Friday, too, but haven't exactly been invited yet ha ha. Didn't get a vibe from the room either way. I'm assuming we'd know by today already (Thurs).

    Juicy1104 11/20/2014  9:49am

    Bump to Friday callbacks- I felt the same way exactly

    bluesky07 11/20/2014  10:17am

    I would like to know if anybody has heard today (Thursday)

    bluesky07 11/20/2014  10:58am

    Hey guys,
    Had my callback Monday, and just got a call half an hour ago from my agent for final callback tomorrow. (White ensemble guy) I had given up hope... but I guess they're making calls today! Break legs all.

    CuriousGeorge 11/20/2014  11:02am

    Anyone else?

    bluesky07 11/20/2014  1:17pm

    Is anyone in finals for any of the Shirley roles?

    lovemelody 11/20/2014  2:11pm

    Good know there *may* still be hope! I went in Tuesday for the Carole/Cynthia/Genie Swing and originally went to the EPA back in Sept.

    Juicy1104 11/20/2014  2:18pm

    Has anyone heard from Tuesday's callbacks?

    LookiMadeAhat 11/20/2014  4:41pm

    I had a Tuesday callback and was feeling pretty down, but I just now heard about a final callback for tomorrow!

    answering while I'm cranky 11/20/2014  4:53pm

    Cranky: what role are you called back for?

    KTurnerOverdrive 11/20/2014  7:54pm


    bluesky07 11/21/2014  11:48am