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Want to know if anyone got a callback yet? Did YOU get a callback? Post here!

  • Encores! Lady Be Good @ 10/16/2014  12:02pm

    Anyone had about callbacks from yesterday's appointments?

    Hip Hop Anonymous

    Is this about the invited dance call on Tuesday or were there appointments for principals/singers yesterday?

    thechorusboy 10/16/2014  12:14pm

    singers, yesterday

    Hip Hop Anonymous 10/16/2014  1:12pm


    blahblahblahblah 10/17/2014  5:50am


    blahblahblahblah 10/17/2014  3:31pm


    Hip Hop Anonymous 10/19/2014  6:49pm


    tapster 10/20/2014  1:03pm

    I went to the invited dance call last week and I am wondering if anyone has heard.

    crookedsmile 10/21/2014  1:16am

    any news?

    blahblahblahblah 10/22/2014  5:11am

    I have my first appt today.

    is this real life 10/22/2014  8:20am
  • Beef and Boards Dinner Theatre @ Nola Studios 10/21/2014  4:25pm

    Does anyone know if they ever make offers without a callback to dance/read?


    I'm wondering the same.... Didn't seem like anyone around my appt time today was asked to stay and read/dance.

    upearly 10/21/2014  6:22pm

    I wouldn't say it's the norm, but my friend had an appointment for their production of 'Les Mis'...went in, sang her 2 songs and was done. No callback. 2 weeks later got an offer. So, ya never know...

    iPoop 10/22/2014  7:50am
  • Were callbacks in the room?!

    Newyorkcitynow 10/20/2014  12:48pm

    Did anyone write down who was ITR? Forgot to do that before I left

    gryffindor 10/20/2014  12:51pm

    Michael cassara
    Michael hicks
    Ashton foster
    Kate lumpkin
    Carl levin
    Jamie bendell
    Ray leeper
    Michael sottile

    Newyorkcitynow 10/20/2014  12:57pm

    Michael cassara
    Michael hicks
    Ashton foster
    Kate lumpkin
    Carl levin
    Jamie bendell
    Ray leeper
    Michael sottile

    Newyorkcitynow 10/20/2014  1:13pm

    They're not doing callbacks in the room. I just got an email to read on Wednesday

    AmateurPanda 10/20/2014  1:29pm

    ^^ do you mind saying for which role?

    dead girl walking 10/20/2014  1:40pm

    yeah just got an email for Wednesday as well. Reading during the day and then possible dance callback at 5pm.

    hkmac728 10/20/2014  1:45pm

    Which role, do you mind? Also, are people still getting emails? Please post as you're hearing!

    Baby_Groot 10/20/2014  1:46pm

    Thanks newyorkcitynow!

    gryffindor 10/20/2014  1:58pm

    I was called back for Diana. I assumed they sent out emails during lunch and will do more tonight.

    hkmac728 10/20/2014  2:02pm

    I was called back for Adam

    AmateurPanda 10/20/2014  3:43pm

    Anyone who went later in the day get a CB email yet?

    random8 10/20/2014  6:05pm

    Ditto random8

    toloveanotherperson 10/20/2014  6:14pm

    They're probably having a well-earned dinner and break after a long day before calling all of us back.

    But seriously- seemed like super cool people. Post if anyone hears from the afternoon.

    ImMrsIglesias 10/20/2014  7:16pm

    Got called back for Josh

    classical/musicaltheatre 10/20/2014  7:37pm

    Any callbacks from the afternoon auditions yet?

    bwaylvsong 10/20/2014  9:20pm

    bump on callbacks for after lunch

    greenapple 10/20/2014  9:21pm

    Bump for afternoon audition callbacks :-) Very kind team!

    toloveanotherperson 10/20/2014  10:46pm

    Anyone know if all callbacks went out last night? Or should we cross our fingers for an email today possibly?

    random8 10/21/2014  10:22am

    They are having agent/manager appts all day in Pearl.

    makesomeonehappy 10/21/2014  10:49am

    Just got a callback to dance tomorrow, had an agent appointment for Liz this morning.

    J1 10/21/2014  12:38pm

    Had a post-lunch appointment today. Anyone hear anything?

    thedip 10/21/2014  3:21pm

    Any more callbacks going out after today's agent appointments?

    Wishin&Hopin 10/21/2014  5:27pm

    Did anyone who had a callback today get another callback for tomorrow (Wednesday)? Or did today's callback count as our callback? Thanks!

    youknowwho 10/22/2014  1:59am
  • Roxy @ Pearl Studios 10/13/2014  6:59pm

    Anyone recieve a principle call back? Besides dance call?


    i know a few people were asked to come back and prepare a specific song from a show.

    actingforlife 10/13/2014  7:36pm

    No 39 steps call backs??

    ShakesPEAR 10/13/2014  7:48pm

    I didn't hear of any callbacks for the plays: 39 steps, measure for measure or tuesday's with morrie, but I could be wrong...

    actingforlife 10/13/2014  8:04pm

    Bump on principal callbacks?

    PrettyPelican 10/13/2014  11:45pm

    wait they did principle cbs in the room?? the guy said they weren't, that they were just for a tap call

    palmtree 10/13/2014  11:50pm

    I know of a few people getting specific songs to bring back today and sing. I don't know if they were for specific lead roles or just for a show in general.

    actingforlife 10/14/2014  7:28am

    just had an appointment today...please post if you hear anything!

    smiles 10/14/2014  1:11pm

    Bump on principle call backs.

    ShakesPEAR 10/14/2014  4:09pm

    For anyone who has worked for them previously: any idea how quickly offers typically go out? And will they cast all at once or as the year progresses? Are people often cast in multiple shows in the season?

    Thanks for tolerating all the questions :)

    Tracibug 10/14/2014  5:22pm

    I found out about a month after their new york call (and I had no callback of any kind) and they do try to cast as much of the season as possible.

    NoDirection 10/14/2014  9:38pm

    does anybody know what songs people were asked to prepare? he asked me to sing something from Honky Tonk Angels in the room, so I'm just wondering if people were asked to come back with a song from that show... thanks!

    princessconsuela 10/15/2014  10:19am

    sang my song then they asked for a country song, so I assume that was for Honky Tonk but didn't sing from the show.

    Tracibug 10/16/2014  12:36pm

    So do we know exactly when these offers will go out?

    koolkat 10/16/2014  10:39pm

    He makes offers on a rolling basis. You could hear next week, next month, or next year.

    makesomeonehappy 10/17/2014  7:15am

    At the initial call, he asked about my interest in doing the three non-musical shows in the winter (VMonologues, Measure, and the children's show). Was anyone called back specifically to read for one of those?

    diana891 10/19/2014  7:42pm

    Okay, it's been a full week. Anybody hear anything yet??

    TM 10/20/2014  8:03pm

    bump! anyone heard anything?

    palmtree 10/22/2014  1:51am
  • In the Mood @ Ripley Grier 520 10/17/2014  9:34am

    Have any of the dancers who made it to the final round at the Wednesday audition received a call yet? Thanks!


    please post if you receive offers after today's callback! :-)

    smiles 10/17/2014  5:09pm


    timnop 10/19/2014  11:58am


    ryphi12 10/19/2014  4:05pm


    nyguyforlife 10/19/2014  8:01pm

    In the bump

    TrannyStampOff 10/20/2014  11:09am

    Bump! Anyone hear anything yet?

    smiles 10/20/2014  1:13pm


    timnop 10/20/2014  8:04pm


    smiles 10/21/2014  12:56pm

    Bump! anything?

    kelly3kins 10/21/2014  5:35pm

    offer out for the Narrator

    ryphi12 10/21/2014  5:56pm

    Please post when offers go out :)

    823waffles 10/21/2014  6:23pm

    ryphi12, was your offer via email or phone?

    smiles 10/22/2014  1:08am
  • Bump

    Sincerely 10/20/2014  7:27pm


    abutler 10/22/2014  12:36am
  • August Rush @ 10/18/2014  10:35pm

    Any word on callbacks from this past weeks' ECC and EPA?



    Mjc566 10/19/2014  12:31am

    Doesn't anyone know when they plan to start calling people back

    Jp27 10/19/2014  12:03pm


    Mjc566 10/19/2014  6:15pm


    Jp27 10/20/2014  8:24am

    Bumpin on up

    Mjc566 10/20/2014  1:04pm

    Bumpity bump

    Ohmy 10/20/2014  1:12pm


    Mjc566 10/20/2014  8:23pm


    Jp27 10/21/2014  10:08am


    Mjc566 10/21/2014  2:46pm

    Just got off the phone with my agent with an appointment tomorrow for the only prescreen day that they're apparently holding!

    Best of luck everyone!

    Hybrid1 10/21/2014  3:29pm

    Hybrid1, did you go to either the ECC or EPA? Thanks!

    jaynoh 10/21/2014  3:36pm

    Hybrid1, for which role if you don't mind saying?

    jellyfish5 10/21/2014  3:38pm

    I went to the EPA on Friday and it's not for a specific role. I'm going in w all instruments and singing 32 bars - I'm not even sure who's going to be in the room tomorrow!

    Hybrid1 10/21/2014  5:55pm

    Has anyone that attended the ECC received a callback?

    TellmeTellme 10/21/2014  7:10pm

    bump for eccs

    thegambit 10/21/2014  9:38pm

    Do they only call in who they are considering to the pre-screen?

    apaulo 10/21/2014  11:58pm
  • Disney Cruise Lines @ Pearl Studios 09/30/2014  4:59pm

    Posting this again since the other one dropped off! Post for offers!


    They said it'd be 2-3 weeks...though sooner would be fabulous, waiting is so hard!

    tired123 09/30/2014  5:16pm

    Does anyone who was at the dance call at Pearl Studios know what the name of the song used for the musical theater combo??

    Dancer19 10/01/2014  8:04pm

    Anyone hear anything yet?

    Carefreeuntiliaudition 10/02/2014  3:03pm

    Waiting- they said one to two weeks for me and I auditioned last week

    TonyTapper 10/02/2014  8:39pm

    My friend received an offer.

    Any offers for Rafiki yet??

    Kiyap20 10/02/2014  11:29pm

    Do you know what she got an offer for?

    kdahl 10/02/2014  11:40pm

    Or he.

    kdahl 10/03/2014  7:12am


    Kiyap20 10/03/2014  7:19am

    Or he.

    kdahl 10/03/2014  7:41am


    jfhaley 10/03/2014  8:03am


    Kiyap20 10/03/2014  11:37am

    When did your friend hear kiyap20?

    mousedance 10/03/2014  12:33pm

    Mousedance- on Tuesday

    Kiyap20 10/03/2014  12:50pm

    Just got a call today!

    kdahl 10/03/2014  4:29pm

    Congrats! For what kdahl?

    mousedance 10/03/2014  4:46pm

    Thanks! Mary Poppins/Mrs Potts, the Evil Queen, and ensemble for the ship "Dream"!

    kdahl 10/03/2014  4:48pm

    Any offers for Rafiki??

    MV1913 10/03/2014  5:13pm

    Or Sophia?

    mousedance 10/03/2014  5:15pm

    Congrats, friends who got offers! ...any Cruella/Rapunzel/Yzma offers?

    tired123 10/03/2014  5:27pm

    Any word on Peter Pan/Quasimodo?

    TheatreJock 10/03/2014  5:54pm

    Any offers for Aladdin?

    TonyTapper 10/03/2014  8:10pm


    My friend was offered Hercules and a guard on the Fantasy. Not lumiere.

    I got a call today and will be on the Dream :) the roles of Rafiki, Dig Soloist,
    Ursula, Rona Rivers and Tarzan soloist which may switch over to featured soloist and Tarzan soloist.

    Kiyap20 10/04/2014  3:15am

    Offer out for Sophia on the Dream as of yesterday afternoon!

    neverneverknow 10/04/2014  12:24pm

    Bump for Aladdin :)

    TonyTapper 10/04/2014  7:31pm

    Bump for Aladdin!!!!!

    jfhaley 10/04/2014  11:45pm


    talkalotpickalittlemore 10/05/2014  12:17pm


    dropofsun11 10/05/2014  4:26pm

    Bump for Peter Pan/Quasimodo!

    sooner2012 10/06/2014  1:44am


    jfhaley 10/06/2014  9:18am

    Bump! Don't want this one falling off!

    sooner2012 10/06/2014  10:12pm


    Chris 10/07/2014  12:09pm

    My friend got an offer for Cruella

    cocoshay 10/07/2014  1:56pm


    sooner2012 10/07/2014  9:10pm

    Offer out for peter/quasi

    rappydog13 10/08/2014  11:12am


    jfhaley 10/08/2014  12:19pm

    Offer for Peter Pan/quasi is out

    TheatreJock 10/08/2014  1:05pm

    Can we assume all offers are out? Any ladies for the Fantasy?

    troybolton 10/09/2014  10:37am

    They told me three weeks so I'm staying optimistic, it's only been two. Are there any offers out there for Aladdin?

    jfhaley 10/09/2014  11:17am

    Any offers out for Lumiere/Pain/Bert?

    bwaybaby101 10/09/2014  5:48pm

    Buuuump. We are coming up on that third week! Let's keep this thread going!

    jfhaley 10/12/2014  10:34am

    Buuump!! Agreed!

    cravenation 10/12/2014  1:51pm

    Bump into this last week!!

    jfhaley 10/13/2014  1:30pm

    Anyone? Any dancers or anyone at all for the Fantasy?

    troybolton 10/14/2014  3:21pm

    for those who were asking about aladdin, i know somebody who was offered aladdin (dont know which show/ship) who isnt accepting, hope that helps!

    shawty 10/15/2014  2:19am


    cravenation 10/15/2014  8:59am

    I know two dancers that were offered contracts a week ago but I don't know what ship it was for.

    Dancer19 10/15/2014  11:56am

    offers for males for the Dream are going out today. Aladdin was just sent out.

    ryphi12 10/15/2014  1:42pm

    Not sure if this will be of interest, but I've now been called to come in and audition for the MAGIC, this coming Monday the 20th.

    Thia 10/16/2014  4:54pm

    Are all offers out for this one? Any updates for ladies on both ships?

    marikit 10/17/2014  6:16pm

    BUMP anything for males on the Dream??

    ryphi12 10/21/2014  3:02pm

    I received an offer for Yzma on the Dream last Friday!

    tired123 10/21/2014  10:58pm
  • May I ask what the musical style of this show is? I know it says contemporary musical theatre on the breakdown but I'm just curious if anything more specific

    Robot101 10/13/2014  6:58pm

    Seconding info on musical style

    anenigmawrappedinbacon 10/13/2014  8:14pm

    Callback bump! ITR?

    OlliesDolly 10/15/2014  2:12pm


    tempermentaltenor 10/15/2014  9:48pm


    Atimetokill 10/16/2014  11:18am


    Shax 10/16/2014  2:47pm

    Callbks? Bump

    Cece 10/17/2014  10:44am

    Heeeere's a BUMP

    tempermentaltenor 10/17/2014  12:07pm


    Cece 10/17/2014  4:25pm

    Appointmets are supposed to start on the 20th... Anyone?

    Atimetokill 10/17/2014  5:34pm


    m234 10/18/2014  4:54pm

    BUMP. With the director in the room for the EPAs (and so many characters) there's got to be some call-backs from the EPAs. Please report, thanks! Good luck everyone!

    HoundDog 10/18/2014  5:56pm

    Bump--- hhhmm.., was this precast?

    Cece 10/19/2014  11:00am


    Cece 10/20/2014  9:23am


    Cece 10/20/2014  8:50pm

    Ok--- no one has any info on this??

    Cece 10/21/2014  12:18pm

    Feeling a little suspicious/obvious.... BUMP

    tempermentaltenor 10/21/2014  10:03pm

    I heard through the grapevine that the show was postponed

    emuhe 10/21/2014  10:50pm
  • Mary Poppins Ogunquit @ Pearl Studios 10/21/2014  8:34pm

    It's early days but any word on offers from the non-Eq call?