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Want to know if anyone got a callback yet? Did YOU get a callback? Post here!

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    boombox899 12/02/2016  1:54pm

    Anything? Anybody hear?

    boombox899 12/03/2016  1:35am

    Did appointments even go out for this? Like from AA?

    Catbug826 12/04/2016  1:09am

    Yes appointments were Thursday!

    boombox899 12/04/2016  1:27pm


    pink24 12/05/2016  8:18am


    CrazyActorShit 12/05/2016  1:27pm

    Were these appointments from AA?

    Imastar4 12/05/2016  1:39pm


    boombox899 12/05/2016  5:05pm


    sassypants23 12/05/2016  7:04pm

    Imastar 4, the appointments specific to this posting were agent appointments

    sassypants23 12/06/2016  10:15am

    Any callbacks given yet?

    busybee 12/06/2016  2:42pm
  • Secret Garden @ Nola Studios 12/05/2016  2:36pm

    Post if you hear anything after today's audition/callback.


    Bump after dance callbacks from the singer ECC yesterday!

    Glamgirl 12/06/2016  8:48am

    Does anyone know when callbacks are?

    singerbee 12/06/2016  2:05pm


    fannyontherooftops 12/06/2016  2:34pm
  • dancefanatic02

    Did anyone do any of the scenes after singing?

    Arrietty 12/05/2016  1:59pm

    I did the first side!

    dancefanatic02 12/05/2016  2:06pm


    talkalotpickalittlemore 12/05/2016  4:50pm


    littlelion15 12/05/2016  7:40pm

    I had a callback today, after an initial audition yesterday. I read the first side after singing yesterday. Post if offers go out. Break some long legs, everyone! :)

    lilmississy 12/06/2016  2:25pm
  • Artfully_displaced
  • Anyone hear anything?

    Capricorn93 12/03/2016  8:12am


    thespianavenue 12/04/2016  1:39pm


    TommyBoy 12/05/2016  11:38am

    I heard from the director today via email. He said that I was still being considered and then invited me to audition for a series of labs/showcases that he's heading. did everyone get this email?

    Djkiko 12/05/2016  12:09pm

    I got the email too.

    thespianavenue 12/05/2016  1:31pm

    Not everyone received an email. I did not receive anything.

    rosebee 12/05/2016  2:37pm

    Received this email as well. Curious: did anyone in AEA receive it/did anyone not in AEA not receive it? I only ask because the email itself was really hard to get a read on--is he actually considering me for the role, or does he just want me to take his class?--and I know that equity doesn't allow people holding auditions to use it to get emails of members for promotions, etc. I'm EMC, so I think he could technically get away with using my email for promotions with no repercussions.

    Also: people who received this email, did you respond, and if so, how? I'm not really interested in taking his class, but I'd take the callback/part if it was offered.

    Vocal French Fries 12/05/2016  7:28pm

    Hi! I'm non-eq and I got the email. I responded to his email and haven't heard from him since then. I assumed it was for free cause he said "work live and on camera with me as my personal guest." Was my assumption correct or dead ass wrong?

    thespianavenue 12/05/2016  11:02pm

    I got that same email too. I honestly think he's just advertising his studio...

    Catbug826 12/06/2016  2:22pm
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    Jack-tor 12/03/2016  3:16pm


    thespianavenue 12/04/2016  1:38pm


    alamusic 12/05/2016  6:13pm

    anybody got a callback yet?

    thespianavenue 12/05/2016  11:03pm


    cocochanelbag 12/06/2016  9:53am


    thespianavenue 12/06/2016  2:13pm
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    pink24 12/01/2016  8:12pm

    Bump 4 callbacks

    boombox899 12/01/2016  9:01pm


    Spot 12/02/2016  12:04pm

    bump on callbacks

    pink24 12/06/2016  1:52pm
  • Disney Cruise Line @ Pearl Studios 12/03/2016  2:31pm

    Callbacks were yesterday and today. Anyone have info of offers/yellow forms/etc or how all that works? Thanks!


    ditto this.

    Arrietty 12/03/2016  8:30pm


    rycearella 12/04/2016  4:56pm

    did people get papers?

    sugar 12/04/2016  5:27pm

    I know several people got yellow forms on Saturday.

    Arrietty 12/04/2016  10:24pm

    can somebody explain what the yellow forms mean? It was my first time auditioning for Disney, and I did fill out a yellow form Thursday after the dancer audition. Did anything further happen after that?

    danceallday 12/04/2016  10:27pm

    Usually if you fill out the yellow form, and have your photo taken and height measured, sometimes they video tape your callback material too then you're good to go. Offers go out via phone calls

    Tompc011 12/04/2016  10:48pm

    I've heard the yellow form means you're essentially booked, but I've also heard that's not the case. And that people never fill it out and still book....basically any possibility. Can anyone confirm?

    WHATISHAPPENING 12/04/2016  11:26pm

    I've filled one out a form before and haven't gotten a call.

    rycearella 12/05/2016  6:18am

    Yellow form is definitely not a booking. It's just a contact form if they do want to contact you but there is still the chance they won't hire because of someone currently in a contract not wanting to leave or other reasons

    Tompc011 12/05/2016  9:12am

    Haven't heard of any calls yet. Forms are standard when you make it to a certain point in the audition.

    rycearella 12/05/2016  5:56pm

    Has anyone heard of getting an offer without a yellow form? Or is it yellow form or bust?

    WHATISHAPPENING 12/06/2016  9:41am

    Pretty sure it's yellow form or bust, especially since they wouldn't have any other way of contacting you otherwise

    Tompc011 12/06/2016  11:59am

    Ray said during initial appointments that casting would go out fairly quickly for this one, mid to end of this week.

    Arrietty 12/06/2016  1:35pm

    Yeah Ray said the same thing. I heard him say they had to fill 45 spots in two weeks!

    MrMacAfee2005 12/06/2016  1:49pm
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    JSL32 12/06/2016  1:47pm
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    italiano80 12/05/2016  5:38pm


    kjs1991 12/05/2016  6:41pm

    All final callbacks are this week.

    insiderinfo 12/06/2016  1:25pm