Callback Corner

Want to know if anyone got a callback yet? Did YOU get a callback? Post here!

  • Offers won't go out till after the musical auditions have finished.

    MissNancy 02/27/2015  8:19am

    And id imagine not until after the local call on the 7th. Anyone know who was itr?

    Fatniss_Neverlean 02/27/2015  8:44am

    Callbacks in the room for Sunday morning. In the room were the producers, and I believe the director of John and Jen and Evita. I was told the director of The Fantasticks will be joining them on Sunday for callbacks.

    BassITone412 02/27/2015  6:38pm

    they gave me a callback for saturday

    allthethings 02/27/2015  7:35pm

    Callbacks are happening on Saturday and Sunday I believe.

    Tiffany91 02/27/2015  9:23pm

    Were today's callbacks all dance? And tomorrow more read and sing? Post what you went in for! :-)

    BassITone412 02/28/2015  4:27pm

    Today's call back was to read sing and dance.

    Skiernc 02/28/2015  4:32pm

    Roles today? What did you hear/see?

    BassITone412 02/28/2015  4:41pm

    All principles for both musicals

    Skiernc 02/28/2015  5:37pm

    Sorry for Evita and Fantastics

    Skiernc 02/28/2015  5:39pm

    Any El Gallo or Perons?

    BassITone412 02/28/2015  5:44pm

    A friend was called back for peron

    Fatniss_Neverlean 02/28/2015  6:57pm

    I saw quite a few El Gallo's

    Skiernc 02/28/2015  7:08pm

    Then many people must've been called back for 2 days of call backs. Anyone told to come back tomorrow?

    BassITone412 02/28/2015  7:28pm

    No I think they just spread it out over 2 days

    Skiernc 02/28/2015  7:30pm
  • Freaky Friday @ Ripley Grier 520 02/18/2015  6:32pm

    Please post about any callbacks after today's ECC. Thanks!



    agriff7 02/18/2015  9:38pm


    Jpark 02/19/2015  12:08am


    megastufforeos 02/19/2015  4:02pm


    actorwithquestions 02/19/2015  5:07pm


    Crazykid 02/19/2015  6:21pm


    montynavarro231 02/23/2015  4:33pm


    titzandteeth 02/24/2015  1:19pm


    itspossible 02/24/2015  1:49pm

    Bump after today's appointments

    dross 02/24/2015  2:19pm


    [insert name here] 02/24/2015  2:23pm

    they sent me music and 2 scenes and had me record it and send it to them and said they would let me know about the next step (callbacks.) Did this happen to anyone else!

    hellomynameis 02/24/2015  3:35pm


    I was just wondering if they contacted you because your agent submitted you or because they saw you at ECC last week? Best of luck and Thank you!


    catalicea 02/24/2015  4:34pm

    Cat, I ended up just sending in a video audition because I couldn't be in the city! They then emailed me the rest of the info. :)

    hellomynameis 02/24/2015  5:42pm

    Who did you send your original tape to? I'm out of town as well and tried to send a tape but don't think it went to the right person at Tara Rubin

    may6911 02/24/2015  5:54pm

    Have any adult ensemble members received appointments yet?

    pickle234 02/24/2015  7:25pm


    BellaDrama88 02/24/2015  11:38pm


    itspossible 02/25/2015  12:09pm


    scoobysnacks 02/25/2015  2:06pm

    Received a CB today via agent

    itspossible 02/26/2015  12:02am you mind sharing for which track?

    dead girl walking 02/26/2015  12:05am

    I hope it's not too much to ask, but if you receive a callback could you post what character the callback is for? This would be helpful. Thank you!

    catalicea 02/26/2015  8:27am


    catalicea 02/26/2015  12:33pm

    cb is for adam

    itspossible 02/26/2015  2:05pm

    received cb today for next week..teenage ensemble

    dead girl walking 02/26/2015  5:03pm

    Any call backs for any other principal roles yet??

    Jennajake 02/26/2015  7:40pm


    hellomynameis 02/27/2015  2:00am


    catalicea 02/27/2015  11:27am

    Bump for any other callbacks today - when are these next week?

    jaynoh 02/27/2015  3:17pm

    Any callbacks today and for what roles if any? Thank you!

    catalicea 02/27/2015  4:02pm

    I think it is safe to assume that all callbacks are out by now.

    WinWin 02/27/2015  5:34pm

    I've learned from another forum that they had agent appointments today too. Is it possible that callbacks are not done?

    catalicea 02/27/2015  9:21pm

    I believe agent app were all week , my son was there tues. Not sure when callbacks are!

    Jennajake 02/28/2015  9:13am

    cbs are mon and tues next week and final cbs are wed. hope that helps!

    dead girl walking 02/28/2015  2:08pm

    So assuming all callbacks for principal roles went out already. My son is disappointed !

    Jennajake 02/28/2015  3:10pm

    Jenna, what role did your son go out for?

    hellomynameis 02/28/2015  6:28pm

    He went out for Fletcher 😢

    Jennajake 02/28/2015  7:16pm
  • Top Hat EPA Callback/Agent Appointment @ other 02/28/2015  6:55pm

    Has anyone heard anything after the Thursday the 26th Agent Auditions/EPA Callbacks at Telsey?

  • Probably won't make calls till after 6

    [insert name here] 02/26/2015  5:45pm

    They seemed to give most of their CBs in room, but they said we'd know for sure tonight after 6

    Baby_Groot 02/26/2015  6:18pm

    I was asked ITR if I was free tomorrow and then I was told I will know later tonight if they need to see more of me. Has anyone recieved an email or call with details?

    Dgactor86 02/26/2015  6:39pm

    At first, they said all callbacks will be given via phone later tonight.

    But I think in the last hour or so they started giving them in the room. Quite a few people got official ones in the room. Maybe just to make things easier.

    But don't lose hope!

    MaxiFord 02/26/2015  7:03pm

    Just curious- has anyone received a call yet? And also: what tracks were being called back? I heard several were already cast, but not sure which. Thanks!

    Jordy723 02/26/2015  7:28pm

    Any male callbacks via phone or email?

    pillowcase 02/26/2015  7:28pm

    any callbacks via phone?

    klove9 02/26/2015  7:53pm

    Anyone hear anything? Call or emails post 6pm?

    Dgactor86 02/26/2015  8:33pm

    I was in the first group of men that were told that there would be no more ITR callbacks. No news on my end. Thought I killed it!

    pillowcase 02/26/2015  9:34pm

    Same here pic

    Dgactor86 02/26/2015  9:44pm

    I got a call about an hour ago to come back in with the info.

    kl245057 02/26/2015  9:48pm

    Huh. No call here either. Was told ITR that they wished the person who originated the role I sang today (a good friend of theirs) was there to see me because he would have been obsessed. AND they called me back at UPTA. #dazedandconfused

    Jordy723 02/26/2015  9:54pm

    Anyone know the names of the people in the room? I believe the director is Joey Murray, but don't know the rest.

    Ahd246 02/27/2015  2:56pm

    Jenny Wiley's M.O. is to use people they've worked with before. I know a gentleman who was offered a show with them last year that he didn't even audition for. They just called him up and offered him a job. Meanwhile I went through vocal and 2 dance callbacks for the same show. No call. So take this with a grain of salt. But know that it's all happened before!

    Adele Dazeem 02/27/2015  3:09pm

    Bump for offers!

    Fatniss_Neverlean 02/27/2015  3:30pm

    Their website says the have local auditions tomorrow FYI.

    MaxiFord 02/27/2015  4:28pm

    bump on offers

    EthanTheEmu 02/27/2015  5:27pm

    Can anybody post who was ITR? Thanks!

    person 02/27/2015  7:18pm

    Bump! Local call should get done early today. Fingers crossed!!

    Fatniss_Neverlean 02/28/2015  10:32am

    Ya it says their local call is until 2pm today...
    Wondering if they are going to have callbacks there today or a different day..

    Hopefully we will hear soon.

    Also, does anyone know if they will be coming back to NY to cast the rest of their season? (Shrek & Little Shop)

    xNyc577x 02/28/2015  11:13am

    Yes, they told me that theyre having a call in March for both of those shows

    Jordy723 02/28/2015  12:11pm

    Oh okay thanks!

    xNyc577x 02/28/2015  2:04pm


    EthanTheEmu 02/28/2015  6:28pm
  • Saint Michael's Playhouse @ Ripley Grier 520 02/27/2015  12:59pm

    Any news on when callbacks will be? Anyone received a callback yet? Any callbacks given in the room?



    cydcharisse 02/27/2015  9:18pm

    Bump bump!

    dancer1896 02/28/2015  11:57am


    Hip Hop Anonymous 02/28/2015  12:05pm

    Any news after the dance calls?

    mattashley90 02/28/2015  12:55pm


    There Once Was a Lady Named Dot 02/28/2015  3:59pm


    insomniac 02/28/2015  6:22pm
  • dreaminof2ndsopinwicked

    Would like to know as well if anyone has gotten an offer/knows when they are being made.


    xNyc577x 02/28/2015  9:35am

    FYI, you could hear very soon to even a year from now. They usually will call you first to see/doublecheck what your availabilty is like, then they'll follow up with an offer. It's based on whatever ship is next to rehearse or if they need to fill a spot in a cast. I know a couple casts are in rehearsal now so they probably aren't looking for anything too immediate right now. :)

    mchs 02/28/2015  10:58am

    Thanks for the info. I'll bump anyway :)

    Galapagos9 02/28/2015  5:54pm
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    A full season bump.

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    peggymcgee 02/27/2015  4:59pm

    offer out for smokey joes

    SteppinToTheBadSide 02/28/2015  2:00am

    Which role in Smokey Joes?

    JustJudy 02/28/2015  3:36am

    I've heard of a couple male principal offers out for My Fair Lady.

    Stopbelivin 02/28/2015  8:38am

    Any ensemble offers?

    LadyLuck 02/28/2015  8:59am

    Anything for "mermaid" ?

    mewantcookie 02/28/2015  9:59am


    BrownSugar 02/28/2015  11:54am

    Yikes...I was just told that there were not any offers out for Smokey Joe's yet.

    TellmeTellme 02/28/2015  4:33pm

    Have they made any offers for ensemble? I've only heard principles so far.

    JustJudy 02/28/2015  5:47pm

    What principles have you heard, justjudy?

    BrownSugar 02/28/2015  5:51pm
  • Bump!

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    smg0710 02/28/2015  3:34pm

    did anyone do more than sing, dance and read a side???

    5678 02/28/2015  3:53pm


    RobinGoodfellow 02/28/2015  5:42pm