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Want to know if anyone got a callback yet? Did YOU get a callback? Post here!

  • BUMP. bringing this back. Anyone hear of any offers???

    GlacierVocals 04/25/2016  2:17pm

    Male ensemble offer out and accepted. Local hire.

    dkdkdk 04/25/2016  7:42pm

    Congratulations! That's wonderful. When did you hear?

    GlacierVocals 04/26/2016  9:18am

    This person heard last week.

    dkdkdk 04/26/2016  3:37pm

    Any non eq male offers since Monday?

    tapnboy 04/28/2016  6:35am


    tapnboy 04/28/2016  11:49am

    Are they confirmed to be hiring non-Eq? How many non-Eq were at callbacks?

    dkdkdk 04/28/2016  1:49pm

    I got a self-submit request that was very specific about my Union status, so I assume they're hiring at least 1 non eq

    tapnboy 04/28/2016  11:01pm

    Any offers?

    tapnboy 05/03/2016  5:35am
  • Any Buddys hear anything? Is there another round of callbacks?

    nickbob 04/28/2016  9:59am

    @nickbob when was the last time you were in for Buddy?

    GregGregson 04/28/2016  10:55am

    Today is another round of callbacks. Also, on AuditionAccess, they posted a call for more submissions for certain roles, so I'm not sure if they are done with the audition process. But, there is in in fact going to be two tours, so maybe they are trying to see as many people as possible.

    imthewitch 04/28/2016  11:27am

    I was in on Wednesday for Buddy but didn't stay and move. Anyone know if Buddys moved yesterday?

    nickbob 04/28/2016  2:22pm


    randomblackboy 04/28/2016  6:18pm

    Idk about any other callback appointments after today's. Also there were Buddy's in the movement call today. Post if ya hear anything else!

    MVLBE 04/28/2016  7:16pm

    Do we know how many were in the movement call today?

    imthewitch 04/28/2016  9:51pm

    what roles were in the movement callback today.... Thursday?

    bookit5678 04/28/2016  10:51pm

    There was 11 in the call today.

    MVLBE 04/28/2016  11:00pm

    also today i believe there was a mix of Emily/Emily u/s, Deb/Deb u/s, Buddy/Buddy u/s, 1 store manager 1 jovie

    MVLBE 04/28/2016  11:03pm

    Post with any callback/offer updates! Or if you know when they're going to update!

    MissManhattan 04/28/2016  11:03pm

    Post with any updates.

    imthewitch 04/29/2016  4:05am


    The_Diva 04/29/2016  10:43am

    Were there any Walter Hobbs called back?

    Venti BB 04/29/2016  10:59am


    MissManhattan 04/29/2016  11:39am

    I'm pretty sure the last round of callbacks are happening next week. So offers probably won't be going out until after that.

    ladyinwaiting 04/29/2016  1:05pm

    One more round? Nice. Where'd you hear that? ^^

    MVLBE 04/29/2016  1:38pm


    kjs1991 04/29/2016  1:53pm

    Were people called back from Wednesday and Yesterday's appointments

    The_Diva 04/29/2016  2:46pm

    That's what my correspondence with Andrea about my own appointment seemed to suggest. But I don't say that to suggest that if you're not coming in next week, you're out. You may have gotten up in front of every member of the creative team that needs to see you already (who knows). I just wouldn't expect any offers just yet.

    ladyinwaiting 04/29/2016  3:58pm

    Final CB received for next week. Break legs guys!

    Kelkat44 04/29/2016  4:04pm

    Final callback in two weeks! Break legs, everyone!

    livelovedance22 04/29/2016  5:16pm

    What roles have heard about next week? Buddys?

    nickbob 04/29/2016  8:21pm

    Final callback In a week.!

    MVLBE 04/29/2016  11:24pm

    Final callback In a week.!

    MVLBE 04/29/2016  11:49pm


    randomblackboy 04/30/2016  7:30am


    imthewitch 04/30/2016  1:07pm

    For what roles????

    MissManhattan 04/30/2016  3:40pm

    Bump callbacks for what roles?

    MissManhattan 04/30/2016  9:30pm

    Final CB for ensemble.

    livelovedance22 04/30/2016  9:45pm

    For the ensemble CB it says to come prepared to move. I'm hoping it's the same combo from the previous call. What do y'all think?

    The_Diva 05/01/2016  1:32pm

    Any of those callbacks for Principals or just Ensemble?

    imthewitch 05/01/2016  9:32pm

    Any of those callbacks for Principals or just Ensemble?

    imthewitch 05/01/2016  9:34pm


    MissManhattan 05/01/2016  10:48pm

    Any other principals called for next week? Buddy's? Debs?

    MissManhattan 05/02/2016  8:37am

    Sparkle jolly bump

    nickbob 05/02/2016  10:40am

    My CB is for Character Woman/ Understudy Emily. Hope that helps :)

    Kelkat44 05/02/2016  11:59am

    Buddy Bump

    plime 05/02/2016  7:09pm

    Got the final callback info, for Tuesday

    imthewitch 05/03/2016  5:16am
  • Hamilton Invited Audition @ 05/03/2016  3:46am

    Has anyone heard back from the preliminary auditions from Telsey last week?

  • Phantom replacement callback from 3/11 @ Pearl Studios 05/02/2016  10:33pm

    I know this was a while ago, but did anyone hear a follow up from these callback?


    Which track is this for?

    dkdkdk 05/03/2016  2:03am
  • Priscilla @ Ogunquit/Gatewat @ 04/28/2016  8:10am

    Hey friends - starting a new thread after yesterday's callbacks. Update if anyone hears of or receives offers! Break legs, everyone...



    TL1217 04/28/2016  11:46am


    gogetemtiger 04/28/2016  1:07pm

    I will survive...BUMP

    tryintomakeit 04/28/2016  3:13pm

    Got the "on hold" call. Apparently offers going out within the week.

    chaoticdreamer 04/28/2016  7:26pm

    Chaotic ...which role if you don't mind sharing

    S&J 04/28/2016  8:13pm


    TL1217 04/29/2016  10:05am


    DanceAndSing 04/29/2016  11:26am


    gogetemtiger 04/29/2016  2:09pm


    gogetemtiger 04/29/2016  2:26pm


    TL1217 04/30/2016  10:10am

    keeping the BUMP aliveee

    ckactor 05/01/2016  11:40am

    New week bump??

    DanceAndSing 05/02/2016  12:57pm


    werk678 05/02/2016  6:33pm


    JustBe123 05/02/2016  10:26pm


    tryintomakeit 05/03/2016  12:41am
  • RedHouse Arts Center @ 04/30/2016  12:13am

    Anyone receive offers/responses yet from video callbacks? :D


    My videos haven't been watched yet...

    yogajunkie 04/30/2016  1:01am


    CaptainAmerica 04/30/2016  2:09pm

    How do people know if their videos have been watched or not?

    BB-8 04/30/2016  3:09pm

    Looking for the rehearsal/show dates paper that they gave out at auditions... BUMP!!

    Venti BB 04/30/2016  6:31pm

    How o you know if they watched your video?

    Cheeky 04/30/2016  8:36pm


    CaptainAmerica 04/30/2016  11:46pm

    Im ready to give up on this bump

    JustTryingToBook 04/30/2016  11:57pm

    @Cheeky and BB-8
    I used unlisted Youtube video to submit.
    So I can see the number of views and so far I am the only one who has watched my video.

    And.....yes, still haven't been watched yet.
    Plus, I believe that they are doing Ragtime tech right now...they must be busy.

    yogajunkie 05/01/2016  9:50am

    Keep the bump alive! Don't give up. Something will come. Thanks yogajunkie for keeping us posted with video watches and other details! :)

    oreopants 05/01/2016  6:51pm


    PrettyPelican 05/02/2016  11:48am


    CaptainAmerica 05/02/2016  5:50pm

    What's the deal Redhouse? *crying emojii*

    toloveanotherperson 05/02/2016  5:57pm

    Do we know if they cast mostly in-house people or do they tend to cast new people too?

    gev1994 05/02/2016  6:37pm


    oreopants 05/02/2016  10:39pm

    I've never been so close to unprofessionally being like hi is this cast yet orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    JustTryingToBook 05/02/2016  11:39pm

    ^^^^ that would not be unprofessional. I emailed casting a week ago because I have another offer and I wanted to see how they were progressing with casting. I haven't received a response.....

    TheatreJock 05/02/2016  11:48pm

    thats true i mean it has been basically a month since the initial auditions.

    JustTryingToBook 05/02/2016  11:55pm

    Yeah same here. It weird . I sent in one video then they sent me another callback for another show and then after sending all three I kinda expected to hear back soon but still nothing yet ..

    Blocktheworldout 05/03/2016  12:35am
  • Iwantanswers123

    There was a dance callback for ensemble dancers/Principal covers a week or so ago. They said there may be possible further finals this week but I'm not sure who for

    Jyl0430 04/30/2016  9:56pm

    I had a work session Saturday and I think there are more work sessions happening this week. I think final callbacks are also this week. Break legs to everyone!!

    lilmississy 05/02/2016  3:16pm

    Who were the work sessions for? Principals or ensemble??

    Jyl0430 05/02/2016  11:31pm
  • Peerless at Barrington Stage @ 05/02/2016  4:45pm

    Has anyone received an appointment for this yet? Thanks!


    The casting associate in charge of this project is just getting back into the office tomorrow, so no appointments have gone out yet. They should this week.

    Catbug826 05/02/2016  11:23pm
  • Curious Incident @ Pearl Studios 04/30/2016  10:16am

    Does anyone remember the name of the casting director in the room? I lost the paper I had written it on :/


    Daniel swee.

    Can anyone tell me if they (LCT) or Cindy Tolan is casting this tho?

    dontnobodywantno 04/30/2016  11:01am

    There was a lady the second day. I think it must have been Cindy. Any cbs?

    Bailee1416 04/30/2016  4:14pm

    Camille Hickman (Lincoln Center Theatre Casting) was ITR Friday 4/29 from 2:30 on.

    (according to the sheet, Daniel Swee (Lincoln Center Casting) was there from 10-1:30 on 4/29)

    basicNAB 04/30/2016  4:25pm

    Were callbacks given in the room to anyone? Any word on callbacks at all from today or last call?

    Baldur 05/02/2016  12:52pm

    I'm guessing there will be agent appointments after EPAs end

    dontnobodywantno 05/02/2016  1:36pm

    Bump :)

    Happy:) 05/02/2016  11:01pm