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Want to know if anyone got a callback yet? Did YOU get a callback? Post here!

  • WBT Showboat @ Nola Studios 06/30/2015  6:58pm

    Post if you hear anything from today's principal CBs!



    jazzydramafairy 07/01/2015  10:08am


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    notadaygoesby 07/01/2015  4:53pm


    Alf 07/02/2015  10:05am


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    abey93 07/02/2015  3:24pm

    Ok' man bump

    Whereismydoctorwho 07/02/2015  3:42pm


    Whereismydoctorwho 07/02/2015  3:42pm

    Bump. Nothing yet?

    notadaygoesby 07/02/2015  6:58pm


    jazzydramafairy 07/03/2015  12:08pm

    my agent told me that they are hoping to make official offers by the end of the day

    bunnyboo-er 07/03/2015  3:28pm

    Bump bump

    onthatgrind 07/03/2015  3:29pm


    jazzydramafairy 07/03/2015  6:25pm

    Anyone hear of any offers materializing today?

    notadaygoesby 07/03/2015  10:01pm

    This is probably not terribly helpful, but my agents were told that the track I was up for will be going non-union (I'm AEA). So, even if offers aren't out, they're certainly making choices. I would think calls would go out very soon if they haven't already.

    TenorGuy 07/04/2015  2:11am
  • The Wiz @ other 07/02/2015  1:05pm

    What ever happened with this? I imagine rehearsals should be starting soon...



    weknowthis 07/03/2015  11:43pm
  • Bump

    Heygurlhey 06/30/2015  12:24pm


    crepuscule 06/30/2015  8:52pm


    crepuscule 07/03/2015  11:00pm
  • Our Town @ other 07/02/2015  1:20pm

    Anyone hear anything about appointments going out for this yet?



    Disco4ever 07/03/2015  7:43pm

    my boyfriend has an appointment on Tuesday through his agency.

    crepuscule 07/03/2015  10:57pm
  • Bump

    Bubba707 07/03/2015  9:39pm
  • Hong Kong Disneyland @ Pearl Studios 06/03/2015  11:15am

    I know we still have some time to wait on this... I was just curious if anyone had hear anything in regards to Miss Kitty or Merida. :)

    Happy auditioning


    Bump not just for these roles, but any!

    mezzomezzo 06/03/2015  5:12pm

    They're having auditions in Australia this whole month so we probably won't hear anything until July....

    However, I had a friend who auditioned in LA and she said they're casting 3 deep for each role. So hopefully that means a lot of tracks are available with understudy options.

    KmZ123 06/04/2015  3:12pm

    awesome, thanks for the info!

    mezzomezzo 06/05/2015  2:43pm

    We are getting close to July... just thought I'd bump it up to the top incase anyone hears something!

    myfairlady 06/22/2015  3:04pm


    welp 07/03/2015  9:28pm
  • Busch Gardens Williamsburg @ 06/13/2015  8:02pm

    Still nothing about offers or anything for Halloween? Any info would be helpful.


    Bump for Christmas shows too

    Joce88 06/15/2015  9:06am


    BwayAbuTrainer 06/16/2015  2:35pm


    Joce88 06/19/2015  2:50pm


    BwayAbuTrainer 07/03/2015  9:19pm
  • Media Theater @ Ripley Grier 520 06/17/2015  2:33pm

    Was anyone else asked if they had Philadelphia-area lodging? I'm wondering if it's a deal-breaker if your answer was "no".


    deal breaker (most likely)

    lampshade 06/17/2015  4:58pm

    ALWAYS say You say yes then you find housing. Craigslist is what I did. And I got my equity card. So it was worth it:-)

    Ineedthisjob32 06/17/2015  10:33pm

    I said I didn't but would be willing to find that any better than just saying no? haha

    toofatforfantine 06/17/2015  11:59pm

    Did anyone hear about callbacks from yesterday's singer call?

    Bombalurina 06/18/2015  1:17pm


    toofatforfantine 06/18/2015  8:49pm


    Bombalurina 06/19/2015  10:45am


    mangenue90 06/19/2015  7:34pm

    Bump! Any news on callbacks?

    kcloetingh 06/21/2015  2:21pm

    Same query about callbacks-- I'd assume they're having them, but even though I got the housing question (and answered affirmatively), I haven't heard of a cb date or seen one in any of their postings :/

    mangenue90 06/21/2015  4:21pm

    Yeah. I answered the same questions and was asked about points and all that stuff and haven't heard either... So, maybe they are still organizing a bit? Who knows it's weird!

    ommmmmmmm! 06/21/2015  10:21pm

    they've been known to cast without callbacks

    lampshade 06/21/2015  11:00pm

    Well in that case!

    You can bump, you can bump, you can bump bump bump

    mangenue90 06/22/2015  11:59am

    Pretty sure Gypsy is cast. I saw on FB that the theater is going to be announcing the cast 'soon'

    lampshade 06/22/2015  1:55pm

    ^ if anyone can confirm that, that'd be awesome

    mangenue90 06/23/2015  9:55am

    (With offers, sorry-- I just realized how douchey that sounded haha)

    mangenue90 06/23/2015  10:05am

    I looked and didn't see anything cause friends who went to the PA call haven't heard anything either.

    ommmmmmmm! 06/24/2015  10:00pm

    ^^^same! Gotta be soon

    mangenue90 06/24/2015  11:34pm

    I never understand why they bother coming to the city...or at least why they do an open call if they're not willing to hire people with no housing. Just take submissions from people who already have housing if you're so keen on coming here. They seem like a mess.

    Fatniss_Neverlean 06/25/2015  12:23am

    I've never worked there so I can't speak for them, but I do see why they ask, and why it's favorable if you do-- times is hard and tons of regional theaters are trying to save whatever money they have. I know from friends who've worked there that they DO house out of town talent, I just don't know how much, and I'm sure it changes year to year, show to show. Clean until proven messy?

    mangenue90 06/25/2015  1:00am

    Oh I say that comment as someone who grew up in the Philly area and know that 99.9% of the time that they DON'T offer housing, and if that's the case why not just have appointments for people who can offer housing up front, and very special individuals who they'd be willing to provide for. An open call just seems like a waste of most our time....not to mention that most of their equity contracts for the season are already given out to local resident actors, but I suppose that's besides the point.

    Fatniss_Neverlean 06/25/2015  7:07am

    Look what's back! According to Twitter, Gypsy callbacks are July 13th-- anyone know if these are Philly only? Or NYC? Or anything?

    I just really like Gypsy

    mangenue90 07/01/2015  12:58pm

    I know of quite a few local callbacks for Gypsy

    littleeagle 07/01/2015  10:40pm

    Thought so! Well if anyone knows about NYC callbacks, or if they're trying to get a NYC people to Philly for callbacks, drop a line!

    mangenue90 07/02/2015  1:08am

    I know of three callbacks for people living in New York and they want them to commute to Philly for callbacks

    littleeagle 07/02/2015  1:32pm

    Callback for billy elliot last week and offer out today

    Jg6970 07/02/2015  7:15pm

    Have people only heard about callbacks for Billy Elliot and Gypsy? Anything about the rest of their season ?

    mil7230 07/03/2015  9:04pm
  • Sister Act Asia @ 07/02/2015  10:48am

    I heard they might be casting fast. Has anyone heard?


    I know of a male offer out. I believe it's a part (not ensemble), but I'm not sure of details.

    bwaybound 07/02/2015  11:50am

    I know of a female offer out.

    pizzaking 07/03/2015  7:33pm
  • Kinky boots @ other 07/02/2015  6:44pm

    Post if you hear about offers / further callbacks after today's callbacks!!



    akactor 07/02/2015  9:01pm

    Kinky bump :)

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