Callback Corner

Want to know if anyone got a callback yet? Did YOU get a callback? Post here!

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    DYNAMITES 12/19/2014  2:11pm

    I think they are building files for future replacements. They've been having appointments weekly.

    singinggamer 12/20/2014  4:38pm
  • National Pastime @ other 12/18/2014  4:10pm

    Has anyone heard about offers after yesterday's callbacks? Anyone know when they might go out?



    CuriousGeorge 12/20/2014  4:32pm
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    Also, does anyone know who was ITR (including the excellent accompanist)?

    bwaylvsong 12/08/2014  11:17pm

    In the room: Alison, Artistic Director of Student productions and Jessica, Associate Producer (reader). Not sure who the accompanist was.

    NathanLame 12/09/2014  12:07am

    No on heard anything in the room. I also heard that they might not be doing callbacks so i guess we will know by phone or email.

    TheeActress290 12/09/2014  12:41am

    Also, does anybody know who the monitor (girl) was?

    004lad 12/09/2014  10:20am

    Any news from camp yet?

    alwayshopeful 12/09/2014  11:07pm


    jh 12/10/2014  9:56am


    004lad 12/10/2014  11:45am


    TherealJuliet 12/10/2014  2:21pm


    ImMrsIglesias 12/10/2014  4:18pm

    just heard about a callback for Jenny

    004lad 12/10/2014  5:53pm

    Callback on Sunday

    NathanLame 12/10/2014  11:49pm

    Any callbacks for the role of Nick?

    bwaylvsong 12/11/2014  2:34pm

    Any cbs for Veronica?

    cmd5406 12/11/2014  5:30pm

    Tibaldi cbs? Anyone?

    jh 12/11/2014  8:16pm

    Bump Bumpabumpa

    bwaylvsong 12/12/2014  2:42pm


    bwaylvsong 12/15/2014  8:21pm

    Did anyone hear anything about offers on this?

    youknowwho 12/17/2014  2:34am

    We hold you in our hearts...

    fiscalcliffau 12/17/2014  10:39am

    bump on offers

    004lad 12/17/2014  5:17pm

    Bump on offers?

    youknowwho 12/20/2014  3:04am

    Also wondering about offers

    mactor 12/20/2014  4:22pm
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    BruuuceHead 12/16/2014  10:52pm

    Bumpin' bumpin'

    stq4l 12/17/2014  12:37pm

    Jellicle bump!

    cocoshay 12/17/2014  10:36pm


    dancer90 12/18/2014  2:05pm

    Any offers out yet?!

    Kbear14 12/18/2014  8:02pm

    I wonder if they are waiting until after the holidays to make offers?

    BruuuceHead 12/19/2014  9:28am

    The heavy side bump.

    stq4l 12/20/2014  3:25pm
  • Matilda Tour Callbacks @ 12/18/2014  4:16pm

    What were the cb's like today? Same dance combo? Final cb invites in room?
    Thanks for any info!


    What song was the combo to?

    Kitty 12/18/2014  11:24pm

    The initial mens call was for Loud and then they kept about half of us and taught Bruce and Revolting with the girls who were called back. We then danced in small groups and were put on camera for Peter Darling to review.

    If anyone hears anything further after yesterday, please post!

    hitchmystar 12/19/2014  12:08pm

    Thanks! Just curious- did they do the partnering section in Loud or just the dance break towards the end of the song?

    Kitty 12/19/2014  6:25pm

    Loud was just for the men's initial dance call so it was an solo dance (not sure where it actually falls in the song).

    hitchmystar 12/20/2014  2:54pm
  • In my experience, Bob sends callbacks out very quickly. And I know that the callbacks for this are Wednesday and I would think that emails would go out very soon. Hoping someone posts info so I can forget about this one.

    Peacefrombrokenpieces 12/15/2014  5:45pm

    Cool beans. 12/15/2014  5:47pm

    Friend got a callback in the room.

    Fatniss_Neverlean 12/15/2014  6:23pm

    anyone else?

    Peacefrombrokenpieces 12/15/2014  9:22pm

    No actual callback in the room, but Bob asked if I'm around the rest of this week, so perhaps? Here's hoping!

    BriGuy 12/15/2014  10:37pm

    I have my initial appt for this tomorrow so appts are continuing to happen. My agent told me callbacks are at the end of the week.

    J 12/16/2014  8:58am


    Peacefrombrokenpieces 12/16/2014  5:06pm

    any malcolm callbacks itr from today's appointments?

    Fatniss_Neverlean 12/16/2014  5:42pm

    Anyone hear about a callback from the ECCs yesterday?

    MTGirl101 12/16/2014  5:46pm


    ineedadrink 12/16/2014  6:23pm


    poorpooractor 12/16/2014  7:48pm

    Sensible bump

    NYCnole 12/16/2014  7:48pm

    andddd BUMP

    Fatniss_Neverlean 12/16/2014  9:28pm

    Bump it.

    ilikedogs 12/17/2014  9:43am

    I believe callbacks are tomorrow because local auditions are Friday and Saturday so...

    Peacefrombrokenpieces 12/17/2014  10:33am

    At this point, has anyone heard of callbacks from yesterday's (Tuesday's) principal appts?

    hitchmystar 12/17/2014  11:25am

    I just got an email to come in tomorrow for a callback.

    poorpooractor 12/17/2014  1:08pm

    Were you at the ECC or an appt?

    Peacefrombrokenpieces 12/17/2014  1:18pm

    Please post when people start hearing about callbacks from today's (Wednesday) principal agent appointments. They asked in the room if I was available tomorrow and said they would be figuring out callbacks later today.

    Alf 12/17/2014  1:28pm

    Just got an email for a callback from today's appointments so they are going out pretty fast. Hope that helps!

    Alf 12/17/2014  1:50pm

    I just got a callback for Estelle from the Female ECC. The audition is tomorrow!

    navynote 12/17/2014  2:06pm

    Just got an email from my agent for a CB tomorrow (I went in for principal auditions yesterday).

    hitchmystar 12/17/2014  2:51pm

    Michael Jordan's Bump

    picassoyournose 12/17/2014  4:21pm

    You'd think they didn't WANT me to take my clothes off onstage. Hmph.

    Past Tense 12/17/2014  4:28pm

    Does anyone have any idea when offers will start going out? Did they say anything ITR to anyone at the callbacks?

    poorpooractor 12/19/2014  9:49am


    janejo 12/20/2014  1:03pm

    There were more local auditions being held today.

    Peacefrombrokenpieces 12/20/2014  2:29pm
  • Somewhere In Time @ Pearl Studios 12/20/2014  11:49am

    I know they had another call this past Thursday 12/18, but has anyone heard any other news ?

  • are they out yet?

    MTAuditionTips 12/13/2014  6:56pm

    Not that I know of, just looking for info

    J 12/14/2014  12:40pm


    MTAuditionTips 12/15/2014  8:34am


    kbrose 12/15/2014  3:10pm


    Fred K 12/15/2014  4:06pm


    MTAuditionTips 12/15/2014  5:25pm


    J 12/15/2014  10:09pm


    J 12/16/2014  4:27pm


    kbrose 12/16/2014  9:27pm


    am 12/16/2014  10:02pm

    bump it with a trumpet

    MTAuditionTips 12/17/2014  12:54am


    Fred K 12/17/2014  10:20am


    kbrose 12/17/2014  1:58pm


    kyman426 12/17/2014  2:49pm


    J 12/17/2014  6:08pm

    A friend of mine got an offer for male ensemble today. Just wanted to keep everyone in the loop.

    Fred K 12/17/2014  8:09pm

    Yep. Offers went out today

    DancinGuy 12/17/2014  9:21pm

    we hear anything about principals?

    MTAuditionTips 12/17/2014  9:47pm

    At least one principal offer is out.

    kb 12/17/2014  10:28pm

    Any female ensemble offers!?

    kbrose 12/18/2014  5:00pm

    bump for female ensemble?

    justdancin 12/19/2014  10:36am

    bump for female ensemble

    ballerincess 12/19/2014  7:46pm

    Yep. Female ensemble offers went out as well

    DancinGuy 12/20/2014  11:41am
  • NCL Pride of America @ Ripley Grier 520 12/06/2014  5:34pm

    Soooo, if they didn't say anything in the room today it's a "no?" I went in for Flo, who I think does not dance, so I wasn't concerned when I wasn't asked to dance, but did anyone get asked to comeback or stay and do sides?


    Same thing happened to me. I went for FLO, also.

    vbutler1213 12/06/2014  6:14pm

    I went in for Flo today. Sang and did sides then stayed to dance. Not sure if that necessarily means anything though!! Good luck everyone! Please post if anyone hears about more callbacks or offers!

    Georgie 12/06/2014  9:23pm

    Did any girls in for Emily get asked to stay and dance?

    Selaban 12/06/2014  11:54pm


    jh8888 12/07/2014  3:45pm


    jh8888 12/08/2014  2:03pm


    Selaban 12/08/2014  4:00pm


    Georgie 12/08/2014  11:09pm

    Any idea when offers will be out?!?!?

    Dance4life 12/09/2014  9:14am


    dreamersb 12/09/2014  11:15am


    jh8888 12/09/2014  1:49pm

    I went in for Emily and I was asked to stay and dance!

    lcd596 12/09/2014  2:01pm


    Georgie 12/10/2014  10:32am

    Bump? Pleaase universe just gimme this one

    Naruto Uzumaki 12/12/2014  10:05am

    Bumppppppp amen^^^^^^^

    dreamersb 12/12/2014  10:25am


    lcd596 12/12/2014  10:28am

    B b b bump

    Georgie 12/12/2014  4:43pm

    Some people have received offers for the Swing! Show on maybe Pride of America is next!! Fingers crossed!!!! Keep on bumping people!

    lcd596 12/12/2014  5:41pm


    Naruto Uzumaki 12/13/2014  5:46pm


    lcd596 12/14/2014  2:23pm

    Nothing? Anyone anything??

    Georgie 12/14/2014  9:40pm


    lcd596 12/15/2014  10:20am


    Dance4life 12/19/2014  2:51pm

    Bump for female dance offers?????

    Tiptop 12/20/2014  11:03am

    Singers? Any offers?

    lcd596 12/20/2014  11:32am
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    skizzle 12/18/2014  8:30am


    Dgactor86 12/18/2014  1:39pm


    Jg6970 12/18/2014  2:33pm

    I believe offers are out. Just heard myself. I don't know if they have talked to everyone!

    skizzle 12/18/2014  4:49pm

    Did anyone book the father role?

    Peacefrombrokenpieces 12/18/2014  10:21pm


    Peacefrombrokenpieces 12/19/2014  12:24pm

    Skizzle are you a male or female? Thx!

    Peacefrombrokenpieces 12/19/2014  10:40pm

    Bump on any other offers?

    iwasadancingbandaidonce 12/20/2014  11:17am