Callback Corner

Want to know if anyone got a callback yet? Did YOU get a callback? Post here!

  • did they let anyone know when offers would be made?

    bmor 06/22/2016  4:33pm

    Not that I know of :/

    Lalaloopsie 06/22/2016  4:39pm


    JSL32 06/23/2016  10:52am


    JSL32 06/23/2016  1:36pm


    JSL32 06/23/2016  3:03pm


    JSL32 06/23/2016  6:11pm

    Bumpity bump

    Heatherina 06/23/2016  7:06pm


    JSL32 06/24/2016  9:58am

    Happy Friday, bump!!

    bmor 06/24/2016  3:17pm

    What's happening with this :)?

    JSL32 06/25/2016  1:40am
  • The Million Dollar Quartet @ other 06/23/2016  10:16am

    Did anyone hear anything from the director? I got past the initial call and sent in my second video, but I haven't heard anything since.


    I'm sorry, which theatre?

    mss4254 06/23/2016  11:07am

    La Comedia Dinner Theatre

    tierneyjeffrey 06/23/2016  3:32pm


    mss4254 06/25/2016  1:01am
  • Priscilla @ ZACH @ Ripley Grier 929 06/22/2016  12:42pm

    Please post any updates!

    Also, anyone know if were there additional callbacks after yesterday's (6/21)?



    Oats620 06/22/2016  5:46pm


    Oats620 06/23/2016  3:56pm


    spunkygal007 06/24/2016  8:27pm

    spunkygal - not that I know of.

    Still wondering if there were additional callbacks after the ladies went in.


    Oats620 06/25/2016  12:53am
  • Guys and Dolls @ Asolo Rep @ 06/20/2016  9:00pm

    Post here for callbacks/offers after Monday's appointments!


    Any ladies receive callbacks after the ECC?

    Tulips1218 06/21/2016  7:54am

    Went to appointment yesterday and danced, sang, just received callback via agent to come back in tomorrow!

    LuckBeALady 06/21/2016  10:51am

    @LuckBeALady may I ask did you receive CB for general ensemble or for possible covers?

    mythak34 06/21/2016  3:11pm

    Just ensemble, reading sides for little ensemble parts and singing again.

    LuckBeALady 06/21/2016  5:50pm

    Any boys info? Were there men there today to read?

    ItsJustMi 06/22/2016  12:02am

    Im a male that was back today. Exact same situation as LuckBeaLady. And wow, that username is appropriate! Lol

    werk678 06/22/2016  2:13pm

    went in today for Sarah. Post any offers!

    mbdp 06/22/2016  8:06pm


    lilmississy 06/23/2016  11:32am

    @mythak34 Haha yes! #TypecastMeBasedOffOfMyUsernamePlease

    LuckBeALady 06/23/2016  7:19pm


    DontTalkToMe 06/24/2016  12:57pm


    mbdp 06/25/2016  12:32am
  • Curious Incident Tour @ 05/26/2016  11:55am

    Did anyone hear back from this? Sorry if I am a little late.



    FemaleSquip 05/26/2016  7:03pm


    Youngmaleactor16 06/24/2016  11:55pm
  • hohoho

    Bump for Tony callbacks

    slothsaretherealdeal 06/24/2016  6:06pm

    I went in on Thursday. From my appointment email it looks like there were auditions Wed-Fri. Were these all first round appointments?

    daedalus 06/24/2016  10:26pm

    Does anyone know what tracks are still open?

    Just keep swimming!!! 06/24/2016  10:30pm

    According to the breakdown in my appt. email from my agents: Tony, Riff, Doc, Lt. Shrank, Officer Krupke, and Gladhand.

    daedalus 06/24/2016  11:37pm
  • ABC Diversity Showcase @ other 06/24/2016  11:27pm

    Was wondering if anyone received a callback after the in person monologue audition a few weeks ago?

  • Can anyone tell me what the audition cuts are for Francesca (for callback or for agent appts tomorrow)! Thank you so much!

    mermaid430 06/22/2016  5:02pm

    Are any of today's appointments callbacks from EPA?

    BangsGirlFromThatBackstageAd 06/23/2016  2:30pm

    post c/b's from today's agent appt's

    Detroit2375 06/23/2016  2:34pm

    There were about 5 or 6 of us there today for callbacks from EPA. Not sure if there were more after our group.

    Songsstresss 06/23/2016  4:21pm

    Yes. I was a callback from the EPA yesterday also. 06/23/2016  11:28pm

    So are there more callbacks today from people who had first appointments yesterday?

    Songsstresss 06/24/2016  9:56am

    Im wondering that too

    Detroit2375 06/24/2016  10:51am

    I'm thinking yesterday was the last day as they had suitcases with them in the audition room... maybe I'm just reading too much into things. 06/24/2016  12:47pm

    Lol I did not notice the suitcases! Well, post if anyone hears anything, guys!

    Songsstresss 06/24/2016  10:58pm
  • Yes got a callback ITR. Got the official word from my agent and going in on Wednesday.

    pizzaking 06/24/2016  6:12pm

    Was it for Audrey? Dammit. They asked me to sing a second song, but then nothing. #misery

    heygirhey90 06/24/2016  7:24pm

    Yes I'm sorry to say that it was....All I can say is just "keep on swimming."

    pizzaking 06/24/2016  8:54pm

    I hit enter before I was done. I'm sorry!! But seriously, just keep on swimming. I've lived here too long and had too many rejections. Just keep on going!! If you believe, it ain't PETER PAN, but it IS something! GO GIRL!!!

    pizzaking 06/24/2016  8:58pm

    Thanks, pizzaking. And congrats on the callback and break a leg!!

    heygirhey90 06/24/2016  9:07pm