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Want to know if anyone got a callback yet? Did YOU get a callback? Post here!

  • blondedancer617


    danceshock 03/22/2017  8:08pm
  • Bump

    Youhavenoidea 03/20/2017  7:02pm

    Were these principal calls?

    BangsGirlFromThatBackstageAd 03/20/2017  9:07pm

    Also ensemble

    GowanusaurusRex 03/20/2017  10:33pm

    BUMP. Do they usually hold callbacks for ensemble for encores?

    NYCA43 03/21/2017  1:35pm

    Not sure, in any case bump on offers or callbacks from yesterday's ensemble appointments.

    Peanuts&Draino 03/21/2017  7:33pm

    My friend says they don't always do dance calls ...

    So now we wait?

    GowanusaurusRex 03/21/2017  11:22pm

    I think since they were filming, this was it! Anyone asked for a second song or told in the room anything interesting?

    MM22mbl 03/22/2017  8:19am

    Not other than kind words to get my hopes up. *sob*

    GowanusaurusRex 03/22/2017  8:54am


    NY1259 03/22/2017  11:38am

    More principal callbacks tomorrow.

    Sopranoactor 03/22/2017  2:02pm

    Ensemble CBs?

    GowanusaurusRex 03/22/2017  2:37pm

    My manager said that 5 of her clients were "put on hold" for this. I don't think I was included haha but no official contracts yet

    babyjulia 03/22/2017  8:02pm
  • what i did for love


    statue handkerchief dance 03/14/2017  5:26pm


    basicMT 03/14/2017  6:58pm


    Suiteofjacks 03/14/2017  9:11pm


    statue handkerchief dance 03/15/2017  12:28am


    inspiredactor 03/15/2017  11:56am


    winkandwiggle 03/15/2017  12:55pm


    what i did for love 03/15/2017  6:23pm

    and it's a pelvic buuuuump

    statue handkerchief dance 03/15/2017  6:57pm

    I know they were at the NETCs this weekend, which was their final auditioning endeavor.

    Hopefully offers will go out soon!

    Mr Paganini 03/15/2017  8:51pm

    Bump on Offers and this is suuuuper late, but does anyone out there have info on who was ITR on March 8th? Clearly I have my shit together this year....

    SoMuchForThat 03/16/2017  12:20am


    567Wait 03/16/2017  11:14am


    what i did for love 03/16/2017  3:51pm


    Suiteofjacks 03/16/2017  4:29pm


    statue handkerchief dance 03/17/2017  10:07am

    bump? they have to cast SOMEONE right?

    statue handkerchief dance 03/17/2017  3:26pm


    Echo2187 03/17/2017  6:32pm


    what i did for love 03/18/2017  10:23am


    statue handkerchief dance 03/18/2017  8:40pm


    AnathemaDevice 03/19/2017  10:37am


    567Wait 03/19/2017  7:12pm


    ELL526 03/19/2017  11:53pm


    Suiteofjacks 03/20/2017  1:21am

    I shiver with antici--- BUMP

    BariToxic 03/20/2017  11:21am

    bermp magermp

    statue handkerchief dance 03/20/2017  12:08pm

    Someone: Janet!

    Audience: BUMP

    BariToxic 03/20/2017  2:40pm

    Hopefully they'll be soon. I asked them at NETC and they said they were hoping to finish in the next week or so. But that was literally a week ago today.

    ELL526 03/20/2017  5:41pm


    winkandwiggle 03/20/2017  9:22pm

    A friend just got an offer today.

    awopbamboo 03/20/2017  11:09pm

    male or female?

    statue handkerchief dance 03/20/2017  11:23pm

    would love to hear if any other offers went out

    hotelroom 03/20/2017  11:54pm


    sahlers00 03/21/2017  1:31am

    just the one offer out?

    statue handkerchief dance 03/21/2017  9:30am

    Do we know what show it was for/what track?

    ELL526 03/21/2017  9:48am


    winkandwiggle 03/21/2017  10:05am

    Bumpity bump bump

    ELL526 03/21/2017  12:36pm

    Most offers started going out yesterday.

    Brad and Riff Raff have been offered and accepted. Frank and Janet have also been offered, but I don't know if they've accepted yet.

    Gettingittogether 03/21/2017  1:08pm

    any word on the plays?

    basicNAB 03/21/2017  1:20pm

    Janet was accepted!

    GingerPear 03/21/2017  1:58pm

    Bump for plays

    ELL526 03/21/2017  1:59pm

    Bump for ensemble offers?

    BariToxic 03/21/2017  3:34pm

    Is it typical for them to cast in the order of their season?

    ELL526 03/21/2017  3:43pm

    any Columbia/magenta/ensemble?

    statue handkerchief dance 03/21/2017  4:14pm

    Any high society? Man who shot liberty valence?

    Suiteofjacks 03/21/2017  4:34pm

    bump on other offers

    what i did for love 03/21/2017  7:08pm


    Justryingtowork 03/22/2017  5:15am


    ELL526 03/22/2017  10:28am

    Bump again

    what i did for love 03/22/2017  6:01pm

    BUMP. Any Frank-n-furter? Ensemble? any High Society?

    BariToxic 03/22/2017  7:44pm
  • Little Shop at Fulton @ 03/22/2017  6:57pm

    Post here when offers go out after today's callbacks.



    Juror #8 03/22/2017  7:38pm
  • Fulton & Maine State Newsies/Season @ Pearl Studios 03/21/2017  11:57am

    Anyone received callbacks for this week yet after last friday's ECC's?


    Yes callback last night after ECC Friday!

    kjs1991 03/21/2017  12:46pm

    Bump any callbacks after Saturday's open call?

    Kbear14 03/21/2017  2:08pm

    Bump for callbacks after appointments today

    iwanttoknow 03/21/2017  2:55pm

    Bump for today's appointments. Would callbacks go out tonight or tomorrow?

    MT1516 03/21/2017  4:10pm


    singer18 03/21/2017  6:20pm

    bump on callbacks at the end of this week?

    auditionernyc 03/21/2017  8:45pm

    Callback from EPA received today though agent!

    neverneverknow 03/21/2017  8:58pm

    neverneverknow, congrats! may i ask what track and what time you heard?

    iwanttoknow 03/21/2017  10:39pm

    Received a callback this afternoon via agent for Thursday from ECC last Friday. male AEA.

    DanceAndSing 03/21/2017  10:59pm

    Bump. Any callbacks out from yesterday's appointments yet?

    MT1516 03/22/2017  10:38am


    iwanttoknow 03/22/2017  11:38am

    Callback for this Friday after last Friday ECC.

    ginmonty 03/22/2017  12:01pm

    bump on agent appointment callbacks? Are they all just from EPAs and ECCs right now?

    singer18 03/22/2017  12:47pm


    auditionernyc 03/22/2017  2:22pm


    jeweltoneswhistletones 03/22/2017  3:38pm

    Any grease principal or dance callbacks?

    Fizzy14 03/22/2017  3:54pm

    Bump. Someone must've heard about G&D callbacks by now I'm assuming

    Chaplin93 03/22/2017  4:18pm


    iwanttoknow 03/22/2017  6:12pm

    called back for whole season and reading for two shows dancing on friday!

    Jdance 03/22/2017  6:15pm

    @Jdance... when previously have you been seen?

    Champagne for my Real Friends 03/22/2017  7:09pm

    sang at male ecc asked to sing two pieces then! just heard form agent today about friday.

    Jdance 03/22/2017  7:24pm
  • Marcy18

    they had more appointments today. i'm guessing maybe tomorrow or early next week then?

    dontnobodywantno 03/02/2017  11:55pm

    More noneq appts saturday

    Tulips1218 03/03/2017  12:16am

    There are more on Tuesday as well!

    pseudonym 03/03/2017  9:29am

    post if anyone got CB in the room

    Marcy18 03/03/2017  4:03pm

    Anyone remember what the timeline for this was? Josh (if I remember his name correctly) mentioned it in the room but I forget specifically what was said. End of March?

    SpicedWafer 03/04/2017  1:23pm

    I auditioned for a guy named Jason, and yeah he just said callbacks will be later in March

    rbg2000 03/04/2017  1:40pm

    He told me they would go out show by show

    Wackawacka 03/04/2017  2:30pm

    Jason is the workshop director who was in non-eq appointments.

    any callbacks yet for the free theatre or the fellowship? (both are parts of the non-eq company, if I understand correctly)

    Marcy18 03/06/2017  12:19pm


    gossip girl 03/06/2017  9:08pm


    rbg2000 03/07/2017  1:24pm

    Bump for callbacks - I heard they are taking place March 15th

    inspiredactor 03/07/2017  3:29pm

    I saw Marcy18's earlier post on this thread, can anyone explain the difference between free theater and fellowship? Just curious

    SpicedWafer 03/07/2017  5:38pm

    Noneq company consists of three "opportunities"

    1. Smaller roles in Main/Nikos stage
    2. Free theatre which is community engagement shows
    3. Fellowship - working with young writers and directors (I think)

    Marcy18 03/07/2017  6:08pm

    how did ppl feel about their conversations w them??

    almosthavemycard 03/07/2017  6:21pm


    pursefirst 03/07/2017  11:20pm

    ya... the dude told me callbacks were gonna be on march 15th

    beyoncetrolls 03/08/2017  1:56am

    Yesterday morning was their last non-equity appointment day (for non singers atleast) so hopefully they'll start rolling out. Good luck all!

    SpicedWafer 03/08/2017  11:35am


    sunshinegirl7 03/08/2017  1:07pm


    Marcy18 03/08/2017  5:45pm

    Those that heard callbacks are March 15th, can I ask how you heard? Did you get a CB in the room for that day?

    rbg2000 03/08/2017  5:49pm

    I was told the 15th in the room. I think I had asked about next steps. No cbs in the room that I could tell.

    Killertofu 03/08/2017  6:03pm


    Tulips1218 03/09/2017  8:41am


    Marcy18 03/14/2017  12:24am

    After my audition as I was getting my music book from the pianist Jason said the 15th was going to be the first day of callbacks but that they would happen on a rolling, show to show basis, from March 15 to mid April.

    LetMeBeYourStar92 03/14/2017  1:22am

    bump... sigh

    beyoncetrolls 03/14/2017  11:22am

    It seems if the callbacks were happening tomorrow, somebody would have heard?

    Or maybe the people called back just aren't on AU?


    gossip girl 03/14/2017  5:13pm

    Bump. Still haven't heard. I have a bunch of friends who auditioned, too. None have heard anything.

    LetMeBeYourStar92 03/14/2017  6:33pm

    Nope. Haven't heard. Maybe they rescheduled the date on account of the weather? Urgh.

    inspiredactor 03/14/2017  9:10pm

    No one I know has heard anything...including a fair few of last years apprentices who usually get callbacks.

    beyoncetrolls 03/15/2017  11:43am

    Perhaps they're going to skip callbacks this year? Does that ever happen?

    In the room, Jason told me that the non-eq company would be a bit smaller this year.

    Marcy18 03/15/2017  12:46pm

    Bump-- does anyone know if anyone who auditioned for Equity Mainstage has had callbacks? I imagine we'll hear after they are done.

    Actorinprogress 03/15/2017  1:13pm

    @Marcy18--they wouldn't skip callbacks bc the directors need to see who they'd be working with! at least for Equity shows.

    EMCLost 03/15/2017  2:15pm


    jackyd10010 03/15/2017  2:59pm

    Bump. Has anyone heard anything about callbacks?

    Nyc123xyz 03/17/2017  10:31am

    Nothing here...

    rbg2000 03/17/2017  12:01pm


    jackyd10010 03/17/2017  5:53pm

    Still hoping

    Tulips1218 03/18/2017  7:11pm


    itsalmostseven 03/20/2017  7:25pm


    jackyd10010 03/21/2017  7:21am


    rainbowhigh$$$ 03/21/2017  10:22am

    They're not out yet

    13dex13park 03/21/2017  10:24am


    Marcy18 03/21/2017  3:37pm


    gossip girl 03/21/2017  9:18pm


    Tulips1218 03/22/2017  12:34pm


    jackyd10010 03/22/2017  7:21pm
  • Motown Non-Equity National Tour @ Pearl Studios 03/21/2017  7:41pm

    Has anyone that got called back heard anything else about what is the next step in casting?


    Ditto. I finally made an account just to keep track of this. If any of you boys hear anything...let a brotha know!

    Kingleo14 03/21/2017  9:48pm

    Good boy today boys! Woohoo! I'm still sweating.

    Violetta 03/21/2017  10:27pm


    welp 03/21/2017  11:41pm

    Yes!!! Good werk today guys. My body is hurting and my knees are bruised. Hurts so good. 💪🏼 Post updates if ya got em. ✌️

    NotAllWhoWanderAreLost 03/22/2017  7:47am

    Someone told me their agent said they were going to other cities after New York. I know they are accepting video submissions, but I could find a single posting of auditions happening in anywhere else. Anyone have details on that?

    EvJoJo 03/22/2017  10:14am

    Heard that "on hold" email went out. Did anyone else get one or an offer?

    EvJoJo 03/22/2017  1:35pm

    Got an "on hold" email. Another round of callbacks (the final?) will be held in May or June. They're planning to audition a couple of other cities.

    IDreamOfSweeney 03/22/2017  2:07pm

    Do they really put people "on hold" if the process is going span a few months and include other cities? Wouldn't they mention that in the email?

    @IDreamOfSweeney where did you hear that they were going to other cities?

    EvJoJo 03/22/2017  3:16pm


    bwayboundtoo 03/22/2017  5:53pm

    On hold.

    IM_DA_WITCH 03/22/2017  7:21pm
  • BariToxic


    Suiteofjacks 03/21/2017  9:03pm

    Jesus Christ, SuperBUMP

    BariToxic 03/22/2017  7:15pm
  • number23


    Justagirl 03/16/2017  7:24pm

    Is that a no? Lol :)

    number23 03/16/2017  8:58pm


    statue handkerchief dance 03/16/2017  9:29pm

    or ECCS men/female

    luvtoperformyall 03/17/2017  2:21am

    Bump! :)

    number23 03/17/2017  9:51am


    noscreenname 03/17/2017  12:07pm


    statue handkerchief dance 03/17/2017  3:00pm


    number23 03/17/2017  3:53pm

    Bump! No callbacks were given from the auditions this week?

    number23 03/17/2017  6:28pm

    there were appointments today

    mbdp 03/17/2017  6:54pm

    Callback appointments or initial appointments?

    number23 03/17/2017  7:00pm

    Today were initial appointments. Callbacks are next week

    mbdp 03/17/2017  10:28pm

    this will be a long process into may and june for most though

    J-- 03/17/2017  11:56pm

    So CB appointments have been given?

    number23 03/18/2017  12:31am

    Anyone get CB solely from Lindsay Levine/Kristen Blodgettes MALE/FEMALE ECC?

    Or the CBS this upcoming week for leads/post initial. Hopefully ensemble callbacks didn't happen yet & will happen late March/Early. (Gal here) I got vocalized at the ECC & so did my high tenor friend who went very early in the morning at the MALE ECC

    AuditionLife012 03/18/2017  3:20am


    number23 03/18/2017  9:48am


    JudFry95 03/18/2017  9:50am


    number23 03/18/2017  1:54pm

    Bump! Still wondering. Any callbacks today?

    number23 03/18/2017  5:42pm

    No callbacks today. Appointments were Friday callbacks are next week

    mbdp 03/18/2017  7:08pm

    Has anyone heard if they got a callback?

    number23 03/19/2017  11:32am

    Bumps never die

    number23 03/19/2017  10:21pm


    number23 03/20/2017  8:13am

    Bump on callback info !

    KellyBrooke345 03/20/2017  10:42am

    Callbacks out for tomorrow. I believe this is only for Christine. Other callbacks for principals will be in a couple months

    mbdp 03/20/2017  2:01pm

    Any info on Meg/female ensemble?

    number23 03/20/2017  2:33pm

    Bump on roles other than Christine

    number23 03/20/2017  10:19pm

    I don't think they had appointments for any roles other than Christine. Agent told me callbacks for other roles would be in May.

    mbdp 03/21/2017  11:02am


    TravelGrl 03/22/2017  12:22am

    Anyone have more info?

    mmmr97771 03/22/2017  11:13am

    Appointments, which will take place in a couple weeks, have gone out for other principal roles

    mbdp 03/22/2017  7:07pm
  • BUMP

    dancer1234 03/17/2017  4:36pm


    ElectricJesus 03/17/2017  4:48pm

    The yellow papers are a mystery, I guess? They don't necessarily mean anything? I think the Dream contract starts in June, but does anyone have info on the Fantasy? :)

    number23 03/17/2017  4:50pm

    I was informed that the yellow papers are a "golden ticket", so to speak. But bump for offers!

    Quietkid7 03/17/2017  4:56pm

    Yes, the Dream for Beauty and the Beast starts in June. I know a friend filled out that paper for them for another show in the past but didn't receive an offer. I'm not sure exactly what they mean, other than I assume you're being strongly considered.

    Glamgirl 03/17/2017  5:12pm

    Yellow form basically means they will keep you on file. Doesn't necessarily mean an offer but fingers crossed, right?! :)
    Fantasy starts mid June as well.

    rappydog13 03/17/2017  5:26pm


    number23 03/17/2017  6:19pm

    Callbacks for roles were today so I'm assuming offers will go out sometime next week?

    crushedit123 03/17/2017  6:26pm

    Yellow card means you're definitely in the running and highly being considered.

    Lindz1089 03/17/2017  6:34pm

    Does anyone know how long until offers usually go out?

    Glamgirl 03/17/2017  8:05pm

    They didn't say, but I would assume no later than the end of March.

    171717 03/17/2017  8:17pm


    number23 03/18/2017  9:48am


    number23 03/18/2017  1:54pm


    171717 03/18/2017  4:40pm

    Bump for offers please!!!

    rappydog13 03/20/2017  10:22am

    Bump for offers

    AngelKitty 03/20/2017  5:29pm


    NYCbound 03/20/2017  7:02pm

    Just wanted to pass on some info..
    I got an email from my agent today saying that they wanted to see more options for Beast & Plumette. They don't know if they are going to do in-person auditions or taped submission, but they asked him to send anyone who was interested.
    I don't know what exactly this means in the long run for those who were in callbacks, but I wanted to pass along what little info I have.

    Happy auditioning!!

    Dynamite 03/20/2017  7:05pm

    Girls that were called back for Plumette...what other roles were you called back for in the other shows?

    rappydog13 03/20/2017  8:27pm

    Bump. This has interesting info.

    number23 03/20/2017  10:17pm

    Bump 💛🌹

    dancer1234 03/21/2017  12:35am

    Beauty and the BUMP

    BettaBook 03/21/2017  6:40am

    Sensible bump!

    Quietkid7 03/21/2017  11:30am

    Bump! And thanks for the info! :)

    171717 03/21/2017  11:46am


    Lindz1089 03/21/2017  2:50pm


    russelldominic 03/21/2017  6:32pm

    Bump for hump day!

    Quietkid7 03/22/2017  8:32am


    171717 03/22/2017  9:51am

    Bump on updates/offers?

    SinginChef3 03/22/2017  12:28pm


    [insert name here] 03/22/2017  1:46pm

    Spoonful of bump!

    Quietkid7 03/22/2017  4:13pm

    Bump to keep the thread alive!

    Glamgirl 03/22/2017  7:00pm