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Want to know if anyone got a callback yet? Did YOU get a callback? Post here!

  • Elf Equity Tour @ Ripley Grier 520 07/28/2015  4:26pm

    Post on any word on callbacks following today's appointments!


    Piggy backing on that:
    Anyone gotten a callback for Buddy?

    FasterThanSound 07/28/2015  5:10pm


    mchs 07/28/2015  6:45pm

    I'm pretty sure Buddy was already cast.

    carpediem 07/29/2015  12:25am

    I know someone with an appointment for tomorrow, so I'm sure callbacks wont go out until after.

    Fatniss_Neverlean 07/29/2015  1:26am

    Yes please post for callbacks after today's appointments!

    Luvs2Belt 07/29/2015  4:50pm

    Does anyone know when cbs are from these appointments?

    GimmeABreak 07/29/2015  6:21pm

    Got a heads up in the room yesterday about callbacks next week.

    yolo 07/29/2015  6:41pm

    And Buddy is not cast but at this point they're looking for star names.

    yolo 07/29/2015  6:42pm

    Has anyone heard anything about a possible dance/mover call for this?

    GrindingPavement 07/30/2015  12:30am

    I think I heard of an invited dance call for ensemble tracks on Friday.

    SecondHandRose 07/30/2015  12:42pm

    Yolo, did they actually tell you in the room you would be called back for next week or did you inquire about them?

    SecondHandRose 07/30/2015  12:43pm

    They told me in the room, but I have a good relationship with the CD's, I'm sure they weren't giving the majority of CB's in the room. I imagine people will start hearing today or tomorrow :)

    yolo 07/30/2015  1:01pm

    Gotchya. Good luck, Yolo!

    Luvs2Belt 07/30/2015  3:43pm


    TheTerminator 07/30/2015  6:13pm

    Lol at your screen name, Terminator!!

    Luvs2Belt 07/30/2015  10:24pm


    GrindingPavement 07/31/2015  11:42am

    Anybody heard anything since initial appointments this week?

    SecondHandRose 07/31/2015  1:53pm


    mchs 07/31/2015  7:27pm

    Has nobody heard anything yet?

    Luvs2Belt 07/31/2015  9:59pm

    The best way to spread Christmas cheer is to BUMPING loud for all to hear!

    gin43 08/01/2015  12:22pm

    I went in yesterday for the ensemble. Boys and girls there. We danced they made a cut we danced some more they made a cut then we sang.

    Tashburgers 08/01/2015  5:32pm

    Bedtime bump

    Luvs2Belt 08/02/2015  12:34am

    Anyone at the appointments this past week also go to Friday's dance call?

    Gemini81 08/02/2015  10:43am

    Buddy the BUMP

    Luvs2Belt 08/03/2015  1:25am
  • Brigadoon @ Ripley Grier 520 08/02/2015  11:56pm

    Has anyone received an email regarding callbacks? I know that some people were called back in the room, but I was told I would receive a "yay or nay" email, and haven't heard anything.

  • BUMP :)

    Ed1093 07/28/2015  2:20pm


    TheTerminator 07/28/2015  3:46pm

    The audition studio was crappy. So were all the instruments.

    sinfonia2001 07/28/2015  4:41pm

    Bumpity bump

    TheTerminator 07/28/2015  6:36pm

    Nothing yet??? Callbacks are tomorrow for crying out loud. Lol

    TheTerminator 07/28/2015  10:21pm

    Hahhaa i know. It was a short list of people auditioning, someone should know something!

    Ed1093 07/28/2015  11:43pm

    Short list? How do you know lol

    TheTerminator 07/28/2015  11:44pm

    Well... There were only two audition days and there were all appointments ;) the check in list on Monday wasn't long at all

    Ed1093 07/29/2015  8:26am

    I was emailed about a callback for this afternoon. Does anybody know anything about this company? I couldn't find much online and what I did find wasn't good.

    Ska123 07/29/2015  9:35am

    The tour has a website :) SKA... Where you emailed yesterday? And what role is your callback for?

    Thank you

    Ed1093 07/29/2015  9:58am

    I was emailed on Monday evening. I saw their website, I was curious if anybody has any personal experience with them?

    Ska123 07/29/2015  10:11am

    Congrats on the callback. What role is it for?

    sinfonia2001 07/29/2015  10:18am

    i do think that the audition itself was very shady. Why did they pick some random ghetto "studio" in jersey city when they could have used Nyc studios?

    TheTerminator 07/29/2015  10:21am

    They didn't specify a role, just told me to come back.

    Ska123 07/29/2015  10:57am

    But did you audition for a specific role on Monday?

    TheTerminator 07/29/2015  11:03am


    Tracibug 07/29/2015  6:38pm

    Anyone know when offers may go out?

    Tracibug 07/29/2015  9:55pm

    Hey all had a CB yesterday for Apollo Performer. They seemed super cool. if any offers go out please post. thanks and good luck

    randomblackboy 07/30/2015  12:53pm

    Hey all had a CB yesterday for Apollo Performer. They seemed super cool. if any offers go out please post. thanks and good luck

    randomblackboy 07/30/2015  1:00pm

    Was anyone at callbacks? Who all were they reading for?

    xanm22 07/30/2015  2:06pm


    TheTerminator 07/30/2015  6:07pm


    TheTerminator 07/30/2015  6:09pm

    Bump. Any offers yet?

    Tracibug 07/30/2015  6:20pm


    TheTerminator 07/31/2015  11:19am


    TheTerminator 07/31/2015  1:22pm

    Pump for offers :)

    Ed1093 07/31/2015  2:45pm

    Bamba bump

    TheTerminator 07/31/2015  4:39pm

    Terminator... what role were you called in for? and did you get a call back?

    Ed1093 08/01/2015  7:02pm

    Mauldin and Ritchie. And no I did not.

    TheTerminator 08/01/2015  7:13pm

    Does anyone know what roles they were reading for in callbacks?

    xanm22 08/02/2015  2:14pm


    randomblackboy 08/02/2015  11:25pm
  • had my audition on Monday and still haven't heard anything...

    IAmMe 07/24/2015  11:12pm

    Just got a callback via email.

    iwasadancingbandaidonce 07/24/2015  11:55pm

    Got hit with a hot email

    jazzyingenuebestfriend 07/25/2015  12:16am

    Do y'all mind telling us if you had agent appointments, and for which tracks are your callbacks? Thanks!

    sosayethi 07/25/2015  1:16am

    Yeah called back via e-mail late last night for female 1 :)

    ommmmmmmm! 07/25/2015  7:30am

    And I self submitted

    ommmmmmmm! 07/25/2015  7:30am

    Called back for Female 1 via email late last night

    IAmMe 07/25/2015  7:50am

    Also, it was invited call

    IAmMe 07/25/2015  8:09am

    Don't give up yet, y'all! Callbacks are still going out. Just got called back for Female 1. :-)

    coexist2014 07/25/2015  11:28am

    Any for Female 2? Holding out hope!

    sosayethi 07/25/2015  4:29pm

    I got a cb email last night for Female 1 as well. No agent appointment for me, just scheduled it myself!

    theatergal 07/25/2015  11:00pm

    Callbacks are still going out! Just got a cb email for Female 1 this morning.

    Tyrannosaurus Rex 07/27/2015  11:48am

    Just got a callback for Female 2 this morning. I had an apt through my agent.

    juliaer 07/27/2015  12:07pm

    just got a callback this morning for F1&2 so callbacks are still going out :)

    Kelkat44 07/27/2015  12:12pm

    got one for Male #2 and my wife for Female #1 last night

    Detroit2375 07/27/2015  12:14pm

    Just got email today for Female 2 audition.

    singer5 07/27/2015  1:56pm

    I submitted online, but received an invite to the open call on Friday...when was everyone else seen?

    TripleDelight 07/28/2015  1:46pm

    Got a callback from my audition today

    singer5 07/29/2015  11:16pm

    Do you think they are still sending out callbacks for the female 1&2 position?

    Kmack 07/30/2015  12:26am

    Kmack,when was your audition? Both myself and 2 of my friends who were called back to another Norwegian ship heard within hours of our audition about a callback but you never know! Hang in thee!

    singer5 07/30/2015  11:13am


    I submitted via email yesterday. I just saw the call. I really hope they can see me!

    Kmack 07/30/2015  11:17am


    IAmMe 08/02/2015  10:59pm

    yah got a c/b the day after the initial audition for M1. Hope that helps

    randomblackboy 08/02/2015  11:21pm
  • Kiss Me Kate @ 07/29/2015  10:51am

    Any info on callbacks after yesterdays dance calls?? (After dancing, tapping, and singing)



    brooklynbnyc 07/29/2015  12:10pm


    dancer14 07/29/2015  12:55pm


    dancer14 07/29/2015  2:10pm


    dance89 07/29/2015  2:19pm


    dance89 07/29/2015  5:36pm

    I received a callback for tomorrow afternoon

    rocky5 07/29/2015  7:39pm

    i have a callback tomorrow afternoon as well!

    dancer14 07/29/2015  8:48pm

    I got called to come in tomorrow as well.

    Maarabeth 07/29/2015  11:04pm

    Bump for offers?

    dancer14 07/31/2015  12:51pm


    dancer14 08/01/2015  7:16am

    Bump on offers?!

    Maarabeth 08/01/2015  7:35am

    I went to an invited call Thursday and there were people there from the chorus calls. Some of us did sides and some they said they were going to call in the next day (31st). I think that might be it. I don't think there are more for ensemble. Leads maybe...

    Tashburgers 08/01/2015  5:35pm

    Bump for offers

    dancer14 08/02/2015  10:39pm
  • Got one in the room for this weekend.

    justhappytobehere 07/31/2015  2:48am

    I'm a female, got asked to come back in the room on Sunday

    Txsinger 07/31/2015  4:16am

    What material will you need to prepare? Thanks.

    TheTerminator 07/31/2015  4:44am


    sinfonia2001 07/31/2015  8:04pm


    sinfonia2001 07/31/2015  8:20pm

    They sent me an email with a song this morning.

    Txsinger 08/01/2015  2:14am

    Bump for offers after tomorrow's final round if callbacks

    CurlyLox 08/02/2015  9:26pm
  • Haven't heard yet but I've been checking my email like crazy. I figure if I don't hear by tonight I didn't get it. I'm wondering if they'll at least email us to let us know either way.

    DyingToBeDaae 07/31/2015  6:17pm

    Still nothing?

    myfairlady 07/31/2015  10:02pm

    Do you think they'll contact us either way or just the people who got it?

    DyingToBeDaae 07/31/2015  10:52pm


    DyingToBeDaae 08/01/2015  4:34pm


    004lad 08/01/2015  10:33pm


    DyingToBeDaae 08/02/2015  6:09pm
  • bump

    ineedhealthinsurance 07/01/2015  3:18pm

    bump bump

    myfairlady 07/02/2015  1:44pm


    Lalalulu8 07/06/2015  11:27am

    anyone? anything?

    myfairlady 07/06/2015  12:04pm

    It's a new day... Bump

    myfairlady 07/07/2015  9:59am

    Does Disney let you know either way? I haven't worked for them before and am just curious. Thanks!

    myfairlady 07/07/2015  3:32pm

    Received offer by phone Sunday night, the 5th.

    Selaban 07/07/2015  6:42pm

    Selaban for what track, if you don't mind?

    welp 07/08/2015  2:32am

    Anyone else hear anything?

    myfairlady 07/09/2015  9:43am

    You won't hear if it's a "no." But they said they would make offers through July, so I'm assuming if August 1st comes and no call, then it's a no. :)

    Lalalulu8 07/09/2015  12:13pm

    Any new news?

    myfairlady 07/10/2015  1:06pm


    welp 07/12/2015  12:04am

    Anything new?

    myfairlady 07/14/2015  4:45pm


    mezzomezzo 07/18/2015  3:24pm

    Bump!! Didn't see this thread, I just posted yesterday. Whoops.

    Adele-dazeem 07/19/2015  12:29pm


    welp 07/22/2015  7:26pm

    anyone hear anything else?

    Hell0 07/24/2015  1:35pm

    Hello everyone!

    I know this audition was months ago but did anyone write down the name of the CD who was at final callbacks? She was tall and blonde with a pixie cut. I wrote it down but lost it unfortunately. Silly Apple upgrades. I'm wondering so I can look into whether or not casting has been completed for this project.

    Please post if you have it! Please and thank you! 😊

    KmZ123 07/25/2015  8:17pm

    Her name is Jennifer Lawrence! She's the casting director for Hong Kong Disneyland.

    Anyone else hear?

    mezzomezzo 07/27/2015  12:05pm

    Wow. Must be a one-woman show. Should be interesting.

    Lalalulu8 07/27/2015  3:16pm


    Adele-dazeem 08/02/2015  5:19pm
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