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Want to know if anyone got a callback yet? Did YOU get a callback? Post here!

  • Shrek/Clue @ Ocean State @ other 04/05/2017  4:46pm

    Anyone got a sense of their timeline after yesterday's local auditions?



    BariToxic 04/05/2017  7:15pm

    Bump 04/06/2017  9:14am

    My friend who directs there a lot says it's probably going to be May at the earliest before anyone finds stuff out.

    Icanseeyou 04/06/2017  9:40am

    Thank you!

    singersanger 04/06/2017  11:14am

    offers for shrek started going out today

    ctstudent109 04/24/2017  7:22pm


    BariToxic 04/24/2017  8:46pm


    KimmySchmidt 04/25/2017  12:41pm

    Any male ensemble out?

    BariToxic 04/25/2017  11:43pm
  • Weathervane Internship @ 03/21/2017  1:08pm

    Has anyone had an offer from weathervane for the intern company?



    typedout 03/21/2017  11:37pm


    lilperl26 03/23/2017  12:53am


    justtryintob00k 03/23/2017  11:29am

    Bump bump

    justtryintob00k 03/23/2017  6:13pm


    BariToxic 03/23/2017  10:12pm


    cursedcat 03/24/2017  9:52am


    typedout 03/25/2017  12:54am


    justtryintob00k 03/26/2017  9:05pm

    Was asked to submit additional materials yesterday.

    buddy25 03/27/2017  12:33am

    Bump for any offers?

    justtryintob00k 03/29/2017  3:09pm

    I heard another round of emails are being sent out. Anyone hear back about interest?

    typedout 03/30/2017  1:24am

    I got an email asking about interest and a second email asking for an interview

    justtryintob00k 03/30/2017  4:27pm

    I know of a couple of people who got the second email. Anyone actually get an official offer?

    typedout 04/01/2017  1:29am

    Bump. Any offers after 2nd email?

    bookit123 04/02/2017  11:44am

    Still waiting to hear back about an interview

    justtryintob00k 04/02/2017  11:16pm

    Same. Have any official offers gone out?

    typedout 04/03/2017  5:07pm

    Not sure. Still haven't heard back about an interview and it's been a couple days.

    justtryintob00k 04/04/2017  1:09pm

    Also haven't heard back from 2nd email about an interview!

    BettaBook 04/04/2017  2:22pm

    Also received second email asking to schedule an interview and have not received a reply

    jl246928 04/04/2017  3:52pm

    I also responded with interview times and then never heard back.

    Actor23 04/04/2017  9:17pm


    justtryintob00k 04/05/2017  5:16pm


    typedout 04/06/2017  1:53pm

    Got an email today saying they are sending offers out this week and next.

    justtryintob00k 04/06/2017  6:18pm

    post if you get or have gotten an actual offer, please

    typedout 04/07/2017  12:04am


    justtryintob00k 04/07/2017  11:49am

    Anyone get any offers yet? Bump

    justtryintob00k 04/08/2017  10:23pm

    Offer out for one of the female non-eq contracts (not intern). Sounded like she'll be accepting it.

    BariToxic 04/09/2017  11:58am


    Actor23 04/10/2017  6:47pm


    teeny 04/10/2017  10:30pm

    bump for intern offers

    typedout 04/11/2017  2:45am


    teeny 04/11/2017  3:46pm

    I heard that at least three offers have gone out for the intern program.

    Actor23 04/11/2017  4:41pm


    justtryintob00k 04/11/2017  10:23pm

    @baritoxic do you know what track the non-intern non-eq girl was offered?

    lookin4updatez 04/12/2017  3:19pm


    teeny 04/12/2017  3:58pm


    LCE213 04/13/2017  8:47am

    Are all offers out? Any updates?

    typedout 04/13/2017  10:24am


    justtryintob00k 04/13/2017  10:44am


    teeny 04/13/2017  9:22pm

    Does anyone know if they only have one non-eq female track or two?

    [insert name here] 04/15/2017  12:44am

    Bump. Anyone know if they are done casting?

    justtryintob00k 04/15/2017  10:59pm

    I have an appointment this week so not done casting yet

    heyizabella 04/16/2017  4:20am

    heyizabella- thanks for the update? Is ur appt for non eq or intern?

    typedout 04/16/2017  3:25pm

    I have a non-eq appt on Wednesday

    [insert name here] 04/16/2017  4:10pm


    LCE213 04/17/2017  7:27pm

    Bump on callbacks from AEA appts today

    @InTheRoom 04/17/2017  7:32pm

    Bump on intern offers

    teeny 04/18/2017  9:54pm

    BUMP. are there 6 female 6 male interns? Less?
    Do we know how many offers are out? Feeling like I need to lower my hopes a bit...those emails might have been too encouraging?

    Bumpnrisengrindn 04/18/2017  9:57pm

    I think it's 5 female & 5 male..I agree on those emails sounding very promising! Losing hope as well :/

    teeny 04/18/2017  9:59pm

    Oh shit just saw this my b, not really positive what my audition is for actually lol but it's tomorrow, I'm non eq, and I never applied for an internship

    heyizabella 04/18/2017  10:47pm

    Friend ITR said it's nearly impossible that a non-eq mainstage track offer went out already, just so y'all know.

    I, too, got the infamous emails asking for interviews. When I followed up, they et me know that intern offers had already begun floating out. Not sure what, exactly, is going on beyond that, however. Hang in there, friends.

    ScreltersAnonymous 04/18/2017  11:26pm

    Bump for any more info/offers?

    LCE213 04/19/2017  11:42am

    With all the youthful roles this season, it's likely intern offers will be going out once they've finished their NYC appts this week and they really see what they're working with :) just my thoughts!

    qwertybelty25 04/19/2017  2:41pm

    Except that we were told a couple of weeks ago intern offers had begun? I find this to be a confusing system they do for offers.

    typedout 04/20/2017  12:48am

    Yeah I'm very confused by this process

    teeny 04/20/2017  1:13pm


    04/20/2017  1:17pm

    I have an appointment today for an AEA track. They probably are gonna wait until these are over. That would be my guess.

    UnderfedOverWorked 04/20/2017  1:19pm


    teeny 04/20/2017  7:19pm

    they're confusing, no doubt about it! its my understanding that final CBs are tomorrow

    sheslikethewind 04/21/2017  12:22am

    Final callbacks today for AEA and non-equity?
    Any info on Internships?

    jersey girl 04/21/2017  8:26am

    Apparently they're going to take the weekend to collect thoughts, since this is the last round of auditions, and over like the next three weeks decisions will be made. (This is conjecture by people who have worked with them and know the team very well, but it isn't set in stone at all.)

    ScreltersAnonymous 04/21/2017  8:29am internships have been offered yet? Anyone get an offer?

    jersey girl 04/21/2017  9:02am

    haven't heard of any intern offers, but hard to tell

    teeny 04/21/2017  11:28am


    teeny 04/21/2017  5:05pm

    There have been three intern offers (and acceptances) but everything else is still up for grabs.

    ScreltersAnonymous 04/21/2017  7:02pm

    do you know male or female?

    LCE213 04/21/2017  7:36pm

    Unfortunately, I do not have those specifics. But if I find anything else out, I will definitely let y'all know.

    ScreltersAnonymous 04/21/2017  8:13pm


    LCE213 04/23/2017  1:23pm


    teeny 04/24/2017  9:03am

    Today they told me that 3 intern contracts have been signed, 2 are currently pending. And they have 5 more to send out.

    jl246928 04/24/2017  4:09pm

    Bump for an equity offers!

    kp3914 04/24/2017  8:18pm

    bump do they do phone offers or email?

    LCE213 04/24/2017  10:20pm

    bump on that too

    teeny 04/25/2017  3:16pm

    @ScreltersAnonymous Do you know if they are calling or sending email offers?

    jersey girl 04/25/2017  4:35pm

    Bumping to see if anyone has new info re intern offers out?

    typedout 04/25/2017  11:25pm
  • Ragtime @ Ogunquit - Callback dates? @ Pearl Studios 04/20/2017  11:13am

    Hey guys! My appt email for this last week didn't include callback dates; a few mentioned in another thread that they're in May. Anyone have the specific dates?


    Also curious about this...

    voxgal 04/20/2017  12:33pm

    The last I heard, they weren't sure when the callbacks were going to be, because the director is very busy.

    I also heard there might not be ensemble callbacks since the entire creative team was in the room for the appointments last week, and they might just count on that.

    You never know. The email didn't list specific dates, just "later in May", so until someone hears otherwise, no news is good news!

    fancecaptain 04/20/2017  12:47pm

    Rad! Yeah manager just circled back with the same wording ("later in May"). Awesome, thanks for the skinny!

    NYCSoprano 04/20/2017  4:52pm

    A friend of mine had the appointment on Tuesday, and was brought back in on Thursday.

    HE BOOKED y'all.

    Apparently there were callbacks for Ogunquit Ragtime.

    ScrewTheEngineer 04/20/2017  9:52pm

    Principle or ensemble?

    NYCSoprano 04/21/2017  9:37am

    I would say that it is a "Featured Ensemble role"

    ScrewTheEngineer 04/21/2017  10:17am

    Any other offers or cbs?

    Blondie456 04/23/2017  12:31pm


    PrettyPelican 04/25/2017  1:18pm

    I have an appointment tomorrow for Evelyn

    kikibuggy 04/25/2017  1:27pm

    *sigh* my last chance.


    8BarWhat 04/25/2017  10:53pm

    @ kiki-- is this a callback or an initial? Which role, if you don't mind.

    8BarWhat 04/25/2017  10:54pm

    First time going in! For Evelyn Nesbit tomorrow afternoon!

    kikibuggy 04/25/2017  11:24pm
  • Depot theatre @ 04/24/2017  9:20pm

    Anyone know if appointments are out for their season?


    Went out this weekend

    Glamgirl 04/24/2017  9:35pm

    Thank you! Super helpful!! Please post if callbacks go out from today's EPA!

    Georgie 04/25/2017  11:48am

    Did anyone get a callback ITR today??

    Jessika 04/25/2017  5:42pm

    Callback via email for Friday after today's EPA

    kp3914 04/25/2017  11:11pm
  • Moscow moscow moscow-WTF non eq @ other 04/23/2017  6:49pm

    Is this our last chance for non eq? Have all offers been sent out for other projects?

    Celestial goddess

    Outreach is cast and I've seen postings about fellowship offers

    itsalmostseven 04/23/2017  7:32pm

    Ok thank you

    Celestial goddess 04/23/2017  9:46pm

    Yep. All other non eq offers are out.

    Had an audition for Moscow today. Anyone know if they're having more days of auditions for Moscow past today?

    YouNeverKnow 04/24/2017  5:59pm

    I think we're done.

    Celestial goddess 04/24/2017  6:34pm

    Cool! Good to know. How crazy were those Irina sides tho?!?!?

    beyoncetrolls 04/25/2017  9:41am

    Yeah they were super fun haha. How did your audition go in the room??

    YouNeverKnow 04/25/2017  10:10am

    felt middling-to-positive about it... def warmed into it and felt like the 3rd side went well. got consistent chuckles and some nice words at the end so at the very least glad i got to get in front of those people. what about u?

    beyoncetrolls 04/25/2017  10:34am

    Any news on offers would b welcome!!

    beyoncetrolls 04/25/2017  8:41pm

    Nothing here.

    Celestial goddess 04/25/2017  10:58pm
  • Cinderella Nat'l Tour Callbacks @ Pearl Studios 04/24/2017  9:37pm

    Just starting a thread! Post about any offers following today's callbacks:)


    Hey! What were he callbacks today for?

    YasNonEq 04/24/2017  11:20pm

    Any Gabrielles there today?

    CheeseSandwich 04/25/2017  12:41am

    Any Ella understudies hear anything from Friday's dance call?

    Igottaquitmydayjob 04/25/2017  7:11am


    LetsDoThis56 04/25/2017  10:52am


    BettaBook 04/25/2017  2:58pm

    Hey 3 lovely Madame hopefuls at the end of today....let's keep each other poster about offers k? xox

    EeeZee 04/25/2017  4:20pm

    Any Tophers?

    WDW42 04/25/2017  5:50pm

    Just invited to Finals on Friday. Break A Leg everyone!

    EeeZee 04/25/2017  6:00pm

    Also just got emailed about Finals this Friday. Called back for Gabrielle.
    Break legs, all!

    Lovey128 04/25/2017  6:18pm

    Any other Ella covers going back in tomorrow

    contempfool 04/25/2017  6:24pm

    EeeZee - what role are you in for?

    Champagne for my Real Friends 04/25/2017  6:39pm

    Sorry, should have said which role. In for Madame Finals.

    EeeZee 04/25/2017  7:08pm

    Bump regarding any possible Ella understudies called back for Friday!

    Danseuse5678 04/25/2017  8:17pm

    anything for ella understudies?

    Igottaquitmydayjob 04/25/2017  9:05pm

    Ella callback to dance tomorrow

    contempfool 04/25/2017  9:55pm

    @contempfool did you dance last Friday?

    Igottaquitmydayjob 04/25/2017  10:06pm

    has anyone heard of callbacks happening for ensemble roles?

    Rose18 04/25/2017  10:39pm


    I danced on Friday and on Monday

    contempfool 04/25/2017  10:42pm
  • The Suitcase Under the Bed- Mint Theater Co @ other 04/19/2017  5:34pm

    Does anyone know if there were callbacks or offers made after the appointments on Monday, April 17th? Thanks!


    I am going back in on Friday, found out today and was in on Monday. Hope that helps

    Happy:) 04/19/2017  9:34pm

    Bump, any news since appointments on Friday. Offers?

    Happy:) 04/25/2017  11:37am


    Happy:) 04/25/2017  10:32pm
  • Disney Cruise Line @ Ripley Grier 520 04/21/2017  4:20pm

    Does anyone know the timeline from the appointments/dance call yesterday and today? Are we being considered for the June boats?


    Yes the Dream and Fantasy are being cast right now.

    [insert name here] 04/21/2017  4:41pm

    Does this mean that people who auditioned back in the winter could still be considered for these contracts on the Dream and Fantasy?

    FreckleFace 04/21/2017  7:26pm

    Bump from Thursday's callbacks

    rappydog13 04/22/2017  10:00am

    FreckleFace... I would assume if you went in for the Wonder or the Magic a while back they would probably bring you back in to audition for the fantasy and the Dream. But I could be wrong. I know for the Dream this time you had to be gets at auditions because they are mounting a new production of Beauty and the Beast with a new creative team.

    [insert name here] 04/22/2017  10:21am


    rappydog13 04/23/2017  6:47pm


    rappydog13 04/23/2017  6:47pm


    iddrix 04/24/2017  9:36am

    So we do think that Thursday was for the upcoming June boats? I got a yellow form to fill out. What does that mean?

    Joaniebaby22 04/24/2017  10:49am

    I'm not sure how much this helps with what you are asking, but from what I understand (I went to the dance audition on Thursday) Thursday was for the new Beauty and the Beast show/ the Dream. Rehearsals I think they said start in June and are for two months in Toronto. I believe that the yellow form means that they are considering contacting you. I hope this helps, this is just what I got from what they said so hopefully I'm correct.

    iddrix 04/24/2017  11:25am

    Thank you for the insight! Did they say when they would start contacting people?

    Joaniebaby22 04/24/2017  11:58am

    No, I don't think they did. I hope they do soon though!

    iddrix 04/24/2017  12:03pm

    Monday bump

    rappydog13 04/24/2017  1:15pm

    Any updates from thursday??

    rappydog13 04/24/2017  2:30pm


    Joaniebaby22 04/25/2017  8:24am

    Anymore info?

    Joaniebaby22 04/25/2017  12:20pm


    rappydog13 04/25/2017  1:23pm

    Anyone hear of any calls going out for this one?

    rappydog13 04/25/2017  8:37pm

    I know the Belle cover was offered

    [insert name here] 04/25/2017  9:57pm

    [insert name here] do you know when that offer went out?

    rappydog13 04/25/2017  10:27pm
  • Bump!

    funnyhoney 04/24/2017  5:54pm

    If you read the little sheet on the table it says callbacks will go out tomorrow, with them happening on Wednesday with offers out by the end of the week! :)

    kikibuggy 04/24/2017  6:27pm

    Thanks! Totally waltzed in and out without reading the whole page- bad actor moment :)

    funnyhoney 04/24/2017  7:35pm

    Very friendly. Warm. Talkative.
    Then I sang... Crickets.
    But the kind woman outside the room sitting on the bench told me I sounded wonderful.
    Thank you mystery woman :)

    ScrewTheEngineer 04/24/2017  7:41pm

    Yeah. They also said not all roles will be called back and they may just get offers. So if you dont see that your role got a callback, you may get an offer later on.

    PC08759n 04/24/2017  8:02pm

    Did anyone do two songs? Like a belt then a legit?

    kikibuggy 04/24/2017  8:19pm


    kikibuggy 04/25/2017  6:55am

    I heard one person do two songs! Everyone else sounded like 26 bars

    blondiesop 04/25/2017  9:06am

    they seemed to be ahead of schedule so I sang a 1:30 cut. :) but that was PLENTY... BUMP FOR CALLBACKS!!!

    ScrewTheEngineer 04/25/2017  9:23am


    kikibuggy 04/25/2017  11:17am


    kikibuggy 04/25/2017  11:26am


    nycgirl55 04/25/2017  1:45pm

    Anyone hear about callbacks yet?

    YouKnowYouKindaLoveAndrewLloydWebber--Don'tHate 04/25/2017  3:10pm

    Not over here. Agent said he hasn't heard either

    kikibuggy 04/25/2017  3:20pm

    Also have not heard anything...

    BroadwayKiwi 04/25/2017  4:18pm


    kikibuggy 04/25/2017  5:35pm


    nycgirl55 04/25/2017  6:52pm

    Just received a callback via Cmail for 6pm this Weds.

    BroadwayKiwi 04/25/2017  7:09pm

    Callback for tomorrow via actorsaccess cmail
    Male Principal :-)

    ScrewTheEngineer 04/25/2017  7:09pm

    So I assume if we got this appointment through our agent we will hear from them shortly? Thanks!

    kikibuggy 04/25/2017  7:18pm

    Also who is your callback for! Congrats!

    kikibuggy 04/25/2017  7:23pm

    Received a callback for Shelia Kelly - sides only no singing - for tomorrow

    musicalm 04/25/2017  10:21pm
  • STONC Singing In The Rain @ 04/18/2017  1:37pm

    Hey just bringing this back to check in with everyone, any news on offers?


    On the other thread for this, it didn't seem like anyone had heard anything yet. =

    Little_Oak 04/18/2017  1:53pm


    towelface 04/18/2017  2:52pm


    paintthetown 04/18/2017  7:00pm

    kathy offer out!

    renard9 04/19/2017  8:43am

    Bump for Dora/Miss Dinsmore!

    Onefineday 04/19/2017  9:50am

    Congrats renard9!!! When did you hear and was it via email?

    FreckleFace 04/19/2017  9:56am

    ensemble offers out?

    Fizzy14 04/19/2017  11:06am

    @keeter5 ????

    ScrewTheEngineer 04/19/2017  11:12am

    Bump on official offers!!!

    evanhansen1 04/19/2017  12:52pm

    Male ensemble/understudy offer out!

    tapperboy 04/19/2017  2:26pm

    Any female ensemble/internship offers?

    awopbamboo 04/19/2017  4:47pm


    musicaltheatrememequeen 04/19/2017  7:32pm


    ScrewTheEngineer 04/19/2017  8:21pm


    Fizzy14 04/20/2017  8:16am

    Any ladies?

    dancingcountrygirl 04/20/2017  9:17am

    are these internship offers? or equity?

    kittensurprise 04/20/2017  12:38pm


    musicaltheatrememequeen 04/20/2017  5:04pm

    Bump of lady offers

    greenbean 04/21/2017  8:29am

    Bump on any female offers (other than Kathy)

    FreckleFace 04/21/2017  2:52pm

    @screwtheengineer I've heard nothing yet. I'm not really sure they are willing to use an AEA contract on that role though.

    Keeter5 04/22/2017  2:39pm


    musicaltheatrememequeen 04/22/2017  5:37pm

    Lina offer out?

    Georgie 04/22/2017  10:06pm


    FreckleFace 04/23/2017  12:36pm


    musicaltheatrememequeen 04/24/2017  5:26pm


    Keeter5 04/25/2017  12:20am

    I believe all offers are out for this :/

    evanhansen1 04/25/2017  12:58am

    Bump! Does anyone actually have an offer?

    awopbamboo 04/25/2017  7:36pm

    Yes, I have a few friends with both principal and ensemble offers.

    evanhansen1 04/25/2017  9:26pm

    Any internship offers?

    Kxxx 04/25/2017  10:07pm