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Want to know if anyone got a callback yet? Did YOU get a callback? Post here!

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  • Lavender @ Shetler Studios 10/08/2015  2:15pm

    Post if you have info on callbacks or offers... Thanks!



    jsg17 10/09/2015  12:44am
  • Wondering the same!

    theatergal 10/09/2015  12:23am
  • Bump, seems like the people they kept after we all sang at the callback, were mostly more of singers...

    catchthestep 10/09/2015  12:23am
  • Enlightened Theatrics - 1940s Radio Hour @ 10/08/2015  5:05pm

    This thread disappeared... Anyone hear back from the callback videos?


    Nothing here. I even emailed her last night because I was offered another contract and haven't heard back. I'm surprised, she was so quick to respond previously!

    shrewsinger1030 10/08/2015  8:49pm

    Gosh! Okay, that is strange. Congrats on the other offer!

    cindysnow 10/09/2015  12:08am
  • White Christmas @ Pearl Studios 10/08/2015  3:38pm

    Did people with appointments today get called back to dance after? I felt like mine went great but then no dance CB. Just wanting some info : )


    I was in for Rhoda.

    noneqnonsense 10/08/2015  3:42pm

    Were these initial appointments today or callbacks?

    greengirl 10/08/2015  6:51pm

    i believe final callbacks are tomorrow.

    thirstygirls 10/08/2015  7:13pm

    This is very premature but I'd love to know when offers go out

    crookedsmile 10/08/2015  7:36pm

    PS- this is for Ogunquit, correct?

    crookedsmile 10/08/2015  7:36pm

    Yep, initial apps today. Did any rhodas/ritas from today get called back for tomorrow?

    noneqnonsense 10/08/2015  10:50pm
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    There are more callbacks today correct? So offers might now go out for a while...?

    CaliGirl 09/17/2015  3:27pm

    Ok...can't say how I know this. But apparently 10 ppl are being considered from NY. And they have 8 out of town contracts available. So 2 may be replaced by locals. Don't know how exact this info is, but wanted to give a heads up :)

    BATCHINITUP 09/17/2015  5:50pm

    ^hear anything about when they might make their offers?

    italiano80 09/17/2015  9:21pm

    No, i'm sorry. Wish I knew!

    BATCHINITUP 09/17/2015  11:32pm

    I had heard it was 9 NY contracts- but they put 12 roles on their breakdown for NY audition consideration... Just my two cents

    Godihopeigetit17 09/18/2015  12:52am


    ELS5307 09/19/2015  11:05am

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    Godihopeigetit17 09/29/2015  6:16pm

    3 Offers out so far! All final casting decisions haven't been made. Yes, this theatre is taking it's sweet time but the contract isn't until 2016. Keep the faith.

    Good Luck, ya'll!

    HitTheStepOnThe1 09/30/2015  4:11pm

    Awesome! Would you mind sharing what roles offers have gone out for? I heard Kristine? Do you know the others?


    CaliGirl 09/30/2015  5:56pm

    Would anyone happen to know if a Mike Costa offer is out?

    italiano80 09/30/2015  7:19pm

    All I know is Paul.

    HitTheStepOnThe1 09/30/2015  8:26pm

    I know of an Al, Christine and a Larry offer... So I guess also Paul?

    Godihopeigetit17 09/30/2015  9:57pm

    Bump for word on more offers out

    italiano80 10/01/2015  7:54pm

    I got nothing new to post, bumpppppppp

    Godihopeigetit17 10/01/2015  9:49pm

    Can't say how I know this but I have it on good authority that casting is, indeed, still in process... so we wait a little longer :)

    Godihopeigetit17 10/02/2015  3:58pm


    ELS5307 10/04/2015  12:25pm

    Bump for more offers

    italiano80 10/05/2015  6:33pm

    I hear they're calling people in in MN, I heard from someone going in tomorrow...hopefully then we'll hear?

    Godihopeigetit17 10/06/2015  12:44pm

    ...and by calling people in, I mean to read/sing more

    Godihopeigetit17 10/06/2015  12:45pm

    Thanks for the update! Do you know what roles they are calling people in for?

    Dancer7 10/06/2015  1:32pm

    I only know Judy... But they could be asking people to read for other roles as well

    Godihopeigetit17 10/06/2015  3:18pm

    Oh okay. Thanks for these updates! I hope NYC offers go out relatively soon!

    Dancer7 10/06/2015  7:42pm


    italiano80 10/08/2015  10:01am

    Bump... Apparently there were people reading for Maggie, Bebe, Diana, Zach, Richie, and Judy at Wednesday's call possibly more roles- those are just the ones I heard about. Hopefully that was the last call and we hear soon!

    Godihopeigetit17 10/08/2015  10:35pm
  • I know some offers have gone out but don't know if it's fully cast

    tennkidd14 10/08/2015  10:47am

    Thank you for the info!

    outofwittyscreenames 10/08/2015  4:29pm

    I know at least 1 principal role out and accepted last week

    Stormrageoooooooon 10/08/2015  10:17pm
  • Annie Nat'l Tour @ Ripley Grier 520 10/08/2015  4:08pm

    Did anyone hear anything about callbacks after their initial audition? Sides or dancing?


    callbacks both today and tomorrow.

    LittleB223 10/08/2015  5:03pm

    Callbacks were given right after you went into the room from the monitor.

    Broadwaybnd16 10/08/2015  5:53pm

    Were dance callbacks given? Or just sides?

    ihopeigetit 10/08/2015  10:09pm

    bump! I have the same question about dance callbacks! ^^

    smg0710 10/08/2015  10:14pm
  • Paper Bag Players @ other 10/05/2015  7:55pm

    They mentioned calling about CBs tonight. Has anyone heard anything yet?


    I received a callback by phone around 5 pm

    Jessika 10/05/2015  9:22pm

    I have worked for this company in the past. I would proceed with caution!

    Avacado 10/05/2015  10:56pm

    WAIT ^^ what is the deal with this company? Do they tour or are they stationed in NYC? How long are the contracts typically?

    fatniss'#1fan 10/05/2015  11:13pm

    @Avocado, what's the caution we should know about?

    Should I Just Sleep Instead? 10/06/2015  1:25am

    Bump! From what we were told today it sounded like a great schedule and good pay. What was bad about working with them?

    Also, I know they said it would probably be a couple days but post with offers! :)

    Jessika 10/06/2015  2:28pm

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    dc12 10/06/2015  3:28pm

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