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Want to know if anyone got a callback yet? Did YOU get a callback? Post here!

  • Guys and Dolls @ Asolo Rep @ 06/20/2016  9:00pm

    Post here for callbacks/offers after Monday's appointments!


    Any ladies receive callbacks after the ECC?

    Tulips1218 06/21/2016  7:54am

    Went to appointment yesterday and danced, sang, just received callback via agent to come back in tomorrow!

    LuckBeALady 06/21/2016  10:51am

    @LuckBeALady may I ask did you receive CB for general ensemble or for possible covers?

    mythak34 06/21/2016  3:11pm

    Just ensemble, reading sides for little ensemble parts and singing again.

    LuckBeALady 06/21/2016  5:50pm

    Any boys info? Were there men there today to read?

    ItsJustMi 06/22/2016  12:02am

    Im a male that was back today. Exact same situation as LuckBeaLady. And wow, that username is appropriate! Lol

    werk678 06/22/2016  2:13pm

    went in today for Sarah. Post any offers!

    mbdp 06/22/2016  8:06pm


    lilmississy 06/23/2016  11:32am

    @mythak34 Haha yes! #TypecastMeBasedOffOfMyUsernamePlease

    LuckBeALady 06/23/2016  7:19pm


    DontTalkToMe 06/24/2016  12:57pm


    mbdp 06/25/2016  12:32am

    Bump if anyone hears about offers!

    bennetboy1 06/25/2016  2:32pm


    mythak34 06/27/2016  9:59pm


    mbdp 06/28/2016  12:22am

    It's been a week and no ones heard anything? I guess everyone who booked it isn't on AU

    DontTalkToMe 06/28/2016  10:53am

    It hasn't been a full week since final callbacks. I haven't heard of anyone booking this yet.

    LuckBeALady 06/28/2016  10:55am

    Bushel and a bump

    ThrowAway 07/01/2016  11:22am


    kickyourface1515 07/02/2016  1:19pm

    Does ANYONE know if this is cast? Seems no one has heard anything

    kickyourface1515 07/05/2016  11:25am

    Haven't heard anything from anyone... still keeping fingers crossed that it's not cast yet.

    LuckBeALady 07/05/2016  12:38pm

    I've worked there before and they actually took two months to cast us, fingers crossed, it might be a couple more weeks till anyone hears

    diamunnndzzz 07/05/2016  1:16pm

    Just to let you know, they still have local callbacks in about two weeks so that may be why there is a delay

    MTGrande 07/05/2016  2:35pm


    kickyourface1515 07/13/2016  5:37pm


    dancedown3 07/18/2016  8:54pm

    Had local callbacks in June then again July 18th. Haven't heard anything yet.

    Character Lady 07/20/2016  1:25am


    lilmississy 07/20/2016  2:42pm


    kickyourface1515 07/23/2016  1:40am
  • Pippin Tour Submissions @ other 07/02/2016  7:25pm

    Anyone heard back since the self-submissions have opened on Backstage (etc.)? Post here!


    Anyone seen at their last call and callbacks in NYC going to submit--do they want everyone to submit or will they only consider people they didn't see already? It is so helpful when theaters are specific about this.

    mtlfr 07/03/2016  2:57pm

    I just sent an email to them directly. Hope that wasn't too forward, asking for an appointment. But haven't heard.

    Singin' George Seurat 07/03/2016  8:48pm

    We probably won't hear for a bit. It's a holiday weekend and they've never been the quickest at responding to emails over there. I'd definitely submit again, it seems as if last time was just putting out feelers as this is the first time Prather will be producing a tour. They actually have a Prather touring email for these submissions this time rather than the Broadway Palm and Dutch Apple emails so things seem to be moving forward!

    lululemming 07/03/2016  8:58pm

    Can you post the email so I can submit the correct way?

    Singin' George Seurat 07/05/2016  2:14am

    i also emailed directly. the posting on backstage had the option to direct apply but at the end of the posting it said to email them directly. haven't heard yet!

    galliegirl 07/05/2016  9:41am

    Okay if this is truly Prather's first time doing a tour then it's very plausible that they won't use the direct submit Backstage interface--I've posted a listing before and it's very possible to go through the whole process without even knowing how to find your submissions :/

    I additionally submitted by email with a little "disregard this if..." at the top. If you haven't done that yet I would absolutely hop on it

    caccy 07/05/2016  10:39pm

    Appointments, anyone?

    mtlfr 07/09/2016  1:38pm


    Ed1093 07/10/2016  6:05pm

    bump for any appts?

    caccy 07/12/2016  12:31am


    Ed1093 07/12/2016  9:48pm

    This is Certainly not Prather's first tour- they produced Seven Brides, Fiddler, Memphis, Man of La Mancha, Wedding Singer, Blast...there will be many one nighters, and you will also sit down at their theaters- but this in by no means their first tour...

    102938 07/12/2016  11:48pm

    Whoops, I meant to put international when I originally posted that. You're correct, this is far from their first tour! This is their first international tour though and I've definitely seen some things done differently than usual from their typical process was all I meant to say!

    lululemming 07/13/2016  9:35am

    Audition date is coming up! We know nothing about appointments?

    Ed1093 07/13/2016  1:43pm

    No one's heard? Audition date is this week. Come on, we need to know!

    Accountname 07/14/2016  3:45pm

    yeah i'm balancing the possibility of an appointment with travel from a job outside of the city--we gotta hear something

    caccy 07/14/2016  6:39pm

    I know of at least 5 of us that have submitted and haven't heard anything back.... I'd guess they're just REALLY taking their time.

    VeneratedVirginianVeteran 07/16/2016  3:49pm

    Probably waiting until the last minute to decide who gets a slot, weighing all their options... Which sucks.

    Accountname 07/16/2016  4:14pm

    Anyone from the original set of auditions heard anything about still being considered?

    Ed1093 07/16/2016  6:24pm

    I honestly don't know what's going on with Prather. They've always been pretty unorganized, but I sent an email twice directly to them and did not hear a word back..., And I've already toured for them TWICE! I will say although that I'm skeptical of traveling internationally with them. Domestically they do an ok job, but this international tour may be a little over their heads. It will be interesting to see how it turns out!!

    Iceberg 07/17/2016  8:45am


    socalledchaos 07/17/2016  6:29pm

    Appointments out :)

    caccy 07/18/2016  12:58am

    Patience, children. Patience. I just got an email last night from them. Honestly I forgot about this. That's the business. They don't "have" to respond until they are ready. Just enjoy the summer.

    Tulita Pepsi 07/18/2016  10:37am

    Did anyone who was in for them in April submit and receive an appointment for this go-around? Good luck all!

    mtlfr 07/18/2016  3:49pm

    Bump!! For April peeps! What did the emails that people got say?

    Ed1093 07/18/2016  6:42pm

    Any female dancers receive appts yet?

    lululemming 07/18/2016  7:26pm

    Appointments out :)

    caccy 07/19/2016  9:13am

    Received an appointment this evening for Berthe on 7/22.

    SusanCD 07/19/2016  10:14pm

    Hey guys hope this helps a bit.

    Heard from someone who worked for Prather. That a commercial was being filmed for the tour, and that the people in it were being brought in for "final callbacks" tomorrow as well.

    Could be wrong so I'm not swearing on this.

    But info from the people who go appointments or instructions would be great

    Ed1093 07/21/2016  11:47pm

    Heard from a good source that this is pretty much cast with many of the people they already have for Poppins and people they are using for promo.

    mtlfr 07/22/2016  1:48pm

    @mtlfr do you know if this is ensemble or principals? (Or both?) because they brought in the Broadway choreographer today, and spent a LOT of time with everyone. It didn't read as something that was cast already. Also I have a friend who was in that promo and said they had just used them to shoot it, he's not in the show.

    onthe1ine 07/22/2016  8:24pm

    What I heard may well be wrong. Was also told just today that the call today was mostly about principles and that many ensemble were already cast--it sure doesn't sound like that was the case at all, so it sounds like what I was told may be bad info. Anyhoo . . . Good luck! I was seen in April, submitted for this latest call and would have loved to been asked back for this round, but wasn't. I don't read old enough for the character I think I could be right for though, so maybe I'll get to do this role in a few years. Here's to hoping, anyway. :)

    mtlfr 07/22/2016  10:06pm

    I feel like I heard the circus people may be cast of that's what you mean by ensemble...?

    onthe1ine 07/22/2016  11:06pm
  • Henry V/Little Mermaid, Cape Fear @ Pearl Studios 07/22/2016  2:43pm

    post about callbacks/info/offers after yesterday's appointments? I think I remember reading that Cindi was trying to get it done ASAP, but idk. thanks!



    charactergirl151 07/22/2016  3:57pm

    Wow...are they really still working casting Mermaid?! They specific local auditions for this show like 6 months ago...!

    singforyoursupper 07/22/2016  5:54pm

    @supper - it was my understanding they HAD to give out non eq contracts for a couple principals (ran out of eq contracts?) so they kinda had to do appts for a couple tracks this week in nyc.

    user1234 07/22/2016  9:45pm

    Post for any Ariel CB's!

    mtlfr 07/22/2016  10:08pm
  • R they doing final callbacks or just giving offers off of today's callbacks?

    SpeaksWordsGood 07/18/2016  5:30pm

    Bump. I heard that usually they have a final day of callbacks after these.

    inwoodborn 07/18/2016  7:53pm


    SpeaksWordsGood 07/19/2016  8:56am

    Did anyone read sides in the room?

    Coffeegrind 07/19/2016  10:08am

    Don't know about anyone else, but myself, the person before me, and the person after me didn't do sides. Full song, two monologues, and then they chatted with us for a while.

    OtterSW31 07/19/2016  12:23pm

    ^ same here

    SpeaksWordsGood 07/19/2016  1:25pm

    I was told itr that emails would be sent out later today for wednesday callbacks

    kitt 07/19/2016  1:54pm

    Received CB for tomorrow via email with sides.

    inwoodborn 07/19/2016  2:39pm

    Received an email about callbacks for tomorrow

    Coffeegrind 07/19/2016  3:17pm

    Bump for offers!

    inwoodborn 07/20/2016  2:43pm

    Bump for offers!!!

    Girlwhoacts111 07/21/2016  8:57am


    What did the Final Callbacks on Wednesday entail? If you were not asked back for Wednesday do you believe that means you are no longer being considered? Thanks!

    hustlehard 07/21/2016  9:14am

    I believe we were auditioning for specific roles in the touring show... we read sides from Two Gents.

    Coffeegrind 07/21/2016  9:50am

    Bump, thanks!

    hustlehard 07/21/2016  11:50am

    Bumps on offers??? Why is this taking so long??? Haha

    Girlwhoacts111 07/21/2016  6:26pm


    hustlehard 07/22/2016  4:47am

    Bump for offers!

    bumpupthejams 07/22/2016  4:25pm

    I thought I heard someone say we may not hear until this coming week??

    Girlwhoacts111 07/22/2016  5:05pm

    Yea... they said in the room that they should know by mid-week next, but that it might not be until the end of the week.

    Coffeegrind 07/22/2016  7:56pm
  • Wild Party @ other 07/22/2016  7:49pm

    Has anyone received an offer for the Wild Party yet?

  • Something Rotten SETA @ 07/21/2016  2:57pm

    i know EPAs/ECCs are still ongoing but have any prescreen agent appts gone out yet?



    Sutton'sUnderstudy 07/21/2016  3:44pm


    thedailynews 07/21/2016  4:48pm


    SweetP 07/22/2016  6:48pm
  • ONCE National Tour @ other 07/20/2016  10:27am

    Just wondering if anyone has heard back from them yet about callbacks ?



    teeny 07/20/2016  10:51am


    Blondie827 07/21/2016  11:23am


    peachiequeen 07/22/2016  6:24pm
  • bump!

    bnt14 07/22/2016  5:09pm
  • Oceania/Regent Cruises @ Pearl Studios 07/12/2016  12:16pm

    Has anyone heard anything about offers yet? I know it's soon, but they did mention they had some tracks that needed to be filled in 2 weeks.



    nyguyforlife 07/13/2016  12:04am


    Tyrannosaurus Rex 07/14/2016  6:08pm


    BeltNballchange 07/14/2016  9:19pm


    BeltNballchange 07/14/2016  9:19pm


    lil einstein 07/16/2016  4:56pm

    Offer received

    nyguyforlife 07/18/2016  12:36pm

    Congrats dude!!!

    If you're a singer dancer from the Ripley 520 call and you've received an offer can u post pls:)

    BeltNballchange 07/18/2016  12:56pm

    haven't heard anything yet

    broadwaybabe755 07/19/2016  5:57pm


    Banginbabe 07/21/2016  10:55am


    broadwaybabe755 07/22/2016  4:32pm
  • Bump

    neverland 07/17/2016  3:31pm

    [Gathering the courage...]
    Before we sang on Wednesday morning, we were told that there would be rolling callbacks as the season went on.
    I was asked to read after my two songs -- but not to stay for the afternoon dance call.
    D'you think that means I'm already out of the running for the year?

    SusanCD 07/18/2016  4:52am

    I sang on Monday and stayed to read for Grandma in Billy Elliot. Anyone else?

    Tawanda 07/18/2016  9:11am

    thanks for the info, their season has both dance and non-dance shows so they could still be considering you if you were not asked to dance I think.

    Titsnoass 07/18/2016  10:04am


    tonysoprano 07/18/2016  5:34pm

    I read with scene partners for LITTLE WOMEN. I believe that most of the readers on Wednesday were for that, but I wouldn't swear to it.

    SusanCD 07/18/2016  11:32pm

    a few of us read for Billy E and others read for White Xmas on wednesday as well. that's all I got

    tonysoprano 07/19/2016  10:07am

    Those who read , were you reading for leads, or ensemble. I was asked to dance after I sang, but not to read...

    102938 07/20/2016  10:51am

    I read for Grandma ... Billy Elliot. Anyone else read for Grandma?

    Tawanda 07/20/2016  12:49pm


    Target Lady 07/21/2016  3:45pm

    Bump! I was there Tuesday and also read with partners for Little Women but there were other groups reading from that show too.

    Titsnoass 07/22/2016  3:54pm