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    SlytherinScrelter 01/10/2017  10:53am

    just received cb!

    SlytherinScrelter 01/10/2017  4:21pm

    call or email?

    ebm2014 01/10/2017  4:29pm


    SlytherinScrelter 01/10/2017  4:29pm

    Callback via email

    Anie 01/11/2017  10:14am

    All heard yesterday? Break a leg everyone

    characterman58 01/11/2017  2:02pm

    I just received an initial appointment via ActorsAccess for next Wed 1/18.

    Shall We Dance 01/11/2017  4:00pm

    Bump for offers

    567Wait 01/20/2017  5:05pm


    mandypatinkin 01/23/2017  5:26pm


    Veep23 01/23/2017  7:59pm

    Bump one more time for Yours, Anne. I was under the impression offers were going out early this week. Anyone hear anything?

    Lovey128 01/25/2017  2:35pm


    567Wait 01/26/2017  2:11pm

    Bump. I'm assuming it's cast, I just wanted to see if anyone heard

    Veep23 01/29/2017  12:46am