• Ragtime @ Ogunquit - Callback dates? @ Pearl Studios 04/20/2017  11:13am

    Hey guys! My appt email for this last week didn't include callback dates; a few mentioned in another thread that they're in May. Anyone have the specific dates?


    Also curious about this...

    voxgal 04/20/2017  12:33pm

    The last I heard, they weren't sure when the callbacks were going to be, because the director is very busy.

    I also heard there might not be ensemble callbacks since the entire creative team was in the room for the appointments last week, and they might just count on that.

    You never know. The email didn't list specific dates, just "later in May", so until someone hears otherwise, no news is good news!

    fancecaptain 04/20/2017  12:47pm

    Rad! Yeah manager just circled back with the same wording ("later in May"). Awesome, thanks for the skinny!

    NYCSoprano 04/20/2017  4:52pm

    A friend of mine had the appointment on Tuesday, and was brought back in on Thursday.

    HE BOOKED y'all.

    Apparently there were callbacks for Ogunquit Ragtime.

    ScrewTheEngineer 04/20/2017  9:52pm

    Principle or ensemble?

    NYCSoprano 04/21/2017  9:37am

    I would say that it is a "Featured Ensemble role"

    ScrewTheEngineer 04/21/2017  10:17am

    Any other offers or cbs?

    Blondie456 04/23/2017  12:31pm


    PrettyPelican 04/25/2017  1:18pm

    I have an appointment tomorrow for Evelyn

    kikibuggy 04/25/2017  1:27pm

    *sigh* my last chance.


    8BarWhat 04/25/2017  10:53pm

    @ kiki-- is this a callback or an initial? Which role, if you don't mind.

    8BarWhat 04/25/2017  10:54pm

    First time going in! For Evelyn Nesbit tomorrow afternoon!

    kikibuggy 04/25/2017  11:24pm

    I'm going in tomorrow for Ensemble

    SteppinToTheBadSide 04/26/2017  12:44am

    First Time going in

    SteppinToTheBadSide 04/26/2017  12:44am

    The re-released the entire breakdown today

    iwantanswers123 04/27/2017  6:38pm