• GGLAM Tour @ Pearl Studios 04/20/2017  4:23pm

    Any callbacks for next week from this week's appointments?



    babyjules 04/20/2017  5:16pm


    the10000thbrunette 04/20/2017  7:13pm


    Whatarewedoing 04/20/2017  8:58pm

    Bump :)

    corgiwithadream 04/21/2017  11:18am


    Quietkid7 04/21/2017  2:14pm


    tryintomakeit 04/21/2017  3:49pm


    [insert name here] 04/21/2017  4:44pm

    Bump! Any callbacks ITR?

    babyjules 04/21/2017  5:05pm

    Bump anything?

    Whatarewedoing 04/21/2017  5:22pm

    I know they have another day of initials tomorrow so we may not hear anything until after those

    Sportsballandtheatrecanmix 04/21/2017  5:57pm

    Hmm pretty sure the last day of initial appts was today according to my agent?

    Whatarewedoing 04/21/2017  7:09pm

    They added a date since we received our appts, I have two friends with initials tomorrow

    Sportsballandtheatrecanmix 04/21/2017  7:18pm

    Hi, I'm thinking no ones been called back yet, Is that even possible at this point, Has anyone asked their agent? I didn't get to mine until they closed for the weekend.

    the10000thbrunette 04/21/2017  11:22pm

    Okay bump initials are done

    Sportsballandtheatrecanmix 04/22/2017  4:10pm

    Bump on callbacks finally!

    [insert name here] 04/22/2017  4:51pm

    Bump 😕

    Whatarewedoing 04/22/2017  4:54pm


    boombox899 04/22/2017  8:42pm


    corgiwithadream 04/23/2017  12:30am

    Sunday mornin bump

    The_Diva 04/23/2017  7:59am

    Got an email through agent to come back Thurs.

    MrPissedoffolees 04/23/2017  8:19am

    Bump can I ask when you got that email?

    Whatarewedoing 04/23/2017  8:31am

    This morning. My agent is awesome and sends stuff on weekends.

    MrPissedoffolees 04/23/2017  8:43am

    Wow amazing lucky you 😊

    Whatarewedoing 04/23/2017  8:55am

    CB's seem to be going out. I got one to come back in on Wednesday.

    ESC4423 04/23/2017  9:34am

    Just received a CB for Wednesday. Keep an eye on your email everyone!

    secondfromtheright 04/23/2017  9:56am

    Received cb for Wednesday as well!

    Quietkid7 04/23/2017  10:04am

    Has anyone who has submitted a self tape appointment heard anything yet?

    Helga Fierstein 04/23/2017  10:49am

    Bump for news about submission videos

    Workitout 04/23/2017  4:11pm

    Phoebe callbacks??

    [insert name here] 04/23/2017  9:23pm

    sibella Callback bump

    S&J 04/24/2017  9:07am

    any Woman CBs? not sibella/phoebe. specifically woman 1 or 2?

    dontnobodywantno 04/24/2017  11:06am

    Anyone know the casting email for this? I know they created one?

    Miriam 04/24/2017  11:25am

    I have a female swing callback on Thursday if that helps anyone

    [insert name here] 04/24/2017  11:53am

    Did anyone get a phoebe cb for wed or thurs?

    babyjules 04/24/2017  2:34pm

    Phoebe CB for Tuesday

    maebae 04/24/2017  8:13pm

    I'm going in Wednesday for Woman #1.

    Artemis1 04/24/2017  10:45pm

    Anyone who submitted a video hear back?

    Workitout 04/25/2017  5:00pm

    Had a Sibella CB today
    Please post if you hear anything after this week's appointments! I hear there is another round for Friday
    Good luck everyone!! 🤞🏻

    dadadadadum 04/25/2017  8:03pm

    Anyone hear back about finals on Friday? Wondering when these are going out.

    [insert name here] 04/26/2017  10:11am

    Bump- also wondering if anyone has been called back for Friday?

    neverland 04/26/2017  11:58am


    boombox899 04/26/2017  2:02pm

    A friend of mine was asked to come back (ITR I believe) for the DySquith fam role.

    Any ladies asked to come on Friday? ITR or otherwise?

    dadadadadum 04/26/2017  2:28pm

    Went in today for Sibella. It was mentioned ITR for me to come back on Friday, but didn't specify a time.

    secondfromtheright 04/26/2017  2:36pm

    Have any men received callbacks or apppontments?

    Fradadyl 04/26/2017  2:57pm


    Fradadyl 04/26/2017  2:58pm

    Have any Phoebes been offered a callback ITR or through email? Thanks guys!

    herecomesthesun 04/26/2017  5:06pm


    Quietkid7 04/26/2017  7:03pm

    Bump! Any emails for Friday after callbacks today?

    Gigi1687 04/26/2017  10:56pm

    Bump for anyone offered a final CB for Phoebe ITR or Email?

    maebae 04/27/2017  10:48am

    Bump! Anyone know who was in the room at appts today? Who is directing?

    Onefineday 04/27/2017  11:01am

    Does anyone have a callback tomorrow for Woman 1?

    neverland 04/27/2017  11:53am

    Is there anyone, male or female who has been notified via email yet about callbacks tomorrow??

    Quietkid7 04/27/2017  12:01pm

    Was anyone getting callbacks ITR from today's appointments?

    Nan12345 04/27/2017  12:17pm

    Bump for official Friday CBs!!

    The_Diva 04/27/2017  1:54pm


    Gigi1687 04/27/2017  5:04pm

    Maybe we will hear something this evening as the last day for initial callbacks finishes tonight at 6?

    Quietkid7 04/27/2017  5:15pm


    picklesndsnitches 04/27/2017  5:33pm

    Anyone get sibella callbacks or asked to do movement tomorrow?

    JP123 04/27/2017  5:42pm

    Got a callback tomorrow for women #3 and female swing! Emails are going out!

    Quietkid7 04/27/2017  5:57pm

    Hey guys. Just got a call from my agent.. callback for team tomorrow with possible movement at 1:30pm.

    Good luck everyone!! <3

    fml 04/27/2017  5:58pm

    Did people getting an email callback also get one ITR?

    maebae 04/27/2017  6:05pm

    Just received Sibella CB via email

    secondfromtheright 04/27/2017  6:07pm

    Anyone receive a Woman 1 cb for tomorrow?

    neverland 04/27/2017  6:16pm

    Hey guys. Just got a call from my agent.. callback for team tomorrow with possible movement at 1:30pm.

    Good luck everyone!! <3

    fml 04/27/2017  6:40pm

    @FML - may I ask what track you are called back for?

    neverland 04/27/2017  7:04pm

    any other emails???

    JudFry95 04/27/2017  9:56pm

    I did not receive a call back ITR. I Received phone call and email from my agent this evening for Callback for tomorrow with team. I am called back for Man 3.

    Crushed_it 04/28/2017  1:42am