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  • Can't go to callback @ 10/18/2017  6:48pm

    Should I go to an open call if I know I can't go to the dance call back the same day?


    I would say no... but, the real question is, why can’t you? I don’t mean to be snarky, but getting work should be the priority if you’re considering attending the call. Whatever you decide, best of luck!

    sosayethi 10/18/2017  7:39pm

    i would say yes, still go. If you can't go to the dance callback due to work or something, just let them know. It couldn't hurt... especially helpful if you have a dance reel or something that you can offer to email them.

    _LittleBird_ 10/18/2017  9:26pm

    Yes, you definitely should still go! Any audition is an opportunity and it's better to go than stay home. Give yourself a small chance instead of no chance at all! xo

    pizzaking 10/19/2017  2:05am

    Yes go! I was in a similar situation last month and they invited me directly to a dance callback on another day. You never know!

    Huzzah 10/19/2017  5:07am

    I say yes! I had a similar situation this past week, and when they invited me to come back that afternoon I told them unfortunately I couldn't because I had rehearsal, and they then invited me to come back the next day. If they're really interested, they'll make it work! :)

    Jessika 10/20/2017  10:41pm