• wannabegreen


    beltingbadass 10/19/2017  10:58am

    Bump!! Just had a callback today, and was curious if there are any others tomorrow

    nycdancer05 10/19/2017  11:19am

    I also had a callback today. There are more tomorrow, but like.. not for NEW people. It's basically the second cut after these callbacks today! At least for the divas it seems. Still waiting to hear back.

    beltingbadass 10/19/2017  11:25am

    I spoke with the monitor after my callback and she said that we'd hear about tomorrow almost immediately, so I guess keep an eye on your emails!

    Thunderbird 10/19/2017  12:13pm

    No one has gotten an email yet though?

    wannabegreen 10/19/2017  12:19pm

    I also spoke with her and she told me some time this afternoon, probably. I haven't gotten an email yet!

    beltingbadass 10/19/2017  12:22pm

    just bumping this

    beltingbadass 10/19/2017  1:06pm

    Anyone get an email for tomorrow yet!?

    bf8880 10/19/2017  2:05pm


    beltingbadass 10/19/2017  2:06pm

    The monitor said they had to finish at 2:30 so they would be emailing pretty much after that about tomorrow's callbacks/harmony session!

    taykay91 10/19/2017  2:38pm

    Ok so we should probably be getting an email soonish then. If we get them. Lol

    beltingbadass 10/19/2017  2:57pm

    I’ve refreshed my email at least 40x

    wannabegreen 10/19/2017  3:06pm

    I got a callback emailed me around 2!

    Beltermover22 10/19/2017  3:24pm

    Does anyone know if we have to know all three parts?

    Beltermover22 10/19/2017  3:29pm

    yes you are supposed to know all three parts! so emails are out?

    taykay91 10/19/2017  3:31pm

    Does anyone know if we have to know all three parts?

    Beltermover22 10/19/2017  3:32pm

    Any guys get an ensemble callback?

    nycdancer05 10/19/2017  3:36pm

    Beltermover what did you get called back for? Still no email for me about tomorrow. Congrats btw :)

    beltingbadass 10/19/2017  3:38pm

    starting to lose hope lmao

    beltingbadass 10/19/2017  4:44pm

    Has anyone else heard back about the diva callbacks for tomorrow?

    I feel like they are still sending out emails. Trying not to give up hope!

    taykay91 10/19/2017  4:56pm

    bump for news on callback emails!

    taykay91 10/19/2017  5:50pm

    Bump.. still nothing.

    beltingbadass 10/19/2017  6:01pm

    Got my email around 2pm for final callbacks! diva/Shirley

    IJustWantToBeSeen 10/19/2017  7:48pm

    Does anyone know if they only called Divas in for tomorrow?

    nycdancer05 10/19/2017  8:06pm

    Got an email around 2pm via agent. Shirley/Diva final cb mañana

    Bari2874 10/19/2017  9:22pm

    Yeah I got called back for Diva/ Shirley too ahh thanks!!

    Beltermover22 10/19/2017  11:15pm