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  • the bdown literally came out Thursday so i doubt it

    dopplegang 11/11/2017  2:18pm


    Tommy98 11/13/2017  2:21pm

    I submitted for Guys and Dolls and Hunchback, have not heard anything about appts yet. Mailings were probably delayed due to post offices being closed for the weekend due to Veteran's Day.

    jrmcats89 11/13/2017  6:38pm


    Jk98373839 11/15/2017  9:35am


    Tommy98 11/15/2017  1:36pm


    Jk98373839 11/17/2017  11:45am

    I received an agent appointment yesterday around 1p for Featured Ensemble track in Hunchback but saying Marc Robin would be considering me for Guys and Dolls at the same appointment.... If it helps anyone... I am an extreme character actress who is being brought in for the Madam track in Hunchback and would be considered for the General Cartwright track in Guys and Dolls.... good luck everyone.... ps. my appointment is on Thursday 11/30 and I was told to hold both Friday 12/1 and Saturday 12/2 for potential callbacks.... ;)

    beltress101 11/17/2017  12:39pm

    Any Sarah Brown appts?

    Galapagos9 11/17/2017  7:24pm

    I know of one Sarah Brown appt that went out this evening. I'm still waiting to hear re. Adelaide. Anybody?

    olive 11/17/2017  10:25pm

    Bump for Adelaide

    picklesndsnitches 11/18/2017  4:54pm

    Are all appointments out or do we think there will be another wave?

    Jk98373839 11/19/2017  4:38pm