• PolarExpress

    At callback yesterday, the info sheet mentioned that local callbacks are next weekend, casting should be complete by 11/30 :)

    Canadianactor 11/12/2017  3:44pm


    inspiredactor 11/20/2017  2:09am

    Bump! (and happy thanksgiving!)

    inspiredactor 11/22/2017  5:02pm

    I mean I assume they mean 11/30 but BUMP.

    PolarExpress 11/27/2017  8:24pm

    It's 11/30... :??

    PolarExpress 11/30/2017  6:25pm

    Any news?

    inspiredactor 12/01/2017  1:41pm

    crickets overhere.

    PolarExpress 12/01/2017  2:12pm

    I assume offers are out...???

    PolarExpress 12/04/2017  9:13pm