• UP AND AWAY @ other 11/13/2017  9:40am

    Anyone get a callback for this? Know if they’re auditioning in NY at a later date?


    Is this for PCLO? They only do PGH auditions for the cabaret theater. Bump on offers.

    thedip 11/13/2017  3:53pm

    Yes, PCLO. And thank you, good to know. BUMP for offers!!

    colormearab 11/13/2017  11:17pm

    A-yo dip, were you called back? If so, what for? If you don't mind me asking!!

    colormearab 11/13/2017  11:19pm

    I sent in a tape this time, but I was called back for both female tracks when they did callbacks for the reading a month or two ago. :-) But I don't have info on callbacks this round!

    As a guess: I think they will probably take the people from the reading they just did into the full production, although I obviously don't know that for sure!

    thedip 11/14/2017  1:40pm

    Was just offered male understudy!!!

    colormearab 11/15/2017  1:43am


    thedip 11/15/2017  11:56am