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  • Gigigigigismd


    Ajs236 11/14/2017  2:06pm

    Any info on this??

    Gigigigigismd 11/14/2017  8:04pm

    All the principles for this lab are already cast. They’re only looking for covers, and those appointments haven’t happened yet. May also be looking for ensemble considering most all of them are in Mean Girls.

    Catbug826 11/14/2017  8:25pm

    Okay awesome. Thank you!!

    Gigigigigismd 11/14/2017  10:47pm

    Bump **updates**?

    nbk9wxv 11/15/2017  8:10pm

    bump >> update?

    321sing 11/16/2017  4:54pm


    mtwallet 11/16/2017  6:21pm

    Bump for callbacks/appointments to dance after today’s Singer call. The dance call is Tuesday.

    Catbug826 11/16/2017  8:51pm


    sosayethi 11/16/2017  8:57pm


    321sing 11/17/2017  7:25am


    singingguy123 11/17/2017  10:25am


    sosayethi 11/17/2017  4:48pm

    Anyone know who was ITR for the ECC?

    JoeDiMaggio 11/18/2017  7:24pm

    Bump on callbacks?

    Gigigigigismd 11/19/2017  11:12pm


    sosayethi 11/20/2017  1:04am

    Bumpity bump bump

    nbk9wxv 11/20/2017  2:22pm

    Bump on callbacks. Initial agent appointments are already out for ensemble and covers.

    Catbug826 11/20/2017  3:04pm

    Did anyone hear back from the singer ECC?

    sosayethi 11/21/2017  12:49pm

    Bump for callbacks from today’s dance ECC!

    ddreamer14 11/21/2017  1:39pm

    Bump for CBS after dancer ECC

    coffeeaddict 11/21/2017  4:25pm

    Anyone know how to remove a post?

    HatFullOfRain 11/21/2017  4:34pm

    Bump for callbacks

    Catbug826 11/22/2017  1:38pm


    Sandymandy 11/24/2017  7:52pm


    Catbug826 11/27/2017  11:42am

    Bump but hard to believe no one has heard anything right?

    nbk9wxv 12/04/2017  11:44pm

    I received an offer for the lab.

    Sundaerose2012 12/12/2017  1:24pm


    11/21/2017  3:21pm