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  • HVSF Hamlet @ other 11/14/2017  5:13pm

    Any word on cb’s after today’s appointments ?


    bump! Any word in the room? Or are we all waiting for an email?

    Are You Kidding Me 11/14/2017  7:52pm


    Nothing2BDone 11/15/2017  9:52am


    bug77 11/15/2017  10:42am

    Still nothing for me, too.

    Dymphna 11/15/2017  12:07pm

    auditions are supposed to be tomorrow, correct? so I'm assuming if I haven't heard anything yet it's a no. unless any one has any other info...

    Are You Kidding Me 11/15/2017  5:18pm

    ^meant callbacks, not auditions

    Are You Kidding Me 11/15/2017  5:21pm


    SpicedWafer 11/15/2017  5:47pm


    Nothing2BDone 11/15/2017  9:16pm

    callback emails went out last night (Tuesday)

    diana891 11/15/2017  10:18pm