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  • twirlinggirl

    Any information on callbacks now that second day of auditions are over?

    Broadway's Best 11/16/2017  2:56pm

    bookings? or too soon?

    behappy 11/17/2017  11:17pm

    Bookings are too soon. They just had two days worth of auditions. Still no word on callbacks.

    Broadway's Best 11/20/2017  8:06am

    Ah. Didn't realize last week that some were on first round of audtions. Others were there on second or third round of cbs.

    behappy 11/20/2017  10:34am

    Offers are out.

    actormcgee 11/22/2017  5:22pm

    Are all offers out for both shows?

    behappy 11/27/2017  10:11pm