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  • Hunchback @ WPPAC @ 11/17/2017  7:57am

    Starting a new thread for offers. Any out? Seemed a little clicky so I’m not expecting anything... just curious if they’ve started yet and that other thread was too long.


    just got email that they have not made offers and will need the weekend to finalize (yes let's keep this thread instead of the old one)

    galliegirl 11/17/2017  3:33pm

    Any ensemble contracts out yet? Thanks!

    Toulouuuuse 11/19/2017  12:51pm

    Friend of mine got an ensemble offer!

    nyfilly 11/19/2017  5:38pm

    Ditto on friend getting ensemble offer

    Okayokay 11/20/2017  2:05am

    Ensemble offer out and accepted

    abeltface 11/20/2017  9:19am