• rbg2000

    In for this on Monday. Are they giving callbacks ITR? How's the panel?

    iKruse 11/17/2017  12:14pm

    @iKruse is your appointment on Monday just for casting, or the creative team?

    rbg2000 11/17/2017  12:28pm

    Have an appointment Monday for casting.

    Callbacks are on the fourth for creative, right? How’s the room been?

    Nothing2BDone 11/17/2017  1:03pm

    Casting, yep. Callbacks on the 4th but always hoping to hear ITR ... not lose the sleep waiting 🤣🤣

    iKruse 11/17/2017  1:39pm

    Cool, thanks for the info! I was told callbacks are Monday 11/20, but seems like that's changed. Best of luck!

    rbg2000 11/17/2017  3:10pm

    Bump for callbacks from today - given iTR?

    iKruse 11/20/2017  10:23am

    Bump for callbacks from today - given iTR?

    iKruse 11/20/2017  11:05am

    I did not receive a callback ITR and felt like audition went well. Callbacks are on December 4th with creative team. Room was lovely (casting only) but actors were in and out super quick.

    Break legs!

    yaburnt! 11/20/2017  1:25pm

    ^^^^ agreed. Talked to actors afterwards, no concrete feedback or direction given in the room it seems, but they were very warm and inviting. 6-7 people in front of me, in and out super quick.

    Break legs all!

    Nothing2BDone 11/20/2017  1:44pm

    Just received a CB from my agent! Best of luck everyone!

    Ahd246 11/20/2017  2:48pm

    @Ahd246 which track?

    Nothing2BDone 11/20/2017  2:49pm


    Ahd246 11/20/2017  3:45pm

    Anyone else heard callbacks?

    HaloTopBAE 11/20/2017  7:42pm

    Bump, esp for DEE callbacks?

    iKruse 11/21/2017  4:12pm