• Arrow Rock Lyceum Appointments @ other 12/14/2017  4:48pm

    Has anyone received an appointment for Arrow Rock Lyceum through the breakdown on Actors Access?



    kitt 12/14/2017  6:28pm

    bump!! @kitt I think you're my new best friend

    i_am_a_seagull 12/15/2017  11:33am

    @seagull YUP 😂

    kitt 12/15/2017  12:07pm


    xld3 12/19/2017  2:41pm


    xld3 01/04/2018  1:53pm

    Not through Actors Access but did get an appt through agent yesterday

    bridgetunnel 01/04/2018  3:04pm

    Got an agency appointment today

    Bobertdoubleu 01/04/2018  4:43pm

    Got an appointment through AA

    Hellooooooooo 01/04/2018  4:48pm

    5 years of submissions on AA, NO appointments.


    Shall We Dance 01/04/2018  5:42pm