• CHARLIE TOUR @ 12/15/2017  9:15am

    Any response after yesterday's appointments?


    Are you talking about the Christmas tour or the TYA local tour?

    Okayokay 12/15/2017  12:08pm

    No sorry I meant for charlie and the chocolate factory

    Mmmsoup 12/15/2017  12:32pm

    Was this for roles? Or ensemble?

    ddreamer14 12/15/2017  12:58pm

    ^^^^ also curious about tracks!

    sosayethi 12/18/2017  12:31pm

    Bump. Anyone hear about callbacks in January?

    Baldur 12/18/2017  5:59pm


    Mmmsoup 12/22/2017  6:44pm


    Trap_music_n_showtunes 12/22/2017  9:03pm

    Are ensemble callbacks being sent out in January?

    jf5588 12/23/2017  3:46am

    Bump for ensemble callbacks/appointments!

    sosayethi 12/23/2017  9:01am


    Mmmsoup 12/27/2017  11:17am