• rent non-union immediate replacements @ 12/17/2017  10:24pm

    hey everyone, just wondering what you all know. i'm being looked at for the swing, but are they also looking for a roger, a roger cover, or another swing?


    How soon do we think offers will go out after today's callbacks for the couple immediate replacement tracks? Post with offers bummmmp

    Godsgifttoyouall 12/18/2017  8:28pm

    BUMP for offers!

    zKween 12/18/2017  10:08pm

    What material did people do today? Were these callbacks from the Agency round on Thursday?

    Bobertdoubleu 12/18/2017  10:38pm

    Bump on offers for immediate replacements

    Godsgifttoyouall 12/19/2017  1:23pm

    yes please bump

    streetlightchillinintheheat 12/19/2017  1:41pm

    still no word? don't they need the swings on the road in like two weeks? lol

    streetlightchillinintheheat 12/20/2017  3:44pm

    I know the old dance captain just got hired as a swing and joining in January.

    Letsmakeithappen 12/20/2017  6:15pm

    Any news?

    zKween 12/21/2017  1:14pm