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    UncleMame 01/18/2018  8:13pm

    They only kept 5 headshots from the whole audition. Almost all tracks are filled from their resident company.

    One Percent Better Each Day 01/19/2018  1:36pm

    Wouldn't it be nice if the other 150 or more of us could pick up our headshots, if they/Barter really only kept 5 of them from the entire day. It would save us a little $, not having to have copies made so often... :-D

    Prevrukhna Ptichka 01/19/2018  5:37pm

    How do you even know that...?

    Ahd246 01/20/2018  2:59pm

    Yeah that audition was a waste of time. If you're looking for a certain type or specific roles PLEASE say so in your breakdowns.

    Ght57 01/20/2018  3:37pm

    So at the class at the growing stage he said that. They pick their seasons based on who is in their company already. But yes, I agree that it would be nice if that was written in their breakdowns. People were there all day hoping to get seen when it was all for not.

    Foxydemocrat 01/20/2018  8:56pm