• Kinky Boots @ Pearl Studios 01/19/2018  3:19pm

    I know some final callbacks were today. Any info on when offers are expected to go out?


    As far as I know, the current cast isn’t going anywhere and this was just for building files since it’s a new casting team

    CheeseSandwich 01/19/2018  5:47pm

    Well the cast is going somewhere because the tour will be non-union come summer.

    DeltaSigma[tos] 01/19/2018  6:16pm

    I thought it was already non-union...?

    Yourescrummy 01/19/2018  6:19pm

    It is currently Equity. It will lose its union jurisdiction this summer when it goes to Asia, and when the tour comes back from Asia, it will just be a nonunion tour.

    DeltaSigma[tos] 01/19/2018  6:34pm

    The tour that is out now is already non-union. I actually just saw it at the end of November 2017. They were cast last summer by Joy Dewing before Wojcik/Seay took over. There was an Equity tour at some point that Telsey had cast, but I believe that had since ended.

    All that being said, I suppose you never know which actors could be up for renewal and for how long. Congrats to everyone in final callbacks and best of luck! Be proud!

    skyrocketsinflight 01/19/2018  6:49pm

    The tour is and has been non eq since August 2017. I do know they were casting immediate replacements. And then I assume offers will go out later once it is figured out who signs on from the current tour of those that are staying with the tour.

    GeneKelly101 01/19/2018  7:17pm

    From what I've heard from a current cast member, no offers have been made to them yet.

    mss4254 01/19/2018  11:49pm

    A current cast member told me is that as far as they know everyone has been offered and has accepted the Asia extension... but who knows! Great job everyone! Cheers to an awesome process and amazing start to the season!

    CheeseSandwich 01/20/2018  10:36am

    Just confirmed, the above information about the cast staying on for the next leg of the tour is correct.

    sillygirl 01/20/2018  11:27pm