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  • MacHaydn Appts @ 02/13/2018  6:10pm

    Anyone get an appointment?
    Yes yes I know they got a billion submissions, I’m just trying to plan my life :)



    abeltface 02/13/2018  7:14pm

    Please gawd... bless me with an appt and deliver me from the open call... amen.

    coldbrew 02/13/2018  7:21pm

    I submitted like the same exact day (1/29/17) last year as I did this year (1/29/18) and last year I didn’t hear from them until 2/22/17, so I’m going to assume appointments won’t go out til somewhere around then

    JimmyD 02/13/2018  8:59pm

    Till around then this year I mean

    JimmyD 02/13/2018  9:00pm