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  • North Shore / Theatre By The Sea @ Nola Studios 02/14/2018  1:16pm

    Did anyone who had appts today write down who was in the room? I forgot to take a picture!

    Also I’m assuming callbacks are via email?


    I know Kevin P Hill was at both and Theatre By The Sea for sure had Hill, Matthew Chappell, Bob Richard, and Richard Sabellico in the morning.

    dgretchen 02/14/2018  1:19pm

    Also Gerry McIntyre (Director Ain't Misbehavin) Diane Laurenson (Chicago Choreographer) and Thom Warren (Associate Producer) were there!

    werk678 02/14/2018  6:22pm

    Callbacks are going out (email)

    characterman 02/14/2018  7:32pm

    Can you be more specific? Show? Company? Gender? Role? Ensemble? Thanks!

    singsing3 02/14/2018  8:57pm

    Did anyone actually receive a callback after yesterday's appointments?

    Bbette 02/15/2018  10:32am

    Knowing North Shore I cant wait for the all white cast if Ain’t Misbehavin

    Mimimarquez 02/15/2018  10:52am

    What shows are the CB's for?

    dncrgrl490 02/15/2018  1:00pm

    Did they already have appointments for jekyll?

    canttakeitwithyou 02/15/2018  2:22pm

    Received callback for TBTS Chicago

    I sing therefore I am 02/15/2018  11:14pm

    When are callbacks?

    Popsoplc77 02/16/2018  12:39am

    I sing therefore I am: Were you called back for ensemble or a role?

    Bbette 02/16/2018  9:17am

    Was called back for a role and the callbacks are Wednesday

    I sing therefore I am 02/16/2018  1:58pm

    I hear you sing... may I ask what time? May be in the same boat and want to gauge my day. No worries if not, thanks!

    Champagne for my Real Friends 02/16/2018  2:22pm

    Are callbacks out for Ain’t Misbehavin?

    werk678 02/19/2018  10:00pm

    Yes, callbacks are out for ain’t misbehavin

    JoanofAct 02/19/2018  11:39pm

    Any callbacks for mama Mia?

    Justryingtowork 02/20/2018  9:02am

    Any callbacks for Pan?

    littlelion15 02/22/2018  10:22pm