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  • Dear Evan Hansen @ other 02/14/2018  6:00pm

    Can’t attend the open call so I emailed headshot, resume, and some audio. Got an email a few days later with sides and music. Is this something they’re sending everyone that emails, like an automatic response?


    Maybe. Or maybe they typed from headshots/resumes cause I got an email with the sides, too.

    beefybunz 02/14/2018  6:03pm

    I also was sent music and sides.

    colormearab 02/14/2018  8:28pm


    lpm1991 02/14/2018  8:59pm

    Has anyone by chance NOT gotten the email?

    DoYouCarryALunchBox? 02/14/2018  9:25pm

    I got the email w/ music and sides too.

    bariboy 02/14/2018  10:13pm

    See all y’all on Broadway

    beefybunz 02/15/2018  12:38am

    Sorry, I'm confused. Is there not anything else in this email everyone's getting? Like a reason why they're sending you music and sides?

    Dr. Steve Brule 02/15/2018  12:09pm

    It's an automated reply!

    helloworld333 02/15/2018  4:30pm

    My email stated they had reviewed my headshot/resume and they'd like to see a recording of the song/mono. I asked if there was a deadline and was told to submit ASAP but the 23rd at the latest.

    SheLovesMeMaybe 02/15/2018  5:08pm

    I imagine they at least typed from submissions?

    lpm1991 02/15/2018  7:59pm

    what's the e-mail to send in submissions?

    finnthehuman 02/15/2018  9:02pm

    Has anyone heard anything since sending things the song and monologue in?

    Hello12Hello13Hello 02/20/2018  4:22pm