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  • Carmen Jones @ 02/22/2018  11:48am

    Just gonna go ahead and put this here. Post for anyone hears back after today. Much love everyone! Happy audition season! So good seeing you all today!


    I have a friend that auditioned today and got a callback through email

    cmccrewell 02/22/2018  9:22pm

    Does your friend have representation?

    DontSpeak 02/22/2018  10:02pm

    She doesn’t

    cmccrewell 02/22/2018  10:18pm

    Bump for other callbacks- they also still have a day of auditions tomorrow

    Tinytenor23 02/22/2018  11:06pm

    Anyone get a cb with rep?

    singinggamer 02/24/2018  10:34am


    I heard one girl got a CB for next week. IDK about anything else

    BFB 02/25/2018  12:14am

    That was quick.....hhhmmm... anyone with an agent get a callback from Friday’s epas

    JSL32 02/25/2018  9:45am

    I meant to post this the other day. But last I asked my agent they hadn’t placed the breakdown out.

    Which is usually the case that the breakdown goes out right after the EPA. So fingers crossed.

    DontSpeak 02/25/2018  9:53am

    Yeah that seems strange without a breakdown and no MD listed... keep us posted those with rep

    JSL32 02/25/2018  10:10am


    Tinytenor23 02/25/2018  12:36pm

    It makes sense that someone without rep may have been contacted after attending the epa.

    DontSpeak 02/25/2018  12:47pm