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  • Bump!

    KickinMyFace 02/22/2018  7:29pm

    @tryacting if I can ask- who did you audition for?

    KickinMyFace 02/22/2018  7:40pm

    Sultana Gardizi and Claire Kelly were ITR (both lovely)

    tryacting 02/22/2018  8:03pm

    Oh! Sorry. When I got called in, I was told I was being seen for Hermia (my audition was yesterday). Was wondering which characters they were looking for today.

    KickinMyFace 02/22/2018  8:06pm

    Egeus/Peter Quince

    tryacting 02/22/2018  8:25pm

    Was never told what I was being seen for...? Anyone else? Any callbacks given ITR?

    Nyc123xyz 02/22/2018  9:15pm

    Wasn’t told who I was coming in for either. I know they have more appointments tomorrow. Was asked a lot of questions and talked a lot in the room.

    Nothing2BDone 02/22/2018  9:20pm


    reeee 02/23/2018  11:35am


    Heyjude87000 02/23/2018  5:09pm

    Any word on callbacks yet?

    KickinMyFace 02/23/2018  8:30pm


    AnathemaDevice 02/24/2018  11:05am


    Nothing2BDone 02/24/2018  11:49am


    southerngent91 02/24/2018  3:28pm

    Anyone? Bueller?

    KickinMyFace 02/24/2018  9:02pm

    Lol just came here to see if anyone had heard about appointments at all. Welp guess I'm out of luck.

    thelightinthepizza 02/24/2018  9:28pm

    Question for those who received appointments - how did you apply? Backstage? Agent? AA?

    thelightinthepizza 02/24/2018  9:30pm

    Actors Access :)

    KickinMyFace 02/24/2018  9:57pm

    I got an appointment through emailing them directly after seeing the breakdown on AA. (my showscore membership just expired, so I've been trying to submit directly whenever possible.)

    AnathemaDevice 02/24/2018  10:06pm

    I got an appointment via AA

    reeee 02/24/2018  10:07pm

    Gooootcha. Okay, well, I applied through Backstage and sent a follow up email (didn't apply after seeing it on AA because I thought that would be excessive) and never heard back. Well that's a bummer. :(

    thelightinthepizza 02/24/2018  10:54pm

    Still nothing y’all?

    Heyjude87000 02/25/2018  12:21pm


    Blactor03 02/25/2018  2:17pm


    reeee 02/25/2018  3:55pm


    Berg2068 02/25/2018  4:24pm

    Callback email just came :)

    AnathemaDevice 02/25/2018  7:55pm

    They have a gala on 3/2 and are quite possibly wrapped up in that...

    tryacting 02/25/2018  8:08pm

    @AnathemaDevice who were you called back for? And when are the callbacks?

    Nyc123xyz 02/25/2018  8:27pm

    CB for Puck on 3/11 or 3/12

    AnathemaDevice 02/25/2018  9:29pm

    CB for Hermia

    Heyjude87000 02/25/2018  9:40pm

    anyone receive an offer yet?

    Heyjude87000 03/15/2018  7:10pm