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  • She Loves Me @ 03/13/2018  4:19pm

    Any cb’s ITR or know when they’re going out via agent appointments today?


    I was under impression there will be no cb after today. Not sure. Post for offers.

    J-- 03/13/2018  6:38pm

    Another singer told me there are definitely callbacks, but that was also unofficially and after she finished her appointment

    Glamgirl 03/13/2018  7:33pm

    Interesting. Monitor didn't think so.

    J-- 03/13/2018  9:33pm

    Then thank you for clarifying! Like I said, a girl said that “unofficially” after she auditioned, so I’m not saying it’s necessarily correct.

    Glamgirl 03/13/2018  10:43pm

    I also heard there were no further callbacks. Bump for info/offers!

    heyyall 03/14/2018  12:25am


    kwilson8116 03/14/2018  8:49pm

    Bump!! Any info?

    heyyall 03/15/2018  12:21pm