• Wicked Appts @ other 04/16/2018  9:25am

    Any updates or callbacks from last weeks appointments for Wicked? Male Ensemble tracks/Boq/Fiyero?


    As someone who’s been in this show, they typically don’t have callbacks unless really needed for the most part. I was cast from my appointment literally months after my audition. And i sang two 16 bars.

    IAuditionForStuff 04/16/2018  11:27am

    Bump! ^^Thanks for that info!

    mandypatinkin 04/16/2018  3:21pm

    Hey! Were these just male appointments? I'm trying to find out if they're holding Elphaba appointments any time soon (or if they happened within the last month or two).

    Cece22 04/16/2018  6:36pm

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    Bump on updates?

    SinginChef3 04/18/2018  5:38pm

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    mandypatinkin 04/19/2018  2:59pm

    in regards to Cece22's question, when I went in last Friday (4/13) they were just seeing male Ensemble/Boqs

    RTyler 04/19/2018  8:01pm


    iwanttoknow 04/19/2018  10:37pm

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    mandypatinkin 04/23/2018  10:39am

    Anyone hear if an offer has gone out for a new Boq & Boq cover on the tour?

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    SinginChef3 04/26/2018  11:41am

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    mandypatinkin 04/27/2018  11:28am

    i think they're only looking for two boq covers right now

    ursis 04/27/2018  3:21pm

    assuming this has had callbacks and offers at this point but bumping for any info?

    iwanttoknow 04/30/2018  10:59am

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    mandypatinkin 04/30/2018  11:37am

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    mandypatinkin 05/01/2018  9:22am

    Bump on updates?

    SinginChef3 05/04/2018  1:59pm

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    mandypatinkin 05/04/2018  3:54pm

    Offer's out on Tour Boq Cover

    mboi 05/05/2018  3:37pm

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    mandypatinkin 05/06/2018  7:31pm

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