• Come From Away @ 04/16/2018  8:09pm

    Post w/ updates after today's appointments :)



    sngrgirl1 04/17/2018  12:35pm


    slughorn 04/17/2018  1:12pm

    Got a callback for this Friday 4/20. But I know some people might have callbacks next week too

    fiercemix 04/17/2018  1:42pm

    When was your first appt?

    Fierce mix!

    DontSpeak 04/17/2018  1:57pm

    Do you mind saying what track your callback is for?

    plzhalp 04/17/2018  2:25pm


    BeethovensFifth 04/17/2018  3:22pm

    My first appointment was yesterday!

    fiercemix 04/17/2018  4:28pm

    For what track?

    colorandlight16 04/17/2018  4:37pm

    Bump what track:)

    BeethovensFifth 04/17/2018  6:19pm


    colorandlight16 04/18/2018  3:12pm


    slughorn 04/18/2018  5:43pm


    Charliebrownguy 04/18/2018  8:12pm


    colorandlight16 04/19/2018  12:17pm

    Did anyone get a callback from tapes submitted on monday?

    slughorn 04/19/2018  1:58pm

    BUMP regarding tapes!

    actorrealness 04/19/2018  5:36pm


    theatrelover 04/20/2018  1:31am


    Charliebrownguy 04/20/2018  9:51am


    #LetsBegin 04/20/2018  10:10am

    Callback out for next week from tape submission!

    theatrelover 04/20/2018  12:15pm

    Yay congrats! Did you just hear about it?

    Charliebrownguy 04/20/2018  12:20pm

    Anyone get a callback from THUR appointments?

    #LetsBegin 04/20/2018  1:20pm

    Anyone get a callback from THUR appointments?

    #LetsBegin 04/20/2018  2:12pm

    Bump Thursday Callbacks!

    deepfriedoreos 04/20/2018  2:29pm

    @theatrelover mind saying what track?

    slughorn 04/20/2018  4:05pm

    Anyone get a callback from today’s (Friday) appointments?

    Broadwayboii 04/20/2018  4:32pm

    Were today's appts initial ones? Or CBs from last week's appts?

    BBrave 04/20/2018  4:44pm


    #LetsBegin 04/20/2018  5:37pm


    BeethovensFifth 04/20/2018  7:06pm


    BeethovensFifth 04/20/2018  8:44pm

    My agent reached out at the end of the day and they said they hadn’t finished watching all he audition videos today.

    Charliebrownguy 04/20/2018  8:58pm

    Bump on callbacks for next week

    #LetsBegin 04/21/2018  11:22am

    Bumping for callbacks from tape submissions!

    pizzaking 04/23/2018  1:54pm


    ckactor 04/23/2018  11:24pm

    Can anyone confirm that CBs are in fact happening this week? That's what they said when appts were given, but I wonder if something has changed? Thank you!

    BBrave 04/24/2018  11:14am

    Honestly bump ^^^^^^^

    colorandlight16 04/24/2018  4:53pm

    had a cb today.

    unofficiallist 04/24/2018  5:45pm

    final callbacks for full creative are this week. I have two friends who were in from out of town yesterday and a couple more going in Wednesday and Thursday. Friends from yesterday said they sang, did sides, and danced for the full creative. So it sounds like these are the finals? Never heard back from my Friday cb.

    countonme123 04/24/2018  7:09pm

    Bumping for any further callbacks after today’s auditions!

    theatrelover 04/25/2018  5:39pm

    Bump! Anyone who had a callback today hear anything?

    Anonymous12345 04/25/2018  6:36pm

    Bump From Away

    (sorry, had to :P )

    theatrelover 04/26/2018  12:56am

    Anyone who had a cb Wednesday 4/25 get an additional cb for today or tomorrow?

    Broadwayboii 04/26/2018  3:09pm

    Still nothing from Wednesday’s appointments?

    Anyone know what auditions/callbacks theyre holding tmrw?

    theatrelover 04/26/2018  6:07pm

    Bumping again

    theatrelover 04/27/2018  11:02am

    Anyone know whats going on with this?
    Any word today on offers or anything?

    theatrelover 04/30/2018  2:52pm

    Bump - any news since final callbacks?

    JuneJuneJOAN 05/01/2018  10:23am

    Offers started going out yesterday.

    pilateslove 05/01/2018  12:17pm