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  • theatredreamre

    Can anyone confirm if they gave out callbacks in the room? They said they didn’t need anything else from me “today” but I’m not sure if I should be expecting a phone call/email for a second appointment or not

    Greenified 04/19/2018  2:22pm

    I have an initial appointment next Wednesday for a singer ensemble/cover. I attended the open singers call.

    broadway9999 04/19/2018  2:25pm

    I went to the open call and was given the material last week to do in the room today. It looks like callbacks will be going into May. Hope that helps.

    EeeZee 04/19/2018  8:17pm

    Anyone who’s had an appointment this week have to sing the whole packet? Specifically Mary’s? Wondering if they’re gonna have us do the Stronger cut. Thanks!

    Nyc_living 04/19/2018  9:58pm

    Bump for CBs from today’s appointments

    Ab90 04/19/2018  10:13pm

    Anyone sure if they'll have more open calls?

    Aktin 04/19/2018  10:36pm

    Bump on CBs from today and yesterday's appointments!

    pleasehelp 04/20/2018  5:25pm

    Bump on CB’s from today’s appointments!

    B'wayBaby 04/20/2018  5:45pm

    Bump on cbs from today and yeaterday’s appts!

    theatredreamre 04/20/2018  6:44pm

    I have a Cromer/Male Ensemble Singer initial appointment (I think from AA...though I submitted a long time ago) on the 24th.

    bkbway 04/20/2018  9:51pm

    Bump on CBs!!

    Gabriella 04/21/2018  12:35pm

    Bumping so we don’t get lost in neverland!

    Nyc_living 04/22/2018  8:54am


    HelloThere12345 04/22/2018  12:07pm

    My 13 yr old flew out to New York Friday 4/20 for an AA (I think) audition that afternoon. This is brand new to him and us so we are not sure what we can expect, if anything. We are following......

    Dreamskiddad 04/22/2018  2:17pm


    theatredreamre 04/22/2018  6:44pm


    theatredreamre 04/22/2018  6:44pm


    letsgo 04/22/2018  9:50pm


    Nyc_living 04/23/2018  11:02am

    Usually, when they say that's all we need for "today", it means thank you for coming in. I would not expect a call but you never know?

    GingerLime 04/23/2018  11:05am


    nycgirl55 04/23/2018  11:54am


    bumpitout 04/23/2018  12:58pm

    I went in on the 18th for Sylvia. I was told that I will be brought back in for callbacks. But I havent received an email yet. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Spinachdip 04/25/2018  12:07am

    Bump on whether they made anyone sing that ensemble cut of "Stronger"

    aroadtofollow 04/25/2018  12:18am

    The young man after me was in for ENSEMBLE and he sang the Stronger Cut!

    hamiltonsbae 04/25/2018  8:30am

    Any principle callbacks out?

    Westdale 04/25/2018  8:57am

    Bump on stronger: ladies! Are you taking all of this up the octave? WHATTTT is this arrangement

    Miss Vintage 04/25/2018  9:04am

    Anyone see any kids/Davies boys while they were at their appts?

    Dreamskiddad 04/25/2018  9:04am

    It’s written on the cut that I received of Stronger “ladies sing down the octave” so...

    lululemming 04/25/2018  10:43am

    Just got an email for movement callback and reading/singing callback with creative.

    highasaflag 04/25/2018  11:11am

    did anyone who went in for an initial appt today get a callback ITR?

    FrankMills 04/25/2018  12:19pm

    Got an email this morning to come in for a movement call and callback for Sylvia.

    Spinachdip 04/25/2018  1:51pm

    Any Mary callbacks?

    Nyc_living 04/25/2018  2:19pm

    highasaflag for which role may I ask?

    isanybodywaving 04/25/2018  3:13pm

    Got a barrie cb And movement cb as well for next friday and the monday after

    bewp 04/25/2018  4:09pm

    Madame Du Maurier Callback for Monday afternoon in front of creatives. Break Legs everybody!

    EeeZee 04/25/2018  7:07pm

    Initial Ensemble/cover appt on Friday 4/27.
    “Stronger” down the octave.

    Dynamite 04/25/2018  7:51pm

    Shout out to the one girl who belted her “Stronger” cut today. Proud of you and you sounded fierce!

    smactorwarrior 04/25/2018  8:21pm

    Had a Turpin/Barrie U.S. callback this afternoon. Received an email tonight for the same material on Monday with the director/associate choreographer. Break legs to all!

    Some Memelord 04/25/2018  9:31pm

    Was the screlter at around 2:30? I heard her too!! Have any women from today heard again regarding callbacks?

    GamesDean 04/25/2018  9:42pm

    Received a CB today for Du Maurier on 5/7. For the record, was also told at my initial appt that it was ‘all they needed for today’. So... that does not mean you’re done.

    iwontdance 04/26/2018  12:41am

    Has anyone heard anything after the dancer CB on Tuesday?

    Mananayaw 04/26/2018  6:11am

    CB for Sylvia for creatives May 7th and a movement call May 4th.

    Gabriella 04/26/2018  9:43am

    @Gabriella, did this go out today?

    thisismyusername 04/26/2018  10:00am

    Received a callback from the dancer callback on Tuesday to come in on Monday for the creative team.

    koolkat 04/26/2018  10:49am


    solati 04/26/2018  12:48pm

    I went to the open call a few weeks back. Last week I go a callback email and I had a callback for Jones/ensemble and the Sylvia understudy, yesterday. I did one side and sang All That Matters. Waiting to hear if there are second rounds or if anyone hears anything else.

    kjc2013 04/26/2018  1:36pm

    Mary bump

    CheeseSandwich 04/26/2018  4:47pm

    Bump after today's appointments!

    mss4254 04/26/2018  5:34pm

    Went to the open call, had an initial appt with casting yesterday and got an email inviting me to a callback with creatives for this Monday.

    Resneps 04/26/2018  9:32pm

    I was in on Wed. 4/25 for Bassett/Ensemble, and DuMaurier U/S. Has anyone else that’s in for ensemble or who had appts. this week heard about further CBs?

    SopranoChick 04/27/2018  12:27am

    Also, did any other Bassett’s hear about callbacks for creatives?

    SopranoChick 04/27/2018  1:19am

    Any JM Barries get asked to dance?

    bewp 04/27/2018  4:24am

    Bump for callbacks from Thursday's appointments.

    mss4254 04/27/2018  10:57am

    Bump for callbacks from today’s appts. Thanks!!

    Dynamite 04/27/2018  11:52am

    I was in Wednesday for Cromer/ensemble and got a callback Wednesday night for the creatives on Monday.

    broadway9999 04/27/2018  12:19pm

    Any callbacks for any of the Llewelyn Davies boys yet?

    solati 04/27/2018  12:25pm

    ^^^ thanks for that info! Hopefully people from today’s appts will hear by tonight!

    Dynamite 04/27/2018  12:26pm

    Bump for Frohman/Hook!

    KnightErrant 04/27/2018  1:17pm

    Do we think next week is the final round of callbacks? Or will they have more?

    bumpitout 04/27/2018  2:13pm


    KnightErrant 04/27/2018  2:51pm

    Callback for creative team on Monday. Bump on if we think that's the final cb or if there will be one more with producers?

    SopranoChick 04/27/2018  4:44pm

    Wondering the same thing ^

    Spinachdip 04/27/2018  5:07pm

    I wouldn’t think the first CB’s would be the final CB’s.

    Dreamskiddad 04/27/2018  6:18pm

    There are people that just had initial appointments so I feel that we have time before finals. Break legs!!

    KnightErrant 04/27/2018  7:34pm

    Bumping on Mary CBs. And whether any Marys sang the whole packet for them?

    UptownSquirrel 04/27/2018  7:47pm

    I wouldn’t think the first CB’s would be the final CB’s.

    Dreamskiddad 04/27/2018  10:27pm

    Went in for Mary - of my friends who went in, none of us sang "Stronger" but did the rest... still haven't heard of a Mary callback yet though... fingers crossed ;)

    BananaCan'tDoTheSplits 04/28/2018  12:05am


    KnightErrant 04/30/2018  1:21pm


    mss4254 04/30/2018  1:55pm

    My friend has a Mary callback for creatives and a movement call this week.

    bluehair88 04/30/2018  2:48pm


    Friendswith.thatgirl. 04/30/2018  4:30pm

    Do we think there will be more callbacks next week?

    BAactor 04/30/2018  6:09pm

    Bump for callbacks from thurs/Friday appointments last week

    mss4254 04/30/2018  6:38pm

    Anyone from Thursday appointments get a cb?

    nicestkidintown 04/30/2018  7:33pm

    Bump for info about next round of callbacks or offers after ensemble/cover cb’s today!

    SopranoChick 04/30/2018  8:14pm

    Bump on additional CB info after today's appointments

    bumpitout 04/30/2018  8:30pm

    Just received email about final callbacks May 21-22 (ensemble)

    tinyballerina 05/01/2018  11:29am

    Any news about Jones/Ensemble ??

    IjustwanttoBOOK 05/01/2018  11:46am

    There is also another thread of this on that new site audition monitor -

    tinyballerina 05/01/2018  11:51am

    Received movement callback for Friday after yesterday’s appointments (4/30)

    bumpitout 05/01/2018  12:11pm

    Yass tinyballerina! Congrats. Are you singer ensemble or dancer? Any word on Bassett or Jones/Ensemble??

    SopranoChick 05/01/2018  2:33pm

    Thanks! And dancer ensemble!

    Would love updates on any others who received callbacks, finals, or appointments!

    tinyballerina 05/01/2018  3:58pm

    Yass tinyballerina! Congrats. Are you singer ensemble or dancer? Any word on Bassett or Jones/Ensemble??

    SopranoChick 05/01/2018  5:04pm

    Bump for info about Miss Bassett Ensemble Singer track callbacks please!

    Beltingisfundamental 05/01/2018  6:41pm


    Friendswith.thatgirl. 05/01/2018  8:42pm

    I also received an invitation to final callbacks for dance ensemble.

    koolkat 05/01/2018  8:43pm

    Also received an email for the final dancer ensemble callback on the 21st-22nd!

    GypsyRoseLee 05/01/2018  11:49pm

    I received a callback for Fridays movers call for Jones/ensemble. Anyone else from Mondays callback receive the same email?
    I wonder how difficult the choreo will be :-/

    SingSongSAng 05/02/2018  10:38am

    Also received final cb for female dance ensemble

    lilbit 05/02/2018  10:56am

    Bump for Frohman/Hook callbacks!

    KnightErrant 05/02/2018  11:07am

    Did any Bassetts get an email about Friday's mover call?

    Beltingisfundamental 05/02/2018  1:40pm

    Yeah, I'm a Bassett called in to move Friday. I got the email about it the after my last callback on Monday. Hope that helps!

    Leading Lady 05/03/2018  2:30am

    SingSongSAng when was your first callback? And are final callback emails still going out?

    kjc2013 05/03/2018  10:58am

    Its tricky to say when first callbacks were because I had sang at the open call on the 29th or March and had an appointment for the second week of April. A callback this past Monday and another (dance) callback for this Friday.

    SingSongSAng 05/03/2018  12:06pm

    Friend has callback for Mary/Female Ens - went in for open call and again for Danny two weeks ago

    cp101 05/03/2018  10:58pm

    Congrats to all the ensemble/understudy people at today’s movement call. Sounds like we will all hear about a callback time on the 21st or 22nd? Post here with updates!

    bookit123 05/04/2018  1:07pm

    Hey yall! For those who went in today, did you dance to Stronger? Or a different song?

    bewp 05/04/2018  2:15pm

    The first group, made up of what seemed like Mary/Sylvia/Jm Barrie tracks, did the dinner party dance. Everyone in that group has callbacks already scheduled for Monday.

    Gabriella 05/04/2018  2:32pm

    first group of movers today- were you called back for principal roles?or understudy tracks? The second group today was definitely understudy tracks

    bumpitout 05/04/2018  2:40pm

    Gabriella you are a FREAKIN superstar. Thank you for the info. Did you see roughly how many boys were in for that group?

    bewp 05/04/2018  2:43pm

    Bump. Bless up.

    bewp 05/04/2018  9:24pm

    Anyone get any final callbacks or offers for Frohman/Hook? Break legs everyone!

    KnightErrant 05/05/2018  11:48am


    KnightErrant 05/05/2018  2:07pm


    bumpitout 05/06/2018  4:30pm

    Post if Sylvia’s hear from today’s callback!

    Spinachdip 05/07/2018  1:34pm

    Bump if any understudy/cover tracks have heard about final callbacks after friday’s Movement call

    bookit123 05/07/2018  2:59pm

    Does anyone have any clue as to when the next round of principle callbacks are/would be?

    updatequeen 05/07/2018  4:52pm

    Does anyone have any clue as to when the next round of principle callbacks are/would be?

    updatequeen 05/07/2018  7:42pm

    Does anyone have any clue as to when the next round of principle callbacks are/would be?

    updatequeen 05/07/2018  7:42pm

    Anyone hear anything from yesterday yet?

    bewp 05/08/2018  10:21am

    I havent... I’m assuming they will be speedy since finals are soon?

    Spinachdip 05/08/2018  4:04pm

    JUST got an email for final callbacks for Sylvia / put on hold.

    Spinachdip 05/08/2018  4:31pm

    Put on hold? Do you mean you got a callback, but just no specific time as of yet?

    Dreamskiddad 05/08/2018  4:48pm

    I was also "put on hold" for the 2 dates of final callbacks. With the "don't accept any other offers" email. Role of DuMaurier. Emails are coming out fast friends...they didn't make us wait too long!! Thank goodness!

    EeeZee 05/08/2018  4:56pm

    The "on hold" is about both the callback dates as well as the actual rehearsal/performance dates for the show.

    Spinachdip 05/08/2018  5:18pm

    Also got a final callback/"hold" email for Cromer, u/s Frohman/Hook this afternoon.

    Resneps 05/08/2018  6:07pm

    Got a similar email for one of the singing ensemble/Understudy tracks. Congrats everyone!

    bumpitout 05/08/2018  6:07pm

    Bump on anyone getting more info about final callbacks in 21-22?

    Dreamskiddad 05/15/2018  1:18pm

    Got an email about an hour ago to come move and sing for Sylvia Tuesday the 22nd.

    Spinachdip 05/15/2018  2:58pm

    Emailed received for dancer ensemble Monday 21st at 10am to dance, read and sing.

    tinyballerina 05/15/2018  4:30pm

    Just received my time for Du Maurier next Tuesday after ‘hold’ email last week.

    iwontdance 05/15/2018  8:10pm

    Anyone have a guess as to how quickly offers will go out after today’s final callback?

    Spinachdip 05/22/2018  12:43pm


    tinyballerina 05/22/2018  6:21pm

    They told the kids/boys when to expect offers, but I won’t comment cause I’m sure it’s different for everyone else.

    Dreamskiddad 05/22/2018  7:38pm

    Was Mia Walker or Danny Dunitz in the room for anyone yesterday?

    fillintheblank 05/23/2018  9:50am

    Mia was there for the morning session.

    iwontdance 05/23/2018  10:05am

    Well what did they say for the kids so we can have an idea!

    tinyballerina 05/23/2018  10:31am

    Danny is no longer at SW.

    andmine'scosette 05/23/2018  11:29am

    Whoah, he isn’t? Since when? 😲

    Spinachdip 05/23/2018  11:52am


    bookit123 05/23/2018  12:51pm

    Really? Where did you hear that Danny in no longer with S/W? His name is still on the website.

    EeeZee 05/23/2018  1:34pm

    He announced it like over a month ago. I assumed it was common knowledge.

    andmine'scosette 05/23/2018  1:49pm

    If I am not mistaken, Danny moved.

    iwontdance 05/23/2018  3:25pm

    Maybe I'm totally wrong- but it looks like based on the timeline of Sound of Music casting, it could likely take a few days for offers.

    Spinachdip 05/23/2018  4:43pm

    Also curious about what the kids were told for when to expect to hear.

    Spinachdip 05/23/2018  4:44pm

    Aaaaaand since they were filming the movement call as well as singing/reading... I'm guessing a few people will need to review all that first.

    Spinachdip 05/23/2018  4:45pm

    Spinachdip...were you there when the boys were there on Monday / Tuesday?? The boys were told likely not to expect anything “this”week.

    Dreamskiddad 05/23/2018  10:06pm

    Hi! I was there Tuesday.

    Spinachdip 05/23/2018  10:11pm

    And when I said boys.....I mean kids/boys.

    Dreamskiddad 05/24/2018  6:38am

    Does anyone know when final decisions will be made. I know that Mia Walker probably has to review the recordings, but it cannot take that long at this point, no?

    LittleVoice 05/24/2018  1:26pm


    tinyballerina 05/24/2018  6:18pm

    They just posted on Actors Access, still seeking two men’s roles

    tinyballerina 05/24/2018  7:12pm

    Do we think that’ll affect the process of other offers?

    Spinachdip 05/24/2018  7:24pm

    Has anyone received a contract yet?

    Dreamskiddad 06/30/2018  12:09pm