• Mamma Mia @ finger lakes @ Nola Studios 04/19/2018  2:25pm

    I had totally put this one to bed ages ago because I heard offers went out...but I just got an e-mail yesterday saying I was still in consideration and asking if my availability had changed at all. Anyone else receive this?


    I did too. I was in for female ensemble, most likely dancer track. Will you please post here if you hear anything!

    ktdancergurl 04/19/2018  3:26pm

    I definitely will! Same for you please!

    icandoacartwheel 04/19/2018  4:39pm

    Will do!

    ktdancergurl 04/19/2018  5:49pm

    Will do!

    ktdancergurl 04/19/2018  5:52pm