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    bigmoney_salvia 04/19/2018  4:00pm


    thisismyusername 04/19/2018  5:23pm

    Bump :-)

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    Moverplus 04/20/2018  9:23am

    Bump power

    plime 04/20/2018  10:20am

    Bump! Does anyone have an idea when offers will start to roll out?

    edog 04/20/2018  10:47am

    Is anyone on hold?

    dancingcountrygirl 04/20/2018  11:13am


    Heymickey77 04/20/2018  11:42am

    Recieved a call that i will be getting an offer!

    nycdancer05 04/20/2018  11:44am

    Congrats! Did you receive the call today?

    Heymickey77 04/20/2018  11:52am


    thisismyusername 04/20/2018  1:01pm

    Does anyone know if they actually had Principle callbacks yesterday? I know they were scheduled for Thursday, but I didn't see anyone post anything about them?

    uptownguy 04/20/2018  1:38pm


    boombox899 04/20/2018  1:56pm

    Offers for Bea and Nick went out this morning.

    Asking4AFriend 04/20/2018  1:56pm

    Bump for Nigel

    boombox899 04/20/2018  2:28pm

    Bump for female ensemble

    dancintrash 04/20/2018  2:40pm

    I know of one female ensemble offer out.... bump for any more!!

    thisismyusername 04/20/2018  3:18pm

    Any gents heard anything?

    edog 04/20/2018  3:25pm

    Any males from Wednesday’s dance/ensemble call receive offers?

    monte007 04/20/2018  3:28pm

    ^^ My offer came today from the wednesday male call

    nycdancer05 04/20/2018  3:37pm

    nycdancer05, what track were you offered? Cover for anything?

    edog 04/20/2018  3:39pm

    Has anyone heard since this morning?

    thisismyusername 04/20/2018  4:46pm

    I was in Wednesday for male ens. And have not heard anything

    bigmoney_salvia 04/20/2018  5:01pm

    So is it safe to say that all offers definitely did not go out today?

    thisismyusername 04/20/2018  6:24pm


    boombox899 04/20/2018  7:49pm


    thatpirouettedoe 04/20/2018  9:18pm

    Could offers be made tomorrow (Saturday) or is it safe to bet on Monday?

    edog 04/20/2018  10:00pm

    My assumption would be Monday, I wouldn’t bet on any offers going out on a Saturday

    bigmoney_salvia 04/20/2018  10:01pm

    Asking4AFriend - Where did you hear about the Nick & Bea offers? Just curious :) Thank you!

    stumblingalong17 04/21/2018  1:06pm

    Bump...any news on Nigel?

    boombox899 04/21/2018  2:39pm

    Bump...any news on Nigel?

    boombox899 04/21/2018  2:41pm


    edog 04/22/2018  11:57am

    Anyone have information on principal offers? Thanks!

    stumblingalong17 04/22/2018  2:03pm


    edog 04/22/2018  3:17pm


    dancintrash 04/22/2018  11:00pm


    bigmoney_salvia 04/23/2018  8:44am


    stumblingalong17 04/23/2018  10:25am

    Any idea whether all female ensemble offers have gone out?

    Adancerdancebelts 04/23/2018  10:57am

    Has anyone heard anything today?

    thisismyusername 04/23/2018  11:48am

    From my agent.

    Asking4AFriend 04/23/2018  11:50am

    Do we know whether they were looking for swings/dance captains?

    Adancerdancebelts 04/23/2018  12:28pm

    Was told my offer is for swing and shylock cover

    nycdancer05 04/23/2018  2:03pm

    So nycdancer05, you haven’t *officially* received one yet but heard that they would be from your agent? Just trying to figure out this timeline :)

    bigmoney_salvia 04/23/2018  2:53pm

    ^^ recieved a call from casting letting me know i will be getting an offer

    nycdancer05 04/23/2018  3:47pm

    Know I'm going back in time here. lol But did ppl who had singing appts. for the ensemble track on Friday the 13th get called back for the 17th/18th? Wondering if i should let this go or nahhh lmao

    thatpirouettedoe 04/23/2018  4:39pm

    Yes people with singing appointments on Fri 4/13 would have been called back for finals 4/18 or 4/19.

    Has ANYONE heard a female ensemble offer??? Cover or swing?

    dancingcountrygirl 04/23/2018  4:46pm

    YAS girl, bump that female ensemble! I’m dying out here!

    Adancerdancebelts 04/23/2018  4:49pm

    Bump for Ensemble/covers! I know it hasn’t been a super long time, but I’m surprised to not have heard much...

    Thatblondebitch 04/23/2018  4:53pm

    Bump for male ensemble/covers as well!

    beef5678 04/23/2018  4:56pm

    My friends who are desperate for some news on ensemble/covers; this is the furthest I’ve gotten in a process like this, how long is it usually after final callbacks that offers typically go out?

    bigmoney_salvia 04/23/2018  4:57pm

    Any Portia updates?

    i'llshowmyselfout 04/23/2018  5:41pm

    A friend of mine got a female ensemble/cover offer on Friday. Dunno, kinda losing hope on this one guys... :/

    thisismyusername 04/23/2018  6:00pm

    Does anyone have real concrete information on official principal offers being accepted?

    stumblingalong17 04/23/2018  6:08pm

    At what point do we lose hope fam

    bigmoney_salvia 04/24/2018  11:43am

    ^^ Rehearsals are projected to begin on August 27th, so until then I think there’s always a little bit of hope

    stumblingalong17 04/24/2018  12:51pm

    Bump. Doesn’t seem like the majority of offers have gone out...

    edog 04/25/2018  10:10am

    Bump. Doesn’t seem like the majority of offers have gone out...

    edog 04/25/2018  10:36am

    Asking4AFriend - Where did you hear about the Nick & Bea offers? Just curious :) Thank you!

    stumblingalong17 04/26/2018  3:51pm

    ^Whoops! Don’t know why that randomly reposted. But while I’m here...bump

    stumblingalong17 04/26/2018  6:26pm

    ^Whoops! Don’t know why that randomly reposted. But while I’m here...bump

    stumblingalong17 04/26/2018  6:26pm

    Friday bump for female ensemble offers

    Adancerdancebelts 04/27/2018  2:23pm

    Hooooo hoooooo big summer bump out?!!!

    edog 04/27/2018  4:45pm

    offers are out for this guys

    plime 04/27/2018  5:05pm

    Do you mean for male parts or performing humans?

    Adancerdancebelts 04/28/2018  2:06pm

    Sorry to clarify, I didn't know whether you meant guys offers were out, or more generally that offers were out :)

    Adancerdancebelts 04/28/2018  2:58pm

    Hooooo hoooooo big summer bump out?!!!

    edog 04/29/2018  10:04pm

    @Adancerdancebelts sorry, I meant I’m pretty sure that offers are out for everyone, guys/girls. Or at least I know of many people who have heard yes and many who have heard no.

    plime 04/30/2018  12:18pm

    Thank you @plime!
    It seems weird I haven’t heard a no if people have heard either way.
    Is it acceptable to email and check where I’m at?

    Adancerdancebelts 04/30/2018  12:42pm

    I’m still in callbacks for this
    I’ve heard of offers

    NewtotheNewY 06/01/2018  11:44pm

    Any callbacks out for Tuesday from yesterday's dance calls?

    sendhelp 06/02/2018  10:44am