• USO Troupe Callbacks/Offers @ Nola Studios 04/19/2018  5:12pm

    Lovely meeting/dancing/singing with you all today! I'm one of the ones he needed to leave early, any insights on what happened after the sight singing stuff? Did they mention how long before offers out?


    Some people had to sing from their books again, then the last group sight read, then some stayed for interviews.
    They said they would be in touch soon.

    Glamgirl 04/19/2018  6:51pm

    I completely forgot to ask about timeline... Did anyone hear more specifics than 'soon'? Just curious, thanks!

    sing_happy 04/19/2018  9:25pm

    I don’t know, but I would assume by the end of the month?

    Glamgirl 04/20/2018  1:49pm


    Glamgirl 04/21/2018  1:24pm