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    rchowder 04/21/2018  4:32pm

    Anything? Anyone?

    rachel 04/23/2018  2:03pm


    Littlelamb2639 04/23/2018  4:51pm

    apparently auditions are 'over' wondering if offers went out

    rachel 04/24/2018  9:17am

    I’ve heard there is at least an offer out for Trenna

    rchowder 04/24/2018  1:58pm

    you did? from the actor?

    rachel 04/24/2018  2:05pm

    No one else has heard anything? Any men?

    rachel 04/25/2018  4:28pm


    redbluesplit 04/28/2018  10:31am

    so weird... i know of no men that got offers

    rachel 04/29/2018  9:34am