• Media Theatre Local Call @ other 05/16/2018  10:12pm

    Post if anybody hears anything after the local auditions on Monday?


    bump for offers/callbacks for Sweeney!

    ddreamer14 05/17/2018  9:48am

    Bump! and Julius Caesar too!

    iambatman 05/21/2018  7:26pm

    was called back for caesar, june 8

    schrodingerscasting 05/27/2018  5:41am

    Any info on Sweeney?

    ddreamer14 05/27/2018  10:02am

    Thanks! Also, looks like they're having auditions for Sweeney Todd in NYC in June

    iambatman 05/29/2018  6:48pm

    Friend was called back for Julius Caesar on 5/27

    buttercup 05/29/2018  7:00pm