• Hong Kong Disneyland Vocalists @ 07/09/2018  10:57pm

    I know they’re done with their audition tour so BUMP for offers!!!!

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    BUMP! :)

    screlt4yourlyfe 07/10/2018  3:21am


    dance3looks3honestly 07/10/2018  10:02am


    Also, what was the turnout at your audition location? Rumor has it that NYC, Chicago, and Memphis had an "intimate" amount of people show up

    Bookballchange 07/10/2018  10:29am

    Yes New York seemed pretty quiet for a Disney call

    dance3looks3honestly 07/10/2018  10:45am

    Hollywood was quiet as well. I can’t remember exactly but anywhere from 40-60 people.

    screlt4yourlyfe 07/11/2018  3:06am

    Did anyone get a response from video submissions for this? Thanks!

    Girlin14G 07/11/2018  12:12pm

    Yeah I heard like 30ish? For NYC, 20-30 for Chicago, and like 15 for Memphis. Just getting a feel of turnout and such :)

    Bookballchange 07/11/2018  4:02pm


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    dance3looks3honestly 07/15/2018  5:57pm

    BUMP! :)

    screlt4yourlyfe 07/16/2018  1:22am


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