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    yesauditionslol 07/10/2018  6:54pm


    lllvvveeekkk 07/10/2018  7:36pm


    Whyisitsocold 07/10/2018  7:41pm


    Lalalalala 07/10/2018  7:56pm

    nothing...callbacks are tomorrow right?

    Whyisitsocold 07/10/2018  8:49pm

    Anyone heard anything?

    wigglewithit 07/10/2018  9:02pm

    I got a female callback for two of the shows, sent separately and within the last hour

    Singingandcats 07/10/2018  9:52pm

    So I’m guessing if we haven’t gotten an email by 11, then we’re out of the running right?

    NotAnIngenue422 07/10/2018  10:24pm

    Can you tell me what email they came from?

    I was told after the dancer call to come back tomorrow to sing for a Dancer who sings track and to look out for an email with the song and time. But nothing yet :/

    tinydancer714 07/10/2018  10:44pm

    Tinydancer- me too! Still nothing over here...

    Ballchangeouttahere 07/10/2018  10:55pm

    Do we know if they are doing another round of callbacks tomorrow?

    Lalalalala 07/11/2018  8:55pm

    Any idea when offers would go out for this?

    lllvvveeekkk 07/12/2018  11:49am


    BariToxic 07/13/2018  10:06am


    SingingKoala 07/14/2018  1:05am