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  • Nerina Casting Axe Commercial @ other 07/12/2018  1:58pm

    Has anyone ever heard of or worked with Nerina Casting? I submitted to an Axe Commercial on Playbill and just received an e-mail that I booked it, but the information seems a bit sketchy and when I googled Nerina only porn came up....any info would be appreciated, thank you!


    Same here I was just coming to post and ask about this! I guess it’s a scam then

    dance10looks3sing5 07/12/2018  2:23pm

    Same here! And the post on Playbill has already disappeared

    silvhanbao 07/12/2018  7:05pm

    Total scam. I was one of the multiple people that reported the posting to Playbill, which is why it was removed. If you Google the casting agency, which you should all be doing before sending in your personal information, you can see that the casting department is a porno casting/production company. They are listed on a slew of pornographic websites. If you gave your personal information I suggest blocking them and doing whatever you can to get out of anything you signed.

    Remember to be safe and GOOGLE before you submit. If it's a legit commercial then the company listed should have a legit website with legit references/previous productions.

    Brainchild2 07/12/2018  7:38pm

    lol ^secret you kind of answered your own question there. If you saw it was just on porn sites then clearly this shit ain't real....

    Wow seriously? 07/12/2018  7:40pm

    “This shoot is going to be fun as different acting characters maybe involved“

    It’s gonna be so flipping awesome guys! Can’t wait to work with all of y’all.

    BariToxic 07/13/2018  12:45pm

    Fuck. I sent them the contract. It was pretty straight forward though. I don't think there is anything they can do with it. Worst this is they have my name and address so they might send me shit.

    HeHa 07/13/2018  4:22pm

    ^you're good.

    What can they do? Sue you for not cashing their fake check?

    (Which if you do get a check. Just Throw it out)

    BariToxic 07/14/2018  6:57pm