• Alabama Shakespeare Festival Fellowship @ 08/09/2018  5:19pm

    Has anyone gotten an appointment after submitting on AEA or emailing them?


    I got an appointment on actors access about a day after submitting

    capitano 08/09/2018  5:46pm

    Thanks. I just submitted yesterday. But, I did it kind of late in the game so i wanted to know if they sent them yet.

    melaninactorgal 08/09/2018  5:54pm

    Anyone have an agent appointment for an Equity spot yet? Trying to get an idea if Tuesday the 14th is going to be a day there will be appointments...though according to the actors access breakdown about the fellowship auditions it says 15th-17th and 20th-28th, so I’m assuming that’s when they’re in town & that includes the agent appointments for equity company

    LiveWithHeart 08/10/2018  4:20pm

    My appt is thursday the 16th and I’m EMC

    melaninactorgal 08/10/2018  11:45pm

    my appointment is on the 14th and I'm non eq. received appointment about 3 weeks ago

    Nothing2BDone 08/11/2018  11:26am

    sorry, *15th

    Nothing2BDone 08/11/2018  12:07pm