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  • HAMILTON MALE OPEN CALL @TELSEY @ other 10/11/2018  7:43pm

    Anyone hear anything from the male open call at telsey today?


    Got asked to come back in sometime next week

    actingwhatsgood 10/11/2018  11:28pm

    was that in an email or in person?

    auditionjoseph 10/12/2018  12:32am

    It was in an email

    actingwhatsgood 10/12/2018  7:22am

    Was it a male dancer/singer call?
    Was it for PR?
    What’s the callback next week?

    Dancerfordancesinger 10/12/2018  1:03pm

    I’m not sure yet

    actingwhatsgood 10/12/2018  1:55pm